Hendri & Lina Wedding

Hendri is my best friend from the same university but in different faculty. We lived in the same boarding house near the university. I’m a timid person who can’t initiative start an introduction, a conversation or making friend (it happens till now, my bad!). Hendri, the red hair was the first one who greeted me. Our friendship started with a little same interest, we both love anime and manga stuffs. So we start to talk about it, sometime rent an anime and watched it together, look at anime artwork gallery and played console & online games. He helped me a lot especially in the computer stuffs.

After 4 years, we’re graduated from the university. He moved to his hometown, Karawang. I stayed i Jakarta. Time goes by.. sometime I contacted him asking about computer stuff, games, when will he come to Jakarta (bring me good food), about food and teasing him when will he getting married with Lina, his girlfriend (He always answer “Later..”). I think he talked about me to his family and Lina (I hope it’s a good stuffs he..he..). I asked him to make me as his best man if he’s getting married.

Everytime I contact him, I heard “a step by step on the way to the marriage” such as: start building a house, engagement party, pre wedding photo. Then now he officially asking me to be his Best man. Congratulation !! The Wedding will be held  on Sunday, January 15th, 2012. I made a wedding gift for them. I drew them based on the photo that Lina sent to me. Hope they’re gonna like it.

On the day, I went to his  Hotel : Novotel Mangga Dua Square. Long time no see, he always a Super Tabby Hendri !! Nothing change, hmm only his hair is getting shorter & black. I also met Lina, this is the first time I talked a lot with her in person (usually by texting). She’s pretty and cute. We have to prepare for the wedding ceremony/ritual. Organized by NIC NIC Organizer and photographed by Luminaire Photography. A Wedding was so tiring, a lot of thing to do like preparing and decorating the bed/the room, the make up, the dress up, the bride and the groom get ‘shooted’ by the photographers, the marriage certification, Tea Pay Ceremony  and the Wedding Reception. They put my wedding gift as a decoration.. XD

The Wedding Reception was great. Fortunately, The hall has a great design, so just need some flowers to create a beautiful room. The food is delicious especially the fish (meow!), so soft and smooth (now I’m hungry). Everything was going well. At the end of the party, we’re taking picture together.

Here’s the moments of the day.

  • The Rose Bouquet & Wedding Rings
  • The Room 
  • The Bridegroom Preparation
  • The Bride Preparation
  • The Best Man
  • The Meeting
  • The Lovers
  • The Tea Pay Ceremony
  • The Friendship
  • The Gallery
  • The Hall     
  • The Family

I’m really happy for them together. May Hendri and Lina blessed with Harmony and Love. Congratulation !!

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