A Boy in Malaysia (Part IV)

We’re heading to Fitness First Platinum – The Curve. Anthony will join the Bodyvive™ Workshop. Abang heard a rumor that Gandalf Archer (G) will be there to practice for the Bodyjam™ workshop! We met Teoh, and he said G is already here at the Mind and Body studio. Abang immediately took out his camera, golden marker and OM’G’ T-shirt. We’re waiting outside of the studio and mumbling when will he come out! Suddenly he came out the studio and introduced himself! The Bodyjam™ Program Director stand right in front of us! We’re stunned and he just passing us go straight to the locker room. “AAHHH! It’s him! It’s him!” We have to stop him when he comes out from the locker room. There he is! I stopped him and ask if we can take a picture with him. He simply say with is rapper tone “Sure!” YAY!!!!! We took some pictures and ask him to sign the OM’G’ T-shirt. This is krazzyyy and so lucky we’re here! We also give him one OM’G’ Tshirt. I’ll be so glad if he want to wear my design.

We’re having our ‘starstruck’ moment at the Coffee bean and Tea Leaf café. Order some drinks and foods. We’re still chattering about that awkward moment. After finish our food, we’re back to the club. We met Koko Mike, he just finished his work. We joined the Zumba® class and Bodyvive™ Workshop! Sherline also joined the class. It’s nice and fun, I seldom join the Bodyvive™ class, a little painful at the booty and tight. Haha! But I like the new release.

  • STARSTRUCK – “That feeling when you meet your idol” 
  • Bodyvive™Workshop – “Aww, My butt!” 

After the class, going to shower then we have dinner at LITTLE PENANG CAFÉ with two more new friends. Nigel and Michael Wong Jr. , they are the friends of Koko and Abang. We’re having dinner together. Eat and chat. After a little while, I need to go to the toilet. Sherline showed me the way. When I came back to the café. Wow!


There’s a big Birthday cake! Happy Birthday Dharma! Oh my GOD! I feel so happy, so many nice people around me! Thank you everybody! I’m so thankful! We sing, we laugh, we eat the cake! Cheese and nut by Secret Recipe! This is the 4th celebration of my birthday this year.. Wonderful!

  • So Happy  
  • Dinner at Little Penang Cafe 

Thank you

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A Boy in Malaysia (Part III)

August 24th, 2012 – Friday

Koko Mike have to go to office, so only Abang will take me to go to KL city tour. He asked me “what do you want for breakfast?” I answered “Roti Canai!” I think it’s the signature food of Malaysia, I have to try it. He took me to ROJU, Indian restaurant. I can see they also sell fishes and seafoods with a lot of spices. We ordered Roti Canai, Ayam Goreng and Thosai Telur. Roti Canai has 3 sauces – Curry, Dhal and Coconut. I like it.

After that, we went to an area where I can see some tourist took pictures with KLCC Twin tower building behind them. It’s a good spot! I think I also have been here when I was in the high school study tour. Abang took his camera out and said “tourist, tourist.. model.. model..” and he took some (a lot) picture of me. I know he love to photography and I love being a model. I love the Bodyjam jump photo. Perfect shoot!


Then we’re going to PAVILION MALL, it’s a big and nice mall. Abang said we’re going to meet Nanang Halim (Lim), he is a Bodycombat™ & Sh’bam™ instructor at Fitness First Indonesia, same as me.We met him at SNOWFLAKE, the Taiwan ice dessert tenant. I ordered the best seller, hmm quite nice. I like the mochi-like stuffs (I don’t know what is it). Then we continue to walk around the mall, heading to the TOKYO STREET, located at the top of Pavilion Mall, an area with a lot of Japanese tenants and atmosphere. I love this place. We bought some mochi ice cream, I tried the Sakura flavour, delicious. Meanwhile we’re waiting for Anthony to come.

