Saturday Fever – Work and Shop

I have to work on saturday, February 2nd – 2013 to finish the Newsletter design that already late (very late) of the deadline T0T. It’s been a while that I have to work on saturday since my last office. Now I’m feeling it again. But it’s OK, just enjoy it, better working than spending the time lying on the bed till lunch time, feel like a pig (‘ (o o) ‘).

Went to the office, took a bath then made my breakfast, Nongsim Ramyun Korean instant noodle serve with the black sweet hot tea, sound delicious! There’s nobody in the office, so peaceful.. kinda like it.. like I’m the owner, the boss haha! I put my breakfast in front of my PC and let’s start to work. Sluurpp… click click..

Path 2013-02-02 0851

I enjoy working in such a peaceful atmosphere.. I finished at 1 pm, already burn the files into dvd and made the newsletter dummy, voila! Then I’m waiting for my friend – Bo, to pick me up. Unfortunately the traffic is so jam, so we ended up going nowhere, just stay in Mall Taman Anggrek, my favorite mall in Jakarta. We’re having lunch at Pizza Hut then walk alomg the mall. The mall is decorated with Chinese ornaments due to the upcoming Chinese New Year event. I picked up a flyer that the mall is helding the Midnight Sale event. That interesting! Coincidently I have to buy a new shirt for Chinese New Year. So we went to the store tenants and browse some items, especially the clothes.

The midnight sale starts at 8 pm to 12 am. Now we are at Matahari department store. Matahari offers a special promo, for purshasing IDR 200.000,- we will get a shopping voucher worth IDR 40.000,- ; IDR 300.000,- will get a shopping voucher worth IDR 75.000,- ; IDR 500.000,- will get a shopping voucher IDR 150.000,-. The voucher has to be used at the same day. Interesting. So we’re browsing the items. Bo picked me some shirt that he thinks it’s gonna be look good for me. I’m not a very fashionable person and don’t really good in fashion style. I tried his picks, hmmmm quite nice.. 

We’re hunting the items and try to count to get the discount and voucher combos.. I feel like a shopaholic! Finally we want to get the U-shape neck pillow for free that worth IDR 600.000,-, lucky it’s discount 50%! Now it’s IDR 300.000,- so we have to get 2 shopping voucher IDR 150.000,- means that we have to purchase IDR 1.000.000,- hmmmmmmmmm……

Counting the items.. with the help of Matahari customer service lady, she’s smart! She counted for us nad voila! We got it !! All the items we purchase can get the vouchers, yeay!! We bought 4 shirts, pants, pillow sheet cover, bed cover. And we got 2 IDR 150.000,- vouchers and we used it to get the U-shape neck pillow for free.

Tired… but happy.

Camera 360

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