I’m Dee

If WordPress is a book,

then this post is about the profile of the Author/Writer/Blogger.

This post is about a short introduction of me, as the owner of:


My full name is Dharma Putra and you can call me “Dee”, born as the third child of four siblings in Kisaran at 20th August 1984 (Remember it! haha). My hobbies/interests are drawing, reading comic/manga, playing games and dancing is the most interesting thing in the world. Dancing makes people happy. My favorite foods are seafood (I love fish), Japanese food, Chinese food and everything crunchy and salty.

Now (2011), I still a man that seeking to be a better man with all various routines and activities in every single day. Start as an in-house graphic designer and then an Instructor in Fitness Club. Day by day passing through with happiness and sorrow, but I love this life. Just hoping to make more people happy and wish them well all the time.

I think this is it, a short introduction from me,

Nice to meet you, let’s be a good friends


One response

  1. Dee paling sering makan ikan kembung, tanpa di pretelin tulang2 halusnya… chitato juga bisa abis 1 bungkus sendiri… (mengenang masa2 kita duduk sebelahan :p )

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