Review: Back To School at Fitness First Pluit Village

Feel so excited when it’s already 4.30 pm, it’s time to off from the office, and go to ‘School’ !! The school is Fitness First Pluit Village, BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! and here’s the review….

From the front office of FF PV, we can already seen some staff wearing the school uniform (from junior, elementary to senior school uniform) with style and they’re so cute especially the Personal Trainers with elementary uniform but big muscle body like a gangster, some PT still look naturally wearing the high school uniform. Nice atmosphere looking all of them and supporting each other including all the members and guests, They’re all wearing the uniform. They’ll get special gift from Fitness First for their appreciation.

Special GX Classes on the day are BodyBalance® with Maria & Andika, Bodyjam® “SCHOOL JAMMERZ” 75 minutes with Dee & Anthony then Bodycombat® “SCHOOL HEROES” 75 minutes with Pippo & Ronald. The Bodyjam® and Bodycombat® will be held in the lounge, everyone can see, everyone can join.

Bodyjam® “SCHOOL JAMMERZ” will start at 6.30 pm. I’m wearing elementary school uniform and Anthony wearing the primary school uniform. The members seem happy to see us and take some picture before the class. There’s a lot of people gather around and join the class, some PT also look interest to join the class.

Special Tracklist for Bodyjam® “SCHOOL JAMMERZ” 75 minutes:

Warm up: 48 (Closer), Isolation: 54 (Make My Heart), 1st Block: 45 (Roponggi Line Dance) + 54 (Natural Born Hustler), 1st Block: 50 (Mambo Extravaganza), Recovery: 52 (Take Your Shirt Off), 2nd Block: 57 (Afro Carribean Street Party), 3rd Block: 36 (CLub Cardio), Groove Down: 45 (Somebody Else’s Guy)

Super very fun and challenging tracklist !! Crazy in Mambo extravaganza!! 50 minutes end up sweaty hot, then continued by Anthony about 27 minutes for the PERFECT ENDING!! (clap-clap-clap). At the end of the class, the members got a special gift from the Fitness First, judged by the best passion, energy and sexy.

Next class is Bodycombat® “SCHOOL HEROES”, the members look so passionate! They can make the ground shaking when jumping and stomp the floor together at the same time. That’s GREAT !!

While Bodycombat® is running, the members of Bodyjam® were doing the photo session with the school style and attitude, like praising the teacher, detention, marching, bullying. The PT are also a great model, they can pose and play with us.. haha..






Very tired day but super FUN !! Can’t wait for the next event.. Come and Join!!

5 responses

  1. Sumpahhhhhh kerennnn bangettttt
    Gώ gak nyeselll kmrn ikut,,,,padahal ngantuk n capek bgt
    Tp bbm dr PT(sandhie)juga dee yg nyuruh datanglah,,,,membuat aku semangat,,,,sgt” menyenangkan,,,,
    ◦✽ тεπğĸĭυ ✽◦ temen”

  2. aaahhh keren!! sayah ada disituh…ituuuhh situuuhh!! hahaha
    next event harus lbh seru lg!! *can’t wait for it* \(^_^)/

  3. Aku sih salut ama PT / Staff FF PV, beneran deh niat dan kompak.. masih ingat pas Shanghai Night juga pada kostumnya bagus bagussssss….. Keren banget dah !!!

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