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Bodyjam® Euro 2012 at Pluit Village Atrium

Fitness First Pluit Village (FFPV) & Pluit Village held an special event with a special theme, EURO 2012. The show will be held in the main atrium.The FFPV’s GXM, Aurelia Lynda, chose Bodyjam class as the main program. The instructors are Anthony Kesuma and me. I’m so excited !! EURO 2012 fever! There will be a dresscode for us, the staffs and the members, THE SOCCER JERSEY. The event date is 20 June 2012, 7.15 pm. The event is open house, everyone can join!

The day has come, when I reached there, Pluit Village also held its special event, “LET’S PLAY GAMES” with Sesame Street as the theme. I went to the main atrium, Ahh I love the stage!! It’s big, It’s wide, It’s cute. I love the dance floor, soooo spacioouusss!! PERFECTO!! Then I went to the Fitness First, Yes! This club always amazing, I love the decorations and all the staffs are wearing the soccer jersey. Cohesive!

Anthony and I seem like a young boy wearing the soccer jersey, a little bit too big, but I think we’re cute, ha ha ha! Some members also wear the soccer jersey, the other try to mix and match their costume with long socks and short pants, they’re all looking good!

7.00 pm !! Let’s go to the dance floor!! We’re so excited.. marching to the main atrium together. Start preparing the sound, music and mic. I will teach the 1st Block and Anthony will teach the 2nd Block. Let the show begin! Let’s dance! We start with the song: La Copa De La Vida (The Cup of Life) as the introduction/warm up to match the EURO 2012 theme, we dance with Angel and Lynda. Then we’re going to party! We chose the member’s most favorite track list, They’re so happy !! and sweaty….

A lot of people see us dance, some people enjoy the music, moving their body smoothly with the beat. I also can see some children try to dance with us, that’s really cute.

At the end of the show, We’re having the lucky draw for the members. The prize are 5 Fitness First Shoe Bags for 5 people, 5 Fitness First Gym Bags for 5 people, and 1 Grand Prize: a Samsung Mobile Phone for 1 Person. Almost all of our friends got the prizes. We’re happy for them!! Congratulation! 😀

The event is success! Lynda as the GXM proud and thanks us and the members. She also announced the next day will be a Bodycombat® class with Pippo and herself in here. There will be a great moment !!

 I’m so happy with this event, hopefully I’ll get the chance again in the future.


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  • The Lucky Draw 
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IKKOUSHA RAMEN, The Best Ramen In Town

I often see there’s a restaurant in Muara Karang, Pluit –Jakarta with a lot of people lined up. It’s a Japanese Ramen Restaurant called IKKOUSHA RAMEN. It is originally from Japan and open the first restaurant here. This restaurant always full !! The custumers have to wait for 10 – 20 minutes to get a table. They said the ramen is the BEST! I’m so curious why they have to do that ? Is it really that delicious?

One day, I suggested to have a dinner at IKKOUSHA with my friend, Bo. It’s full like always, but if we choose to sit at the bar, we’ll get it quick. Inside the restaurant, there’s a lot of people. The customers, the staffs, the waiters, the chefs and captains (Supervisors). I think the staffs almost 20 people. They wear black uniform with IKKOUSHA Logo and Indonesian quote “ENAK TAU!” it means “IT’S DELICIOUS, YOU KNOW!” and red bandana (head wrap). They work really fast and the Captains were Japanese, they’re monitoring the restaurant progress and flow. They look fierce.

I asked my office friend what is the special menu of IKKOUSHA? She suggested Original Ikkousha Pork Ramen. Bo ordered Tauco Pork Ramen (If I’m not wrong) then we added Grilled Gyoza and 2 Iced Ocha. Here comes the food! Aww, I drooled! The Original Ikkousha Pork Ramen contains ramen noodle with 2 sliced pork, ½ boiled egg and chives in pork broth soup in a big bowl! The Tauco Pork Ramen contains ramen noodle with 2 sliced pork, ½ boiled egg, chives, ban sprout in special tauco sauce pork broth soup in a big bowl. We chose Gyoza with prawn and chicken filling.

