Home 2012 Part I

I’m going home!! Yay! The date was 29 March,2012 – Thursday. Just like the last year, I’m going home for Qingming Festival to pray for my father and ancestors. Go to the airport super early. So I have a lot of time to relax and read manga. It’s about time and get ready to take off. Look outside the window! Wow I saw a rainbow! Ahh so lucky I bring my digital camera. It’s a rare moment to see it and take a picture of it above the sky. It’s amazing and beautiful.

Arrive at Medan. My brother, Ben. Fetched me. And we lost in the city… +_+, he doesn’t know Medan areas very well.. So we’re driving around and guessing… After a couple minutes, we finally made it! We arrived at home to fetch my sisters, Wie and Min for dinner. We went to Asia Megamas food court. I miss my Medan’s appetite. So we order a lot delicious Medan foods. I love it!

I’m full!! Then we’re going home. Ben was tired and go to sleep. Me and my sisters were gossiping.Talking much about Ben’s Wedding Preparation. My Bro’s getting married. 😀

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