Home – July 2012 (Part II)

July 12th, 2012 – Thursday

 It’s a big day !! The day has come. Early morning all the ladies went to MONALISA Salon for make up. All the people were so busy. The wedding make up artist, hairstylist and photographer went to Dewi’s house at Air Joman.

  • Bride’s Make Up 
  • Bride’s Hair Do 
  • Lovely Room 
  • Groom Preparation 

Time to meet and pick up the bride at her house with a bouquet of flower while the bride is waiting for his prince with a flower pin. First, respect and praise her family, then finally Benny meet his princess and present her the flower bouquet and Dewi gives him the flower pin. Then they’re having brunch together with Dewi’s family members. Take some family pictures. Then It’s time for Benny & Dewi to come home, to their new home.

  • Flower Boards 
  • Meet the Bride 

Home.. The family members are gathering.. waiting for the wedding couple. Chattering, reunited and cheers. Benny & Dewi have arrived. It’s time for the Tea-pay ceremony. Dewi is formally introduced to our family members. Serving the tea for the family, after drinking the tea, They will receive the tea ceremony gifts. After that, we took a lot of pictures.

  • Tea Pay Ceremony (Groom) 
  • Brother & Sister 
  • Family Cheer 

Benny and Dewi have to go back to Air Joman for another Tea-pay ceremony at the bride’s home. I’m sure they both really exhausted. They came home and take a rest. We’re so happy.

  • Tea Pay Ceremony (Bride) 

 Benny & Dewi are husband & wife. Congratulation, little brother & Dewi.

(Continue to Part III)

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