My Favorite Manga


By Miuchi Suzue     

Genre(s): ComedyDramaRomanceSchool LifeShoujoSlice Of LifeTragedy

This Manga is about “Drama”, at the first time I’m not interested with this manga because I think it’s for girls. Then I tried to read it in my spare time.. wow It’s GREAT!! It’a about an ordinary girl name Maya Kitajima who has a big passion in acting and dream to be an actress. She has a big natural talent that she doesn’t realize it, that makes her get a rival, Ayumi Himekawa, a young rich shining actress. Opposite to Maya, Ayumi has a professional academic training of drama that made her improving her talent while Maya only has a natural talent. They always compete in drama. And their goal are to act as the “Crimson Goddess”, an epic legendary act that once and only acted by their mentor, Tsukikage Chigusa. It’s a great journey ahead…

This manga was produced in anime and live action format! I love this manga because sometime reflecting my personality and my passion. One manga that can makes me weep. 😀


By Oda Eiichiro     

Genre(s): ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyMartial ArtsMysteryShounenSupernatural

A cool manga about the adventure of pirate, Luffy D Monkey is the captain, dreamed to be a Pirate King and searching treasure that called “One Piece”. As his journey ahead, Luffy has met his friends and companions, also pirate enemy, the marine and a lot weird (amazing) creatures in the World.

Honestly, I underestimate this manga, because of its art / drawing. The character designs are not pretty and handsome, a lot of distortion in the layout etc. My friends keep recommend it for me. Then I started to read.. I can’t stop.. everything is flowing.. the storytelling and layout are nice and smooth… The story is GREAT! but at that time I still not really interested. One day I read this manga again at my spare time in office, online manga.. AND I WEEP at volume 2!! That’s make me fall in love and started to buy them all.


by Aoyama Gosho

Genre(s): ActionAdventureComedyMysteryRomanceSchool LifeSci-fiShounen

This is a manga about a young highschool detective named Shinichi Kudo who involved in a case of Black Organization. They nearly killed him by choking a strange medicine to him. The Black Organization didn’t know about the effect of the medicine and assume they already killed him. But the truth is the medicine didn’t kill him, it sinked his body into a kid. In a body of a kid, his mind is a genius detective. At the first time, only his neighbour: Professor Agasa knew his true identity. He suggested Shinichi to disguise to protect himself, his family and his lover, Ran Mouri from the Black Organization. Shinichi used name “CONAN EDOGAWA” inspired from Sir Conan Doyle that wrote Sherlock Holmes novels. Professor Agasa suggested Conan to stay with Ran’s family because her father is a detective, so Conan can be safe and investigate the Black Organization. Destroy it and bring back his body back to normal.

This is a good manga, but too loooonggggggg, there’s a lot of cases that not affected the main storyline. It will be very intense when the main story come out. I like the artworks and character designs.



Genre(s): ComedyFantasyRomanceSchool LifeShoujoSupernatural

Sakura Kinomoto, opened a mysterious book that contain a bunch of cards. On the top, she saw a card that has a beautiful goddess named The Windy. She spelled it, then a gust of wind appear and blow the cards away from the book. Suddenly the strange creature appear from the book, He introduced himself as Cerberus, The Guardian of the Cards. The cards are disappear. Each card has a special magic power and attitude. They can bring a disaster. Sakura must find and capture them before it’s too late.

This is a great manga with a lot of beautiful artworks, magic creatures and magic things, I love it.



Genre(s): ActionAdventureComedyFantasyMechaShoujo

This manga is like a RPG game, the point is “SAVE THE PRINCESS”. 3 players uupps I mean 3 highschool students coincidentally met at Tokyo Tower study tour that magically bring them into a Magic World, Zephyr by Princess Emerald. They are Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki and Fuu Hooji. They met a magic master Master Clef that taught them magic. They got Fire, Water and Wind Magic. Their task is to save princess Emerald, the high priestess and pillar of the Zephyr world. They start their journey to learn about magic, creating their own mystic weapons, activate the guardian and battle with enemies.

I think this the first CLAMP’s manga that has published in Indonesia. I feel very sad that I didn’t bought it. The manga has a great and cute artworks. A lot of detail and magic. Magnificent.


By Ueda Masashi

My first reaction when I saw this manga, so thin and ugly pictures like a kinder garden drawing. is it good? Try to read it, oh it’s a comic strip.. telling about the daily life of a harmonious Japanese family include Grandpa, Grandma, Father, Mother, Uncle, Dog & Cat and a 5 yeard old boy names Kobo. Very simple and finish in 4 panels. This manga is like kid’s diary.. after a couple volumes I found it cute.. and I’m starting to collect it. Very entertaining and light story telling. Not stressed like Detective Conan.


By Ueda Masashi

Same like Kobo Chan, this manga is also a 4 panel comic strip, this is the best serial of Ueda Masashi. Because this manga feel more young and reflecting our teenage life. Kariage is a single man, live alone and work at a company. He’s actually a kind and honest man but he’s a jackass! especially when he did it to his section chief, Kimura Suzuki even his own director. This manga can makes me smile and laugh my stress away.


By Ueda Masashi

I became a fan of Ueda Masashi Manga now, this is the 3rd series of his manga. Story about a father and a section chief story of his daily life in the house and office. He’s a kind, over protected, conservative, stubborn, clumsy and kinda stupid father. You will enjoy this manga and probably can get a lot of inspiration to be a good father.

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