  • TOKYO STREET – I love this spot  

Finally we met Anthony and his friend, Sherline “Berry” Wibowo who is also a Bodyjam™ instructor, she’s an Indonesian but now living in Malaysia with her husband. I’ve met her before but I’m sorry for not noticing. Now we’re a good friend :D. After a little chat, Anthony will join me and Abang to go to Batu Cave. Yay!


Anthony has been to Batu Cave before, I wish I can go there. This is it! Fantastic!! I love the great golden statue, the cave, the rock and the pigeons! GREAT!! The pigeons is the best part, we’re feeding them and try to catch them. I’m so happy, I ran, I chased, We trapped them but the pigeons were so aware and fast, we can’t catch any, but I get its tail feathers.


We start to get up to the cave, wow it’s so tall, a lot of steps (200+ steps). It’s exhausted, but challenging. So high!! But the higher I get, the more I can see the great nature. The Cave is awesome!! At the top, I feel like in the “The Lord of the Ring” movie, there’s an open temple in the cave. Amazing!


Going down is easy, then we’re going to the Fitness First Platinum – The Curve

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A Boy in Malaysia (Part II)

August 23th, 2012 – Thursday

Finally, the day has come, It’s August 23rd ,2012 – Thusrday!!  I still came to the office and worked until 12 pm, I’m going to the Soekarno Hatta International Airport. I’m lost at Terminal 2, then I have to take shuttle bus to Terminal 3 for Tiger Airway flight. Checking in with a little problem about the luggage fee that made me spend IDR 250.000,- for something that I shouldn’t have to pay. Oh well, forget it..

Nah, now I’m inside the plane, yay! I’ll be at KL at 5 pm. I’m here!!! Follow the passengers to the immigration then I’m taking my luggage. Go to the arrival gate then I saw Abang Osman holding a paper with Bodyjam™ logo and my name, Mr. Dharma Putra. Haha.. Yay so happy to see him! Hello Abang! Then we’re going to the apartment, Millennium Place – Petaling Jaya. It’s a looooonggg way to go… about 45 minutes to reach the city from the airport. Here we are! At the apartment (nice view), I’m meeting Koko Mike now.. This gonna be a great trip! I told them that I’m so excited and I’ll be like a little boy with a new toy XD.

Koko Mike wanna have a dinner so he took us to the Mall, Mid Valley and The Garden. I’m on city tour! It’s nice to see KL at night. Abang also want to buy a golden marker for OM’G’ T-shirt signature. I need to buy the local SIM card/ number to activate my Blackberry service and we chose DIGI service. The mall is nice, It’s big, I like it.. We’re having SUSHI TEI for dinner. After finish, we go back to apartment and rest. Get ready for tomorrow’s City Tour. Yay!

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A Boy in Malaysia (Part I)

I’ve been to Malaysia when I was a kid (maybe 11 year old) with my family, I remember we went to Kuala Lumpur (KL) & Genting, kinda forget about the memories/moments of this trip. The 2nd time was in  the high school study tour from Penang to Malaka then KL. The 3rd time was with my sisters in Penang then Hatyai (Thailand) after I finish my college. All was fun and well organized. I wish I can go there again by myself.

From the last Les Mills Quarterly Workshop (QWS) II – 2012 in Jakarta, the presenters announced that Gandalf Archer (G), the Bodyjam® Program Director will come to Asia for QWS III – 2012. He will go to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Singapore and Manila (Philippine). Too bad he’s not going to Jakarta 😦 . So I decided to go to KL! This time on my own.

Had a little hard time to prepare, like asking for office leave for about a week, then searching the best price for the ticket. Then this is it! I bought Tiger Airway ticket, the date August 23rd  – 28th, 2012! Yay !! It’s gonna be super fun! Great QWS with G! and also gonna meet my 2 brothers from KL, Michael Wong (Koko) & Osman Sany (Abang), they’re a very good friends of mine and very kind. We knew each other because of Fitness First background and we’ve traveled together at Bandung 2-3 years ago. That was fun.

