I Made Wine Juice

Since I work in a Wine distributor company, I learned a lot about wine and get interested with it. Sometimes, my company held a meeting and wine training that include wine education and wine tasting. The company brought some brands from France, Italy, Australia, Chile etc. I’m not an alcohol drinker so I’m really not familiar with the taste, but I really wanna taste it. Usually I drink Bottled Sparkling Grape Juice that sold in the hypermarket and It tastes sweet.

Hmmm! like I said, as a first timer drinking wine, I tasted sour, salty, bitter flavours. I didn’t like it for the first time.. but after a few wine tasting, I’m getting use to it now, but I can’t sense the differences about their taste, smell, palate from the various brands or grapes. But I feel grateful I can drink it.

Another wine that I drank was made by my friend’s mother. It’s handmade. It taste really good !! Sweet and Bitter with alcoholic smell, very rich. The color is dark purple, I love it !!! Then I ask how to make it. It’s kinda simple… I WANNA MAKE IT !!

Actually my friend said the process is like making pickles (acar). I think you know it if you’re familiar with “Kietna Juice” that made by citrus (I don’t know whether it’s lime, lemon or orange) or cucumber + onion + carrot pickles when we eat fried rice. And It’s actually like Umeshu (梅酒) from Japan. So I prepare the ingredients and equipments to make it.


  • Red Grape 1 kg (Black Skin, Seedless) -> Black Globe Grape, I don’t know if it’s the right grape.. +_+
  • White Sugar 250 grams


  • Big Glass Jar
  • Clothes
  • Food Plastic Warp
  • Spoon & Fork

SO.. LET’S DO IT !! I bought a Big Glass Jar in a hyper market (cost about IDR 50.000,-) clean it up and MUST DRY! Then buy the grapes. I think it depends what wine that we gonna make, red or white. I love red wine. I bought the seedless black globe grape. It taste sweet.

LET’S START ! Wash and dry the grapes (I wiped it to clean the wax (?) ). My friend said the grapes must really dry and not contain water because it can make the grapes rotten or spoiled. After that, use fork to prick the grapes one by one. Pricks the grapes about 2 – 3 times at different sides. Then put inside the glass jar. Arrange the grapes in one layer then pour the sugar on top, after that start continue to fill the grape layer again. Very simple.

Finishing grape layer and sugar pour, now use the food plastic warp to warp the jar. I used 2 times  plastic warp. Don’r let the air comes in. I think this process is called “Barrel” or “Fermentation”. Close it tight. and Voila!! Now the hardest part is WAITING for 3 months !!! DO NOT OPEN THE JAR before 3 months… -_-;

I hope it tastes good.. This is the first time I make it. You wanna try to drink some or make it ?? Hehe

100% natural without additives or preservatives.

(Let’s wait for 3 months. If I failed, I’ll try to do it again… :D)


…3 MONTHS LATER: https://deekaminari.wordpress.com/?p=1296&preview=true

Check it out!