A Boy in Malaysia (Part XI)

31st September 2012, Friday

Sniff.. sniff.. Today is the last day.. have to go home.. sniff.. sniff..

My flight is 7.45 pm. So it still a lot of time to do something. Koko and Abang took me to Putra Jaya. It’s so far away from the city. They said it’s a government city. When I reached there, it’s so quite.. well it’s a very big beautiful architectured city with big wide street, very different atmosphere.. I am not feel like in KL anymore, somewhere in Eastern Asia maybe. We’re stop at the center, I can see a big building, seem like Sultan’s Palace in Aladdin movie. The view is great. And we took some ( a lot of) pictures.


The buildings are awesome. Every single building has a great architecture. It’s gonna be great if they can make the city live! It’s gonna be like New York city.

141 JAI HO



We’re heading back to the city.. but before that, we visited Abang house. Wow, It’s big. There’s nobody there. Abang said his family is on holiday. It’s a beautiful house. Clean, spacious and comfortable. I saw one of the photo album and hey, Anthony has been here before, It’s last year Hari Raya celebration. They played Wii together.


We’re having lunch at umm I forgot the name, but It is a famous restaurant that served Grilled Chicken. We ordered a lot, Grilled Chicken, Tom Yam Soup, Steam Fish etc. I ordered my KL favorite beverage: Tembikai Lychee, and this time I just knew that Tembikai is Watermelon! In Indonesia, we called ‘Tembikai’ is ‘Semangka’. Hahaha..


Back to the apartment again.. I prepared my luggages.. make sure there’s no thing left behind. Ahhh.. still wanna stay.. Holiday’s gonna end.. back to the routines T^T .. Koko and Abang took me to the airport.. Why the airport have to be SO FARRRR!! They must be tired.. I’m very thankful for Koko and Abang’s help and effort to took me along from the start till the end of the day. It’s all perfect and memoriable. Feel so lucky to have friends, brothers like them.

Time is ticking, It’s time to leaving… Never forget this precious memories.. Thank you..

The End

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