Home 2012 Part II

The next day, my sisters went to work. Me and Ben had our breakfast Mie Lindung then going to see Mr. Sarman, my ex-highschool teacher and also a Wedding Organizer. It’s been a while I’m not see him. We’re arranging Ben’s Wedding and he took us to see the Recommended Wedding Services Tenants for the video documentary and the florist,They’re all great! I’m glad I can help my brother. After finished, We went to the traditional market to buy flower bouquets and some items for Qingming Festival with my Aunt. I felt nostalgic with traditional market, so I took some photo, It looks classic (but also, the market’s look like has been attacked by zombies). Qingming Festival‘s items, gifts or offerings are cute.. They all made from paper and look so real. The offering items such as money, cigarettes, Ipad, Iphone, Ipod, Massage Chair, gold bar, silver bar etc.

Heading home, then I had my lunch with Min, my favorite food – Nasi Campur Gedhe. I also bought a box of Durian Pancake, it’s delicious! After that we’re going to Perbaungan to fetch Wie at work. We waited for her and buy some snacks. Heading to Kisaran, chattering in the car along the way to Kisaran. I like to talk anything with my sisters. Arrived at home, Kisaran. Happy to see my mom.. I hugged her.. “I’m Home, Mom..”

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