A Boy in Malaysia (Part VIII)

28th September 2012, Tuesday

Tonight!!! OM’G’ Party at Neverland!!!! We will meet G again!  We have a lot of time until 8 pm. We’re going to Mid Valley and The Garden again, we’re having our brunch at NANDOS, a restaurant that serve chicken with their special homemade sauces: Peri-peri. I think Nandos is from around Mexico. Walk around the mall and shops. There’s an exhibition at the top floor – Disney’s – Mickey’s Icon Exhibition. A lot of customized design of Mickey Mouse. Some of them look cute and some look weird. Haha. We went to the pet shop and music store, then go to the Game Store. I found Citadel and Monopoly card game. Citadel is expensive but it’s a very good game! I bought them.


We went to DELICIOUS for desserts. I love this place! We ordered Strawberry Cheese Cake, Strawberry Ice Cream and Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream. Awww so yummy (drool), We played the Citadel card for the first time here. Abang is a newbie, so we teach him as we play, learning by doing. It’s a very simple strategic card game and he loves it! And I think he won! He said he loves strategic games.


It’s about time and we went to PAVILION MALL again, Neverland is close with the mall.. We’re having our early dinner at the food court and we played Citadel again. Abang is addicted to Citadel. As we eat and play, we can see some people already wearing OM’G’ (Fitness First version) T-shirt. We’re going to wear our own design. It’s time! Let’s go to Neverland!

Wow! A long queue in front of the club’s entrance. We waited for our turn. Sometime G just come out and greet the members, he’s so humble. About 20 minutes queue, finally enter the club. Feels like celebrity walk and take picture at the OM’G’ wall of fame. Inside the club, I love the stage and lighting! I wanna danceeee!! This OM’G’ party presented by Fitness First Kuala Lumpur featuring All Kuala Lumpur Bodyjam™ Superstars! Let get the party started!!

Start with opening act and Bodyjam™ class by the superstars, The club was so packed, so many people! Squished! They said it’s about 200 – 300 people. But we don’t care, we just wanna dance, wanna party! After 1 hour, they performed a freestyle dance battle between 2 group! It’s a great performance! And that performance is an opening act for G’s entrance show! Wow! Fantastic!! Now it’s getting hotter!! He presented the latest Bodyjam™ release 63 for the opening after that the 62 1st Block. Awww!! GREAT!! After that he gave the Bodyjam™ 63’s 2nd Block. I screamed when I heard the “Trumpet Light by Chris Brown” I love that song! Great music, great choreo! Do I need to say more ?? haha..


2 hours dance party, all hot and sweaty.. bumped into someone, steped into someone, slaped someone face, white shoes became dirty. Our mind was exploded! Too bad can’t take a lot of pictures, all blurred! The ending is a performance act for all, We already knew the moves, now just listen and dance!! Hope next year he’ll come again, hopefully in Jakarta too.

This is the links of video that I shoot with my Blackberry. The closing performance of OM’G’ Party. Check it out! Super Awesome.


 Super awesome night, we’re hungry and having a dinner near the KLCC tower. So tired. But we’re so happy…

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A Boy In Malaysia (Part VII)

27th September 2012, Monday 

Today’s schedule is going to China town, only with Abang and Anthony. Koko Mike have to work. Brunch at the China town foodcourt, I like the foods. Delicious and quite cheap. Then we go to shopping, walking around the market. There’s bags, shirts, pants, foods, drinks, snacks etc. I tried the famous “Air Mata Kucing” drink, It’s Lo Han Kuo + Longan + Melon Mix beverage. It’s refreshing and soothing, I love it! Walk along the street with a lot of open market with various items to buy, finally we bought the Ringgit Wallet and ICE WATCH. The three of us bought the same design, Yellow and white. Yay! That’s awesome! Then we went to the Central Market, there’s a lot of Malaysia Antique items in every shops. I also saw the ES TELER 77 shop here, It is from Indonesia, and I suggested Abang to try its Es Teler – Avocado + Jackfuit Mix with Sweet Milk + Crushed Ice. He loves it. 😀

Finish! We want to workout, so we go to the Fitness First Platinum – The Curve again. Anthony will join the Bodystep™ and Bodyjam™ class. Before the class we went to IKEA and ate Curry Puff and Hotdog. The Hotdog is so cheap and delicious, only 2 RM! Anthony was leaving first to join the Bodystep™ class. So It just me and abang walk around the IKEA. I love this store, the flow that directing the costumers is so convenient and nice décor in every corner. Nice design for every items. No wonder everyone loves IKEA.

