Home 2012 Part III

Good morning! I woke up and had my breakfast, Mom’s Homemade Ba Cang, Ahh this is my favorite food. Usually I bought it but now finally I can eat my own mother’s handmade after waiting for so long. So delicious !!

It’s a good cloudy weather. We have to go to the cemetery for Qingming Festival. There’s a lot of offerings, fruits and foods to bring there. We prayed our father and ancestors. Burning paper gifts for the departed. It’s an oppurtunity to remember and honour them.

After finish, we’re back home and go visiting our relatives. Then we’re going to the marketplace to buy the ingredients for dinner. My mother’s going to cook seafood for me. She knew I loved seafood. She bought some fishes and prawns. We saw ‘Udang Galah’ (Big headed prawn / King Prawn), It’s very delicious (especially the head). We seldom eat this king prawn. It costed IDR 150.000/kg. My mom asked me Did I want it ?, too expensive.. I said no, but they knew I want it because they notice whenever I called them I always mention King Prawn for dinner when I’m in Jakarta, so my sister kindly buy it for me. Wew.. I’m touched! For 1 kg, we got 5 Great Prawns.

Go back home and my mom’s starting to cook. We also invite Ben’s fiance, Dewi and our close friends. Hmmm, what do we have here ? Check it out!

And it’s also the perfect time to enjoy the delicious durian pancake that I bought from Medan… mmmm~

The best part is the family gathering, dinner at the same table, chattering and take a lot of silly photos. It makes us feel young and happy. A lot of laughter and joy. Delicious foods, Happy Family..


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