Review: Bodyjam™ 58


As you can see from the previous post, I’ve posted the poster design for the Bodyjam 58 Launching: Turbulence. To match the theme, the instructors have prepared for the flight attendant costume such as: uniform, pilot hat, nametag, tie, scarf. We’re gonna wear the costume for 1 week. (of course with the sport shoes :D)

It’s really exciting moment from the preparation to the show time then after the show time. Before the show, we’re so neat, cool looking (handsome & pretty) and take some picture pretending we’re the real flight attendants in the airplane office, during the show we’re starting to get messy with our costume because it’s really hotttt and after we hit the turbulence, we’re like just survive from the storm, wet & messy with sweat.

The best thing is the members love it. They all shout, cheer and roar. We’re wanna let them get lost in the sensation of dance. We can see their happy faces. It’s a big success !! They also want to capture this happy moment by taking a picture together with the flight attendants, doing some cute poses, wear our pilot hat and pretending we’re in the airport.

I got 3 Bodyjam 58 Launches: Fitness First Pluit Village (FF PV) with Anthony & Winna, Fitness First Platinum: Pacific Place (FF PP) with Natalie & Rudi, with Dhita as the Shadow & Fitness First Taman Anggrek (FF TA) with Anthony & Glenn, with all Launching Team as flight attendants. These photo represent FF PV & FF PP. Hope you can enjoy it and join us for the next party.


  • The Preparation
  • The International FFPV Airplane Crews 
  • Flight BJ058 Passengers 
  • The Preparation
  • The Drama  
  • The BJ058 Flight Attendants
  • Before and After the Flight

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