We start to eat, the soup is the power! So delicious!! I love it ! I love it !!  This is perfect! This is the best ramen I ever eat! I eat it all and clean till the last drop of soup in the bowl! The ½ boiled egg also our favorite, they made it so soft and delicious! The original is better than the tauco (…the Tauco isn’t bad), The price is also affordable! I will come back again for sure.

Now IKKOUSHA RAMEN has open its second restaurant at Kelapa Gading – Jakarta.

Dancing at Jakarta Highland Gathering

I have asked to join the Bodyjam® demo by my Bodyjam head teacher. The demo team are Bobby Glenn, Anthony Kesuma, Julia Agatha, Anny Rosyani and me. We just have 1 day to practise the choreography. The demo will be held at Imperial Klub Golf – Lippo Karawaci – Tangerang for Jakarta Highland Gathering event, Sunday | May 27 2012.

The next day, we arrived at the location, it’s really hot!! The event is like a festival. There’s a lot of exhibition stand promoting their products like education service, hotel service, exotic food, snack, hotdog, coffee, beer, wine etc. There also a game area for the children, so exciting!! (I wanna play the ball).

Fitness First opened a stand to promote its new upcoming club at Kemang Village. We’re here to demo the Sh’bam™ & Bodyjam® programs and promote the club. Lucky, they have Air Conditioner inside the tent, so we’re inside to chill.

First session, Me and Julia (Anthony as the shadow) teaching Sh’bam™ class at the kid’s stage, only two easy tracks. A little bit hard to gather the participants because they’re shy to dance or maybe it’s too hot to workout. But it’s going well.

Finish! We’re going to the main stage, I passed my company’s stand and met my friends there, Vera and Lani. My company (DIMA / Dimatique) also join this event to promoting our products (Kilkenny and Cape Discovery Wines).

The main stage was so far away from Fitness First stand. We walked along the green field and we can see a lot of people wearing the traditional scotland costume were playing the bagpipe. On the main stage we’re waiting for our turn, after the Irish dance and Toraja dance. Meanwhile, we’re taking pictures…haha (like always)

Now It’s our turn! After praying together.. Music ON then action!! Our special Bodyjam® remix is an upbeat music that makes us dance like in the party place. We’re getting crazy and sweaty for 8 – 10 minutes. The audiences seem insterest, I can see some of them smiling and eyes on us. They clapped everytime we hit the ‘pose beat’, but the music wasn’t finish yet.. So we keep on dancing! This is great!!

The event end up with firework.

Dee’s Handmade Wine Juice

Do you still remember this ?


It’s been 3 months and now the wait is over! It’s time to open the jar. I was afraid that I fail to make it. When I open the can, I can smell the alcoholic aroma. I’m happy.. I picked one grape and ate it, it was a hard texture fruit with alcoholic taste (grape supposed to be soft), then I scooped the wine juice, hmm nice color.. and I tasted it, yummy.. so fruity just a little bit sweet. I don’t know about the alcohol rate.. I doubt whether there is alcohol content in it because it’s so natural by using only fruits and sugar.

I moved the content into a pot, then strained the wine juice into a glass tumbler (happy to found this glass tumbler, it has a good design and it’s SALE, haha) leaving the grape fruits left in the pot. It only filled half of the glass tumbler. I crushed all the grape fruits to produce the juice more. Yay! It’s FULL now!  The wine juice kinda dense texture (full-bodied), so It’s better to sip a little then ‘chew’ it, the aroma will come out filling the whole mouth and nose, then drink it all, end up with a spicy flavor. mmmmm It’s really yummy!!

I gave the sample for my friends, they said it’s too sweet! The smell was very soft but they seem like it. They said try to keep it more period (time), maybe it might be better, stronger flavor and aromatic.

I think I’m gonna make it again.. cheers!


  • Deep red color, very fruity and sweet at the lips finishes with spicy flavor. Full bodied. Soft alcoholic aroma.
  • Alcohol: unknown
  • Period: 19th February 2012 (Made) – 19th May 2012 (Finish)
  • Volume: 1 kg Grapes + 1/4 kg Sugar = ± 1,2 liter