A Boy in Malaysia (Part IV)

We’re heading to Fitness First Platinum – The Curve. Anthony will join the Bodyvive™ Workshop. Abang heard a rumor that Gandalf Archer (G) will be there to practice for the Bodyjam™ workshop! We met Teoh, and he said G is already here at the Mind and Body studio. Abang immediately took out his camera, golden marker and OM’G’ T-shirt. We’re waiting outside of the studio and mumbling when will he come out! Suddenly he came out the studio and introduced himself! The Bodyjam™ Program Director stand right in front of us! We’re stunned and he just passing us go straight to the locker room. “AAHHH! It’s him! It’s him!” We have to stop him when he comes out from the locker room. There he is! I stopped him and ask if we can take a picture with him. He simply say with is rapper tone “Sure!” YAY!!!!! We took some pictures and ask him to sign the OM’G’ T-shirt. This is krazzyyy and so lucky we’re here! We also give him one OM’G’ Tshirt. I’ll be so glad if he want to wear my design.

We’re having our ‘starstruck’ moment at the Coffee bean and Tea Leaf café. Order some drinks and foods. We’re still chattering about that awkward moment. After finish our food, we’re back to the club. We met Koko Mike, he just finished his work. We joined the Zumba® class and Bodyvive™ Workshop! Sherline also joined the class. It’s nice and fun, I seldom join the Bodyvive™ class, a little painful at the booty and tight. Haha! But I like the new release.

  • STARSTRUCK – “That feeling when you meet your idol” 
  • Bodyvive™Workshop – “Aww, My butt!” 

After the class, going to shower then we have dinner at LITTLE PENANG CAFÉ with two more new friends. Nigel and Michael Wong Jr. , they are the friends of Koko and Abang. We’re having dinner together. Eat and chat. After a little while, I need to go to the toilet. Sherline showed me the way. When I came back to the café. Wow!


There’s a big Birthday cake! Happy Birthday Dharma! Oh my GOD! I feel so happy, so many nice people around me! Thank you everybody! I’m so thankful! We sing, we laugh, we eat the cake! Cheese and nut by Secret Recipe! This is the 4th celebration of my birthday this year.. Wonderful!

  • So Happy  
  • Dinner at Little Penang Cafe 

Thank you

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