Review: Fitness First Pluit Village 2nd Anniversary – Journey 2 Paradise

Happy Anniversary !! It’s the 2nd year for Fitness First Pluit Village (FFPV) !! It’s time for the Celebration !!

Officially FFPV’s Anniversary is November 1st , but the celebration and special event will be held at November 8th 2011, Tuesday. Last next FFPV used “SHANGHAI NITE” as the theme which take us to the Chinese atmosphere, now it’s using more unique theme: “JOURNEY 2 PARADISE” which take us to the Balinese atmosphere. Bali is a Paradise!

Aurelia Lynda (Lynda as FFPV GXM) has asked me to design the poster. It’s so exciting!! I love the theme and I thought for these 2 years FFPV’s Anniversary theme is always the best. The design took a few days to finish, searching for inspiration and Balinese element through web (deviantart, google, Wikipedia, etc) and then came up like this and I really love it!

Using Balinese popular Barong as the main element, Balinese female dancers and buildings with the decorative golden floral pattern. Used a lot of Brown color & floral pattern/Batik on the background to describe Indonesian Ethnical feel. There will be celebration, a lot of performance and special classes.


I’ll start writing about the club’s decoration. Balinese!! The popular Bali checkboard cloth was used to warp the club’s pillars and used as costumes for club’s staff and personal trainers. Some of the girl staffs was wearing the traditional Baliness ‘Kebaya’ dress. They look pretty. Another decorative items are Batik Cloth, White stones, Balloons, Palm fruits and leaves, Aromatic pot and fresh white ‘kamboja’ flowers.

This event fully supported by Heavenly Blush and sponsored by Starbucks Coffee, Redwin, Etude House, Slim Gourmet and Art Deco. They put their stands inside the club so the members can enjoy their products with special offers/games.

Next, The event started at 6 pm, lead by our MC, Mr. Rudi Chaniago (Rudi). I’m in the middle of busy when the event started (practice for performance), so I don’t know the event details. But I think it’s about the general celebration and ceremonial like: FFPV General Manager and GXM speechs and Birthday Cake / Tumpeng Cutting . They had a cute cake !! When I’m there, they’re gathering to perform a choir. So happy to see all the PT & staffs in the same Balinese costume. They sang “Kemesraan” , a very famous oldies song.

After that, the next performance is Bodyjam performance. It’s our turn !! The team are Anthony Kesuma, Me (as the Bodyjam Instructors) and our beloved friends Evelyn Jun Ki, Maretha Dian, Debby Armeiyanti & Julius Satria. We have practiced for about 2 – 3 weeks for this big day. It’s a hard work for everyone and we wish to rock the night!! I’m happy they put so much efforts in it, for their time, strength, passion, energy etc. We’re gonna dance house music by using remixed Bodyjam™ tracks. We’re wearing Black and White costume. A big thank to Fenny who has make up the girls, they’re gorgeous.

The performance started a little rushy, so we’re kinda disturbed to line up, but the worst thing is the first beat was missing because of the technical error from the sound operator that makes the performance started really bad at the first beat but it going well after we got the first chorus! We dance it out !! 3 weeks practice and it’s time to BURST! The audiences were happy and cheer! We’re surprised them with our “Slide through the lady’s legs” , that’s something new and risky to make that move, and we’re so happy to make it out “smoothly~” We can hear them shout hysterically, it drives us to move bigger and wild till the end!! They cheer and clap !! We made it !!

The girls kinda upset with what happen, they want it perfect after all the hardwork. Yes, It would be more happier if we all hit that first beat, but at least we all did our best and the audiences response were great!

After that, there’s a lot more shows, games & performances like Balinese Female dancers and “Tari Kecak” by FFPV Personal Trainers featuring ‘Banci’ (I don’t know who s/he is, but s/he hilarious), I love the Tari Kecak performance, All the PT were like boys. They danced, ran, shouted and jumped everywhere. That’s the last show before we start the special class.

Special Class to heating the club! 75 minutes Bodyjam™ vs Bodycombat™, featuring Anthony & Dee (Bodyjam™) vs. Ronald & Pippo (Bodycombat™). The theme is Beach Style. The class was held at the lounge because the members DOUBLED!! It’s crowded, squished, CRAZY!! The class started with Bodyjam™ then changed to Bodycombat™ per 3 tracks. The fun part of this mixed class was the “STRUGGLE ACTS” of the instructors! Anthony and I never doing combat and so Ronald and Pippo never doing Jam. But the show must go on, and we’re doing it together with the members till the end !! Yeah Baby !! 2 Different and Contrast feeling classes join into one, but It seem going well although some members were struggle to dance and breathless to fight. For my own personal feeling, I hope the members can experience something new and realize that “Ohh, I can dance!” and “Ohh, I feel like a fighter! I feel like a hero” . And in the future, hopefully we can know some new Bodyjam and Bodycombat friends meet together in the class.

End up with sweat, 75 minutes class is OVER! A perfect ending for everybody. It’s a big success. Everybody happy and took a lot of pictures !! It’ll be a great memory in our life especially who involved to make the event success like the GM, GXM, staffs, performers etc. They’re the best. And hopefully next year will be GREATER !!


Happy 2nd Anniversary Fitness First Pluit Village!

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