Firework 2011-2012

>Tick-tock<, >tick-tock<, >Tick-tock<, >tick-tock<

10    9    8    7    6    5    4    3    2    1

HAPPY NEW  YEAR 2012 Everybody !! Hope we’re having a great successful year in our journey of life.

Just like usual, to welcoming the new year, people will play a lot of fireworks of any varieties, from the small one, dynamite type, burst type, flying type, noisy type etc. But the most popular is that flying firework with colouful big sparkling blast. Some people already unleashed the fireworks before 12 am. It’s OK, but I think it’s a waste to spend it to soon. The most interest thing is when the clock reach 12 am. IT’S FIREWORKS WAR !! The BOOM !! The Colour !! The Spark !! The Blast !! The Rumble !! Is there any more beautiful than this in the end of year ? It’s mesmerizing.

I used my camera (Canon IXUS 130) to capture the fireworks. It’s really hard to get a nice picture in the ‘auto’ mode, the camera focus’s so slow, I can’t reach the timing and photo will be blurry. Fortunately my camera has manual program mode: Firework mode, the focus is fast and the colour is briliant. But the bad thing is when I’m taking the picture, must be very very steady and mustn’t shake my hands (too bad I’m tremble holding the camera and don’t have a tripod).

It’s like a game when taking the picture of fireworks. Have to guess where it come and the timing when it burst. When the timing is right and see the preview in the camera, YES I GET IT !! I love that feeling, Fireworks are amazing. Love the colors. Some photo seem like a photoshop tricks in my eyes ha ha ha.

Here’s my captures, I love to give the names/titles for the photos that I shoot. hope you enjoy it.  It’s amateurs.

Fascinating, ya? Sometime the camera capture amazing result (but most of it blurry) and got an abstract shining swirling lines and blast like a painting an object (most of it is like a palm tree). But this one is like an alien or giant insect:

And this is my most favorite firework photo, look closely and imagine, what is it like ? It’s like a lot of wings with shining green light. I named it : The Great Archangel, very beautiful…

Good Bye 31st December 2011 and Welcome 1st January 2012 !!

Blasting with the colourful fireworks above the midnight sky. Makes some noise with the trumpets. Flood of greeting messages in the cellphone. Calls from families & friends. Warm greetings from neighbours. It’s LOVE !

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