 Now back to the club, get ready to join the Bodyjam™ class by Riyo. She will present the tracks that will be use for tomorrow OM’G’ Party. It’s Bodyjam™ release 60 and 61 that she used. After the class we’re hungry, Sherline is coming too. We’re having dinner together.

 Abang took us to MUHIBBAH SEAFOOD, before we go in, abang saw a Shuttle bus (car), so he intentionally parked his car far away so the Shuttle car picked us then ride into the restaurant, it’s cute! We order a lot of foods and drinks. Abang suggested me to drink a beverage called “TEMBIKAI LYCHEE” , sound weird but I love lychee so I order it! Awww.. it’s so nice!!!!! I LOVE IT! It’s so freshhhh and sweet!! The best beverage that I drink in KL. After finish drink it, still have the sweet lychee to eat. Yum! The foods also delicious especially the Butter Prawns. We’re gossip while we eating, so fun!

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A Boy in Malaysia (Part VI)

I woke up early because of Anthony’s alarm on the phone. “Ugh, so sleepy..”, But I managed to go to bath and get ready. No one wake up yet, I turn on the TV and waiting for them. After a while, Abang wake up and surprised to see me already well prepared. It’s 8.30 am, we’re all ready! Ta da! Let’s go to GENTING HIGHLAND!!

It’s gonna be my 2nd time to go there. We’re having breakfast at McDonalds, ordered the Breakfast set menu, I like the Harsh Brown. We stopped at the Skyway Cable Car station, This is my first time using the Cable Car! Took a picture by the Skyway staff before we go up. A little bit scary, so high and silent, but the view is GREAT! I can see a lot of trees and monkeys! The higher we go up, the mist is thicker, We can’t see anything, just White color mist surrounding us. It’s about 30-40 minutes, we arrived!! I feel like in the RPG game because we’re arriving through the mist to the big building (like castle) with ‘fade out’ effect, hahaha.. Epic entrance..

  • Breakfast at McDonald and go to the Skyway 

Yay! This is Genting Highland, Let’s play!! We bought the Outdoor Theme Park tickets. Koko Mike didn’t play a lot, so he took pictures of us. The first ride we played was THE SPINNER, go round and round like flying to sky, feel dizzy! +_+ Then we play the PIRATE SHIP, not so scary (Indonesia DUFAN’s Kora-Kora is more extreme! Believe it!), also make us dizzy. But fun to see the madams were so scared in the photos. Then next is the CORKSCREW  The Roller Coaster is a must. Abang spotted the hidden camera that usually took the sequence photo for sale. He said to look at the camera and smile when we reach there, Yes! It took a nice picture, too bad I’m screaming like a baby!

  • Spin and Dizzy                               
  • The Happy Brothers                    
  • The Pirate Ship                              
  • The Roller Coaster – Corkscrew 
  • In Front of those Colourful Building 

We rested while waiting for the photo print, ate some snacks. Now this is it! The greatest ride in Genting Highland is the SPACE SHOT! It’s a 70 metres height tower, we sit then set to the highest height of the tower, then at about 5 seconds, It goes down SUUPEEERRR FASTTT!!! FALL DOWN!! Can you imagine falling down on the 70 metres height ?? It’s only me play this ride. I’m scared, but It’s challenging! After a long queue, now It’s my turn. My feet are shaky, I grabbed the seatbelt tightly. Oh my God! Why am I doing this!? Abang will take the photo and Anthony is getting ready with his Samsung tab to take a video of me. Here we go.. up-up-up-up-up so slowly… then stop.. Oh ow.. gas sound –pssst- then ……………….ARRRRGHHHH!!!!!! boink. I swear I close my eyes and just free fall.. can’t think anything, just scream and cry.


Ahh.. so exhausted.. Rest! Then we go to the DINOSOURLAND, We can see some Dinosour Robot, they’re moving and sound like a real dinosaur. We took some pictures like in the adventure or parody.

