Home, July 2012 (Part IV)

Sunday, July 15th 2012

I suggested to go to Brastagi again when I’m home. I feel happy when the last time I came there, now I wanna go again with my whole family, that’s the most important thing because we’re seldom go together. Now it’s the chance! Aunties, uncle and cousin also join us. That’d be fun!

First stop is HillPark – Sibolangit. It’s a theme park, looks like Mini Disneyland. It’s a nice place, beautiful garden with a lot of colourful flowers, fountains, decorative statues & building, a lot of attraction for kids, they’ll be happy. Some attraction need to spend an extra charge, so we just play some attraction included in our ticket. There’s also a lot of spot to take some good pictures. We all seem very happy.

  • HILLPARK                                       
  • PLAY                                                 
  • BIG WHEEL                                   
  • SISTERS & BROTHERS            

After that, we’re having our lunch at Tesalonika again, the pork specialist and affordable prices. It’s delicious and we ate a lot. You must try  the roasted ribs, it’s nice! Then we’re off to Sinabung Hotel & Resort, I’ve been here since when I was a kid. I love this hotel. This hotel has a big beautiful and colourful garden with a great view of Brastagi Landscape, we can see the big mountain, forest and city at the horizon. It’s a beautiful view! So green and fresh! We rest and take a lot of pictures. The aunties seem having fun too, they look younger, haha!

  • GARDEN                                          
  • YOUNG & YOUNGER                 

Then we went to the temple – Vihara Dharma Shanti. I always feel good to visit this temple, so peaceful. Like always we pray and take a lot of pictures around the temple. The best part is ringing the bell of blessing, down on the knees, praying together.

  • BEAUTIFUL TEMPLE                
  • VISITING                                         
  • PRAYING                                         

Next stop is Taman Lumbini, a Thai Buddhist temple. Now we came here earlier so we have time to take pictures and go inside the temple. It’s a big and high temple, its golden color makes it so magnificent.

It ended our journey at Brastagi, now we’ve to go back to Medan. In the journey we stopped by and have some corns to eat. It’s feel so nice to eat warm corn in the cool place. Arrive at Medan, we’re having dinner at Rumah Makan Purnama – a Chinese food restaurant. It’s delicious! Then we went to the train station to drop Ben & Dewi, they have to go back to Kisaran. A long day with family.. so fun! 😀

Monday, July 16th 2012

The last day in Medan, have to go back to Jakarta. Not any special activity in this day. Just accompany my mom to go to Pulau Brayan (?) with uncle and aunties to visit a temple and meet some relatives. Back to Medan eat He Ci and buy Tamiang (Pie) for souvenir. Go to the airport and back to the routine again. 😀

The End (?)

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