A Boy in Malaysia (Part VI)

I woke up early because of Anthony’s alarm on the phone. “Ugh, so sleepy..”, But I managed to go to bath and get ready. No one wake up yet, I turn on the TV and waiting for them. After a while, Abang wake up and surprised to see me already well prepared. It’s 8.30 am, we’re all ready! Ta da! Let’s go to GENTING HIGHLAND!!

It’s gonna be my 2nd time to go there. We’re having breakfast at McDonalds, ordered the Breakfast set menu, I like the Harsh Brown. We stopped at the Skyway Cable Car station, This is my first time using the Cable Car! Took a picture by the Skyway staff before we go up. A little bit scary, so high and silent, but the view is GREAT! I can see a lot of trees and monkeys! The higher we go up, the mist is thicker, We can’t see anything, just White color mist surrounding us. It’s about 30-40 minutes, we arrived!! I feel like in the RPG game because we’re arriving through the mist to the big building (like castle) with ‘fade out’ effect, hahaha.. Epic entrance..

  • Breakfast at McDonald and go to the Skyway 

Yay! This is Genting Highland, Let’s play!! We bought the Outdoor Theme Park tickets. Koko Mike didn’t play a lot, so he took pictures of us. The first ride we played was THE SPINNER, go round and round like flying to sky, feel dizzy! +_+ Then we play the PIRATE SHIP, not so scary (Indonesia DUFAN’s Kora-Kora is more extreme! Believe it!), also make us dizzy. But fun to see the madams were so scared in the photos. Then next is the CORKSCREW  The Roller Coaster is a must. Abang spotted the hidden camera that usually took the sequence photo for sale. He said to look at the camera and smile when we reach there, Yes! It took a nice picture, too bad I’m screaming like a baby!

  • Spin and Dizzy                               
  • The Happy Brothers                    
  • The Pirate Ship                              
  • The Roller Coaster – Corkscrew 
  • In Front of those Colourful Building 

We rested while waiting for the photo print, ate some snacks. Now this is it! The greatest ride in Genting Highland is the SPACE SHOT! It’s a 70 metres height tower, we sit then set to the highest height of the tower, then at about 5 seconds, It goes down SUUPEEERRR FASTTT!!! FALL DOWN!! Can you imagine falling down on the 70 metres height ?? It’s only me play this ride. I’m scared, but It’s challenging! After a long queue, now It’s my turn. My feet are shaky, I grabbed the seatbelt tightly. Oh my God! Why am I doing this!? Abang will take the photo and Anthony is getting ready with his Samsung tab to take a video of me. Here we go.. up-up-up-up-up so slowly… then stop.. Oh ow.. gas sound –pssst- then ……………….ARRRRGHHHH!!!!!! boink. I swear I close my eyes and just free fall.. can’t think anything, just scream and cry.


Ahh.. so exhausted.. Rest! Then we go to the DINOSOURLAND, We can see some Dinosour Robot, they’re moving and sound like a real dinosaur. We took some pictures like in the adventure or parody.

  • Welcome to DINASOURLAND 
  • Meet the Dinosaurs              

After that, I love this ride! SUNGAI REJANG, FLUME RIDE. Riding a small boat, Abang and Koko, Me and Anthony. Riding up to the cliff then falling down like on the waterfall and get wet!! Splash!! Love it! Ahh, we’re hungry. We find something for lunch at the indoor theme park. Nice interior and a lot of shops. We met Lynda, Dennis, Norman and friends there.

  • Brotherhood                              

Now we’re going to the Casino, This is my first time here. New experience. But I don’t understand how to play and not a very strategic person. Haha! Just for a while then we went to another casino, more bigger. We tried the Jackpot Machine but don’t understand the rules and lose. I found French Baller, It’s a guessing number game by rolling the ball into the board of numbers, It depends on luck. I played it! Lose and Win. Kinda fun and stress!

It’s a long day, We played a lot, now we’re heading back to KL by cable car again, going down, more scary at night. Arrived at KL, we’re having dinner at NYONYA RESTAURANT! We tired but happy, and we got sunburn! Our skin look red. Hahaha… I’m really happy today..

  • Dinner at NYONYA Restaurant 

(Continue to Part VII)

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