Hello World !!

Hello World!

Just registered on wordpress.com after visit my friend’s wordpress, and interested of the layout design, so nice and neat. I’ll write about interesting stuffs to share.

“It’s like a blog at friendster.” that what I thought when I see it. When I was active in friendster, I often writing/bloging about the things that happen to me. And I’m so happy to receive feedback and comment from people who read it. If you like it, It will drive me to write more and more. And maybe I can learn to practise my writing in English. I knew there’s a lot of crappy grammar. I hope I can do something about it.. and hope you can understand what I’m writing.

I’m hoping in wordpress I can write a lot of things.. whether it’s about compliments, admires, promotion, song lyrics, humours, events or even complaints.. Sometime in writing, I can descripe and explain better than speech. I’m thinking “I’m not a good speaker, but I quite good in writing and better in listening.”

This is my first blog, hope I have something to write and share..

Thank You WordPress


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