Jakarta Flood (January, 2013)

Starting new year 2013, welcoming the year of snake in chinese calendar in 10th February 2013. Before that date, It’s still the year of dragon 2012 – the water dragon. What happen in this early 2013? It’s raining season. I have a fantasy thoughts and I can describe maybe the water dragon is crying ? The water dragon is casting water magic ? Maybe the water dragon is angry? Because almost everyday is raining, following with the blowing wind and striking thunder. STORM and FLOOD.

17th January 2013, Thursday.. it’s the longest rainfall in my life. I woke up at 3 am until 8 am, the rain has not stop yet. I can’t go to work. It’s flooding all the way to the office and some way reaches 1.5 m depth. I checked my phone and all I see is the pictures and news of heavy rain and flood. Even CNN said this time, the rain is above average. It’s disaster. Some of my friends also can’t go to work and do activities. Sigh~ Here some photos from my friends.






Helindo Group Reunion 2013

I used to work at PT. Helindo Group 3 years ago. I have a very kind promotion director, Mrs. Grace Hakim. She has invited me for the reunion a year ago, now she is inviting me again. I think it’s a very kind of her, to still remember us and keep contact with us. I feel so warm.

We will have a reunion dinner at Samudra Suki, Mall Taman Anggrek in January 12th, 2013 – Saturday, start at 5 pm. I am there at 6 pm. I can see my ex promotion manager, Mr. Andilala and some old colleagues, Mr. Steven Wang, Mr. Satar Tan And also new colleagues, Mr. Melcky. After a while, Mrs. Grace arrived and order the foods and drinks for us. Samudra Suki offers the steamboat/Shabu shabu and self service food booths which serve sushi, hainam rice, pudding, noodles, ice cream etc.


We start to eat and chat. Meanwhile, Mrs. Lusiana Prayogo and her husband is coming. She greets Mrs. Grace and present her a bouquet of flower. Long time no see, I miss her, my office sister. There are also some new colleagues that I never meet. But I still can feel the harmony among us.

We ate a lot and sipping the delicious Cabernet Sauvignon red wine from Chile brought by Mrs. Grace. Put it together with ice cream, it’s so delicious and elegant taste.

This the reunion for the ex and new employee of PT. Helindo Group. It’s really harmonious. And also there’s surprise birthday party for Mr. Melcky. The waiter brought the cake and we sang together, he suprised and he said this year is full of blessing, Happy Birthday Mr. Melcky. It’s a perfect party.


We’re full and we chattering, sharing our life stories.. happy to see everyone. We’re hoping that this relationship will keep strong like this. Thank to Mrs. Grace Hakim who bring us this harmony.

New Year’s Eve Potluck Party 2012

Christmas just passed, now we just have to counting the days to welcoming New Year 2013. I usually spend New Year’s eve with Bo’s family. Now I’ve been invited by my Fitness First Pluit Village members to join them for New Year’s eve party this year. Sound fun. First, they planned to do Barbeque party, nice idea.. but I think it will be troublesome to prepare if it’s not well organized. So I suggested to do Potluck party. A Potluck is a gathering of people where each person or group of people may contribute a dish of food prepared by the person or the group of people, to be shared among the group. It’s easier and they agree. It is my first time doing Potluck party.

The confirmed Potluck party members are Evelyn Widjaja (Jun Ki), Evelyne Shen (Epe), Debby, Julius, Johan, Maretha Dian, Anthony Kesuma and me. I asked them to wear colorful shirt, for colorful future ahead (hehe). We will gathering at Evelyn Jun Ki’s house. She said she will cook my favorite fish dish, yummy. Debby will cook some vegetables dish and making Ice cream crepes. I’m gonna bring Red Velvet Cake. It’s gonna be fun.

31 December 2012, I can leave from office at 4 pm. So I went to the bakery and buy the Red Velvet Cake. After that I waited Epe at Emporium Mall. She’s going to buy Watermelon and Snacks. Then we’re going to Jun Ki’s house. Debby, Johan, Julius have been in the house. I can see the table is full of food. Johan cooked fish dish too and spicy potato with ‘pete’, Julius bring his Grandmother’s chicken dish. All seem nice and delicious.


It’s 8 pm, and we started to eat! So many food! Jun Ki’s family also join us together. It’s fun. And after finish. we played card game and playstation, took pictures and gossip. As I asked we’re wearing the colourful T shirt and it’s RedYellow and Green… It’s Traffic Lights!  How coincidence. So we took some pictures.. I love the colors.




The time is running and it’s already 11.45 pm.We’re going to the upstair to see the fireworks. It’s drizzle rain outside. We wait to see the fireworks war. When the time hit 12.oo am. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! The firework! Start flashing and burst above the sky. But.. too bad.. All Jun Ki’s neighbours have tall building houses. So we can’t see the best view of the Fireworks. We need to go at some corner to see it clearly and we got excited if we see the big sparkling burst!  


Ahh, we’re hungry again. It’s time for the cake! Yay!! Red Velvet!! It’s big, it has 23 cm diameter and 4 layers. We took some pictures with the cake. Let’s eat it! Yummy!!


We’ll pick up Anthony at his house after he finished the party with his family. We went at 1.30 am. His house is so far away. We barely lost in the dark, haha.. Yay! now all gathered, we go back to Jun Ki’s house.. eat again, play and chit chat. We spend all night and sleep at 6 am. WOW !! It’s morning already.


We woke up at 11 am, we’re fooling and joking around, took weird pictures etc. We have to lunch, Jun Ki’s mom made Hainam rice for us, and also reheat the meal that we brought. We still tired / hangover so we just stay at Jun Ki’s house, play card and Bishi Bashi game with Red velvet Cake + Ice cream punishment for those who lose the game. Funny! Watching Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1. Then Dinner at Warung Leko at PIK.


I feel like we’re dreaming.. all the time that we spent 31 Dec 2012 – 1 Jan 2013.. so fast! It’s New Year.. I’m happy.. Hopefully this year we can also share the laughter through the year. Glad to have friends.