  • Welcome to DINASOURLAND 
  • Meet the Dinosaurs              

After that, I love this ride! SUNGAI REJANG, FLUME RIDE. Riding a small boat, Abang and Koko, Me and Anthony. Riding up to the cliff then falling down like on the waterfall and get wet!! Splash!! Love it! Ahh, we’re hungry. We find something for lunch at the indoor theme park. Nice interior and a lot of shops. We met Lynda, Dennis, Norman and friends there.

  • Brotherhood                              

Now we’re going to the Casino, This is my first time here. New experience. But I don’t understand how to play and not a very strategic person. Haha! Just for a while then we went to another casino, more bigger. We tried the Jackpot Machine but don’t understand the rules and lose. I found French Baller, It’s a guessing number game by rolling the ball into the board of numbers, It depends on luck. I played it! Lose and Win. Kinda fun and stress!

It’s a long day, We played a lot, now we’re heading back to KL by cable car again, going down, more scary at night. Arrived at KL, we’re having dinner at NYONYA RESTAURANT! We tired but happy, and we got sunburn! Our skin look red. Hahaha… I’m really happy today..

  • Dinner at NYONYA Restaurant 

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A Boy In Malaysia (Part V)

25th September 2012, Saturday

It’s Quarterly Workshop III/2012 day (QWS III)! It is my first time joining QWS at another country. Wake up early and get ready to go to the KLCC – Petronas Twin Tower: Twin Towers Fitness Centre. The club is BIG! Nice place! I collected my Bodyjam™ 62 and Sh’bam™ 9 DVDs then we get prepare for the master class.

When we arrived at the studio, It is going to start the Bodyattack™ masterclass. Koko Mike joined the class. Abang usually take photos during the masterclass and his photos are super awesome! After Koko Mike finished the class, we’re having lunch at the KLCC level 4 foodcourt. Need food for energy for the next 2 awesome classes, Sh’bam™ 9 masterclass and Bodyjam™ 62 masterclass with G!!!

All right! Here it is!! Sh’bam™ 9 Masterclass featuring Michelle Dean and all the presenters from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine and Indonesia. The class was HOT! Love to see Michelle Dean character, she’s so funny. Every single track of Sh’bam™ 9 is cute, sexy, drama and thrilling, especially at the track 7 – Thriller, There’s a lot of shadow presenters wearing the Halloween costumes such as vampires and zombies.

  • Let’s get the SH’BAM™ Party started! 
  • Thriller – Dance, Run, Claws        
  • Sexy and Sensual on the floor   

After Sh’bam™ 9 masterclass, now here it is what we waiting for… The Bodjam™ 62 masterclass with its own Bodyjam™ Program Director, Gandalf ‘G’ Archer! Yay!! With all the Bodyjam™ presenters from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine and Indonesia. We’re like in the live concert of a rockstar. The clapping, cheering and rumbling sound of the crowds. Haha! The class was so super FUN! STRONG! MASSIVE!! G is a very Strong figure yet humble and friendly. We’re all sweaty and melt into the music and dance. After the masterclass, he gave the education for us with an extra party twist! He has to leave soon to go to Singapore then everybody rushed to him to take pictures and sign the DVDs. There’ll be OM’G’ party at Tuesday, 28th September 2012 at Neverland club! He reminds us to go and having another BIG party there! Yay!!

  • Before the Bodyjam™ Party        
  • Start to Pump up the 90’s         
  • Ladies’ Sweet Fantasy                 
  • Turn Up the Quasar                     
  • Climax                                                         
  • Education and Encore                 

After finish the class, go to the shower then waiting for Abang to finish his photography. Anthony will join and stay in the apartment. We’re hungry and we went to the Seafood Restaurant – Pankor Village Seafood. Ordered a lot of food, I like the ‘Lala Soup’, so delicious. Now we’re full! Go home.. 😀

  • After the QWS IV/2012 – Outside the KLCC   
  • Dinner at Pankor Village Seafood   

So tired, Abang was editing the photo and upload it on facebook, so fast! And he got 100+ likes on the next day. Haha. We have to rest earlier because tomorrow morning we’re going to GENTING HIGHLAND! Yay !!!!!

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