Art: Fenny, by Dee & Mizu, using SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE

It’s really nice to meet my friend again. A reunion!  My friend, Jessica Gunawan (Mizu) came along way from Bali. So we plan to meet. After I finished my work, I went to Central Park. She already with Fenny and Yennyka. They’re also good friends of mine. We hang out at Carls Jr. , order some french fries and soft drinks. Chattering and joking.

I knew Fenny has a Samsung Galaxy Note. I love that gadget because it has application that I can use to draw. It called S memo if I’m not wrong. I borrow the gadget then I start to draw. It’s the first time I use this gadget. Scratch and scratch, I can’t control the flow of the pen smoothly, need more practise. So I start to draw something serious, Face! So I draw fenny as the model. She’s happy !! She peeked the sketch that I draw on the gadget.

Jessica also can draw, but she seldom practise and I’m afraid she’ll lost her talent. So I keep asking her to help me to draw.. She’s a really good artist. So we collaborate together. We’re happy to draw it.. but unfortunately the first art that we draw wasn’t saved because the gadget’s error and Fenny was crying out loud. We’re also dissapointed, because our art was look exactly like Fenny.

So we redraw again. But this time, Jessica drew a lot. I just do the details. Yes, her passion is fire up again.. We draw together and the result is good. Fenny also happy with it.  Check it out!


Ta Da !! This is Fenny. 😀

Then I want to draw again. So I draw a different style, Japan Anime Chibi Style. Quite easy.. Just a quick draw. I think I get used to it now. Then before we show it to Fenny. We want to record her experession using video camera in the mobile phone. She screamed happily. And start to pose and take a picture based on the picture that I drew. That’s cute.

And this is the coloured version, using Photoshop.

PS: Can I have this for my birthday ? 😀

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