I told Abang that I’ll go to KL for QWS III, he’s happy. Then he suggested me to make something for G, “How about you design a T shirt?” yay! That’s a great idea! Then we collaborate together to create a nice design for the T-shirt. Need some progress to make it easy to print, affordable and better. And Voila!

  • Earlier Concept – Brainstorming idea 
  • OM’G’ Concept Abang gave the concept/idea
  • Advance OM’G’ Conceptnice multi color but harder to print on shirt and expensive cost 
  • FINAL        

Abang gonna produce the OM’G’ T shirt for members/participants. He will produce 2 type of shirt – Cotton for only RM 30 and Dry Fit for only RM 35. We hope they gonna wear it at QWS III – 2012 or OM’G’ Party. Abang said the sales is like selling HOT CAKES! SOLD OUT !!

One day, I saw on Abang’s facebook photo, there’s an event poster. OM’G’ Party that will be held at August 28th, 2012 – Tuesday. It’s G’s party in the Neverland club! It’s gonna be super awesome… Ahh my trip’s date end exactly on that day. NOOOO!!! I wanna join the party. Abang asked me to extend the trip/date, he also will extend his leave. All right!!! I extend my date with an extra exchange fee, no regret! I want! I want! My trip’s date exchange into August 23rd – 31st, 2012 (9 days!!!!), my boss’s gonna kill me..

Can’t wait…

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Home, July 2012 (Part IV)

Sunday, July 15th 2012

I suggested to go to Brastagi again when I’m home. I feel happy when the last time I came there, now I wanna go again with my whole family, that’s the most important thing because we’re seldom go together. Now it’s the chance! Aunties, uncle and cousin also join us. That’d be fun!

First stop is HillPark – Sibolangit. It’s a theme park, looks like Mini Disneyland. It’s a nice place, beautiful garden with a lot of colourful flowers, fountains, decorative statues & building, a lot of attraction for kids, they’ll be happy. Some attraction need to spend an extra charge, so we just play some attraction included in our ticket. There’s also a lot of spot to take some good pictures. We all seem very happy.

  • HILLPARK                                       
  • PLAY                                                 
  • BIG WHEEL                                   
  • SISTERS & BROTHERS            

After that, we’re having our lunch at Tesalonika again, the pork specialist and affordable prices. It’s delicious and we ate a lot. You must try  the roasted ribs, it’s nice! Then we’re off to Sinabung Hotel & Resort, I’ve been here since when I was a kid. I love this hotel. This hotel has a big beautiful and colourful garden with a great view of Brastagi Landscape, we can see the big mountain, forest and city at the horizon. It’s a beautiful view! So green and fresh! We rest and take a lot of pictures. The aunties seem having fun too, they look younger, haha!

  • GARDEN                                          
  • YOUNG & YOUNGER                 

Then we went to the temple – Vihara Dharma Shanti. I always feel good to visit this temple, so peaceful. Like always we pray and take a lot of pictures around the temple. The best part is ringing the bell of blessing, down on the knees, praying together.

  • BEAUTIFUL TEMPLE                
  • VISITING                                         
  • PRAYING                                         

Next stop is Taman Lumbini, a Thai Buddhist temple. Now we came here earlier so we have time to take pictures and go inside the temple. It’s a big and high temple, its golden color makes it so magnificent.

It ended our journey at Brastagi, now we’ve to go back to Medan. In the journey we stopped by and have some corns to eat. It’s feel so nice to eat warm corn in the cool place. Arrive at Medan, we’re having dinner at Rumah Makan Purnama – a Chinese food restaurant. It’s delicious! Then we went to the train station to drop Ben & Dewi, they have to go back to Kisaran. A long day with family.. so fun! 😀

Monday, July 16th 2012

The last day in Medan, have to go back to Jakarta. Not any special activity in this day. Just accompany my mom to go to Pulau Brayan (?) with uncle and aunties to visit a temple and meet some relatives. Back to Medan eat He Ci and buy Tamiang (Pie) for souvenir. Go to the airport and back to the routine again. 😀

The End (?)