Home 2012 Part IV

It was a happy time last night. The next day, my mom, sisters and me are going back to Medan. My sisters have to work  and I’ll go back to Jakarta on Monday. We have one day to spend together. And my sister suggested to go to Brastagi, Tanah Karo – a city on the hill.

It’s been along time, the last time I remember that I’ve been there is when I was in the high school. I wanna go there. Yes decided! It takes about 1-2 hours to reach there from Medan. I’m so excited! Feel like a little boy going to a vacation. Love to see the trees and monkeys.. Feel the cool air.. I’m so happy.

Arrive!!! Then we’re having lunch.. A restaurant that specialist of roasted pork. They sell by amount of weight. 1 kg roasted pork cost only IDR 60.000,- It’s enough for 4 of us. It tastes good! Especially with the cool air and hot tea. It’s perfect!

After lunch, we went to the temples. Brastagi’s temples are so beautiful. The first one is Vihara Dharma Shanti. Nice temple with a lot of beautiful ’round ball’ flowers, mountain lilies, Buddha statues, and Buddha quotes. Love it!! We took some pictures and pray for blessing. As usual, some silly pictures… and cool picture when we put our glasses on!

Hey! We’re the secret agents!

After that, we’re going to the 2nd temple, Taman Lumbini. We kinda lost to find it. Driving through the strawberry and vegetable farm, and finally we saw a tall Golden Thai style pagoda, that’s the temple! Wow! It’s magnificent! *Jaw dropped! I don’t feel like I’m in Indonesia. Feels like Thailand! When we arrived, the temple’s almost close, we only have 15 minutes before 5 pm. We rushed in and took as much pictures as we can. We don’t have time to enter inside the temple. Sigh~ Lucky to visit the temple.

My Favorite spot, A cabbage farm.. They’re growing fresh, big, green and natural.  Thanks a lot for my sister, Min who took this pictures for me.. I love it so much !!

After that, we’re on our way back to Medan. It’s raining! We’re stuck, it took about 1-2 hours then we finally knew that there’s trees fell on the road. And the people were stopping the cars to collect the money instead of moving the trees first.

We’re hungry, I was craving of Dim Sum Babura (Ayong) – (I’ve mention it in my previous post). Fortunately, It’s still open when we got there at 9 pm, but actually it’s feel better to eat Dim Sum in the morning. Ather that, It’s time to go home and rest…

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