IKKOUSHA RAMEN, The Best Ramen In Town

I often see there’s a restaurant in Muara Karang, Pluit –Jakarta with a lot of people lined up. It’s a Japanese Ramen Restaurant called IKKOUSHA RAMEN. It is originally from Japan and open the first restaurant here. This restaurant always full !! The custumers have to wait for 10 – 20 minutes to get a table. They said the ramen is the BEST! I’m so curious why they have to do that ? Is it really that delicious?

One day, I suggested to have a dinner at IKKOUSHA with my friend, Bo. It’s full like always, but if we choose to sit at the bar, we’ll get it quick. Inside the restaurant, there’s a lot of people. The customers, the staffs, the waiters, the chefs and captains (Supervisors). I think the staffs almost 20 people. They wear black uniform with IKKOUSHA Logo and Indonesian quote “ENAK TAU!” it means “IT’S DELICIOUS, YOU KNOW!” and red bandana (head wrap). They work really fast and the Captains were Japanese, they’re monitoring the restaurant progress and flow. They look fierce.

I asked my office friend what is the special menu of IKKOUSHA? She suggested Original Ikkousha Pork Ramen. Bo ordered Tauco Pork Ramen (If I’m not wrong) then we added Grilled Gyoza and 2 Iced Ocha. Here comes the food! Aww, I drooled! The Original Ikkousha Pork Ramen contains ramen noodle with 2 sliced pork, ½ boiled egg and chives in pork broth soup in a big bowl! The Tauco Pork Ramen contains ramen noodle with 2 sliced pork, ½ boiled egg, chives, ban sprout in special tauco sauce pork broth soup in a big bowl. We chose Gyoza with prawn and chicken filling.

We start to eat, the soup is the power! So delicious!! I love it ! I love it !!  This is perfect! This is the best ramen I ever eat! I eat it all and clean till the last drop of soup in the bowl! The ½ boiled egg also our favorite, they made it so soft and delicious! The original is better than the tauco (…the Tauco isn’t bad), The price is also affordable! I will come back again for sure.

Now IKKOUSHA RAMEN has open its second restaurant at Kelapa Gading – Jakarta.

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