Me & Dance

What is your hobby ?

That’s a very basic question about people’s profile. I have a lot of hobby, such as: drawing, dancing, singing, reading… Hobbies has filled my life with creativity and joy. I’m glad I had it. Now I wanna share about one of them. It’s DANCING.

I don’t remember when the first time I danced, but I remember about my first performance when I was a umm 5 years old kid. I sang a children’s Indonesia song called “Potong Bebek Angsa” at my uncle’s wedding reception on stage and they liked it. Maybe that makes me love about performing and entertaining. I always wanna dance when there’s a party at the school, unfortunately my parent didn’t allow it. They afraid it’ll distract my study.

My education end up in Junior High school in Kisaran city, I continued my Senior High School in Medan city. A well-known school in the city. In this school, each student must choose at least one school activity/club for grade. The most populer clubs are Athletic (sprint) and Music. I chose School Board as Cartoonist/Illustration section, I think I can draw so I chose it. My home class teacher, Mr. Sarman was a Music teacher and also a mentor of Music club. And I just knew that in this club it also contain Dancing Class.

One of my friend took me to him, my friend told him that I want to join and have a little basic about dancing, then He asked me to do a “footsteps”. He showed “a twisting leg on the toe, put it forward and back.” I tried… awww so hardd!! I’m so stiff and I can’t do it well.  He just smiled. I have to keep practice. In this club they learn about traditional to modern dance. It usually learned for school annual party. This club has a good reputation. And sometime they also asked to performing outside of school like birthday party or wedding reception party. It was a great oppurtunity.

Mr. Sarman decided to be an Event Organizer and created a club. He recruited and trained the student with passions and talents. Every performing student will get money for their passion. Wow… It’s a job! and show! We all have that passions, We want to perform !! and we want to make money. So we trained hard and become professional.

Like I said before, I’m so stiff.. I got chance to join but not as an important part. I got the easiest routine. Just holding the torch, walking and form a “Heart” formation on the stage… Kinda sad. I keep practice and practice!! Then I get used to it.. I think I get an improvement. They I got a chance to perform a traditional dance routine. yay! My parent heard about my activity. They’re still not allow it although I said I can make some money for my saving and spend. Because it’ll distract my study.. oh it happens again!? But.. yes it’s true.. I’m more concentrate on this club than my study. My grade was getting down. I always late for home. They always advise me again and again then .. I quit…

And.. Am I focus on my study ? NO! I felt stress and dizzy with that situation and I also quit my lesson to go to the club and watching my friends dancing. I can’t join them now. I realize my skill.. It’s bad. I love to see their skill, ekspression, power, alignments, swiftness.. they’re so beautiful. I wanna be with them.

I let myself out by playing Arcade Game: Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) or Para-Para Dance at Timezone. Stepping and waving to those machine, make some sweat, spend my money.. I just don’t care! Dancing like nobody watching… from these machine I get my swiftness, my timing, and the enjoyment of dancing. I still love to play until now.

Graduate for Senior Highschool, continue to the Bina Nusantara University at Jakarta in Graphic Design Degree. When entered the new semester, I offered myself as a mentor for TKH (an induction event for Graphic Design Degree). There’s a ‘weird’ program in this event. Every morning or punishment, the participants must do “Chicken Dance”, the choreography was ridiculous, crazy and fast. But all of us love it! Yeay !! I’m dancing again.. I’m so happy.. and I surprised that I’m one of the sexiest Chicken Dancer at that event. +_+

During the college, I keep playing with DDR & Para-para dance to fulfill my dancing passions. Some people recognized me and watched me. Sometime they treated me some coins to see me dance. That’s so GREAT !! I only hope I can dance forever in my life. I feel so alive when dancing. LOVE IT !!

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