A Boy In Malaysia (Part V)

25th September 2012, Saturday

It’s Quarterly Workshop III/2012 day (QWS III)! It is my first time joining QWS at another country. Wake up early and get ready to go to the KLCC – Petronas Twin Tower: Twin Towers Fitness Centre. The club is BIG! Nice place! I collected my Bodyjam™ 62 and Sh’bam™ 9 DVDs then we get prepare for the master class.

When we arrived at the studio, It is going to start the Bodyattack™ masterclass. Koko Mike joined the class. Abang usually take photos during the masterclass and his photos are super awesome! After Koko Mike finished the class, we’re having lunch at the KLCC level 4 foodcourt. Need food for energy for the next 2 awesome classes, Sh’bam™ 9 masterclass and Bodyjam™ 62 masterclass with G!!!

All right! Here it is!! Sh’bam™ 9 Masterclass featuring Michelle Dean and all the presenters from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine and Indonesia. The class was HOT! Love to see Michelle Dean character, she’s so funny. Every single track of Sh’bam™ 9 is cute, sexy, drama and thrilling, especially at the track 7 – Thriller, There’s a lot of shadow presenters wearing the Halloween costumes such as vampires and zombies.

  • Let’s get the SH’BAM™ Party started! 
  • Thriller – Dance, Run, Claws        
  • Sexy and Sensual on the floor   

After Sh’bam™ 9 masterclass, now here it is what we waiting for… The Bodjam™ 62 masterclass with its own Bodyjam™ Program Director, Gandalf ‘G’ Archer! Yay!! With all the Bodyjam™ presenters from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine and Indonesia. We’re like in the live concert of a rockstar. The clapping, cheering and rumbling sound of the crowds. Haha! The class was so super FUN! STRONG! MASSIVE!! G is a very Strong figure yet humble and friendly. We’re all sweaty and melt into the music and dance. After the masterclass, he gave the education for us with an extra party twist! He has to leave soon to go to Singapore then everybody rushed to him to take pictures and sign the DVDs. There’ll be OM’G’ party at Tuesday, 28th September 2012 at Neverland club! He reminds us to go and having another BIG party there! Yay!!

  • Before the Bodyjam™ Party        
  • Start to Pump up the 90’s         
  • Ladies’ Sweet Fantasy                 
  • Turn Up the Quasar                     
  • Climax                                                         
  • Education and Encore                 

After finish the class, go to the shower then waiting for Abang to finish his photography. Anthony will join and stay in the apartment. We’re hungry and we went to the Seafood Restaurant – Pankor Village Seafood. Ordered a lot of food, I like the ‘Lala Soup’, so delicious. Now we’re full! Go home.. 😀

  • After the QWS IV/2012 – Outside the KLCC   
  • Dinner at Pankor Village Seafood   

So tired, Abang was editing the photo and upload it on facebook, so fast! And he got 100+ likes on the next day. Haha. We have to rest earlier because tomorrow morning we’re going to GENTING HIGHLAND! Yay !!!!!

(Continue to Part VI)

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