Helindo Promotion Team Reunion

Dedicated for my ex-Promotion Director, Mrs. Grace Hakim from Helindo Group.

She held a reunion party for the promotion team. And my ex-manager (Mr. Andilala usually I called him ‘Papi’) asked me to draw something for her. Based on the photo that Mr. Andilala sent to me, so It came out like this. (by Pencil + Photoshop + Stock Images)

I also draw the members of the Helindo Promotion Team (clockwise’s flow: Mr. Andilala, Mr. Andry, Mrs. Lusiana, Mr. Soleh, Mr. Dee (Me), Mrs. Yenny).

The reunion was held at ASTON MARINA ANCOL – Jakarta (29th Floor) and there will be a steamboat dinner. I can be there at night after training. When I get there, I really happy to see everyone (Andry didn’t come 😦 ). I met Mr. Suwandi and his wife, and Mr. Satar Tan from Balikpapan. Aha! I feel surprise to see Mrs. Grace. It’s like meeting my mother after a long time. I gave her an Australian red wine, De Bortoli Sacred Hill Cabernet Merlot as a gift, She’s happy. They’re all waiting for me and they already finish their dinner but it’s still a plenty of food so they told me that I’ll be the one to finish it all. I love steamboat and I’m really hungry. Bring them on !!

Mrs. Grace has to return to her home, then Papi give her my artwork. I wanna see her face when she look at it but she has to leave immediately because her driver’s already arrived. We’re stay at the condotel. After about 10 minutes, she texted me and said “My drawing .. FABULOUS!!! and always appreciate my gifts.. they’re so valuable” that’s make me blushed and happy.

It’s really a great time.. and hope we all can feel this family’s warmth although we’re not in one company.

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