A Boy in Barcelona (Part VI)

May 9th 2013, Thursday


Ready to hit another beautiful day ? Where will we going today ? We will going to the highlight/signature building of Barcelona, the giant church – SAGRADA FAMILIA! (sound like magic spell). My parents have been here and took pictures.. that was the first time I knew this place.. This place also showed in Taiwanese serial drama – Meteor Garden 2, This Church has been on my mind a long time ago and now I will go there soon. Exciting!



Hopefully I’m not wrong or forget. Just a short description about this beautiful giant church, Sagrada Familia was build long time ago, 1882. Antoni Gaudi took part of this building, But the church has not finish its constructing until now. They said it will be finish at 2025. This short history was told by the tour guide on the way to the church.

We’re here.. Sagrada Familia, It’s magnificent! The giant church right in front of me.. overwhelming! All the people start to bring out their camera and took pictures. The tour leader took us to the best location to take pictures.. Ahh yes! We can see whole building. We’ll going inside the church, but we have to follow the regulations. We have to queue for our turn and stay in group, 1 group only maximum 40 persons. We’re waiting for our turn. They will give us a device – earphone and speaker, we have to keep as quite as we can inside the church, respecting the prayers. Earphone and speaker used to guide and telling the history of the church. The tour leader will guide us which way to go.. we will go inside through the gate Nativity facade – Expresses the joy of all creation at the birth of Jesus and recounts the main events in the lives of the Holy Family of Nazareth.



Now we’re inside, stunning .. It’s SACRED. Big space with artistic, gothic, detail pillars, ceiling, windows, doors, ceilings… I can see the influence of Gaudi’s art style here. I love every corner of this place especially the color glass window. They said that if the sun is bright, the glass window will reflecting colorful lights in the church.. (when I’m here, the weather is kinda foggy). It must awesome if we can the colorful ray of light if the sun is super bright, shining through the windows and shower our body with lights.. Like magic.



We only have limited time, only 15-30 minutes visit. Going inside through the Nativity facade, Going out through Passion facade – Represent the passion, the death and the resurrection of  Jesus. It’s like we’re experience the journey/timeline by following the itinerary of the church. Every statues also has its own stories. Oh yeah, why Sagrada Familia is not finish and spend a lot of time for its construction? It was built by the help of personal donation by the prayers. Hopefully the donation will rise and this beautiful church will finish soon.


Sagrada Familia is a great church. Compare to Montserrat Church, Sagrada Familia is a lot bigger and magnificent, but what I like Montserrat church because I think it’s more peaceful and natural, classic, vintage! – A church on the mountain or a giant church in the city ? But both of them made me feel peace, serene, faithful and happy. So how about you ?

Around the church there’s a lot of shop. We can a lot of stuff and merchandise here. I found a pearl earrings, I think it’s a good gift for my mother. After shopping we’re having lunch at Korean Restaurant – Asiatic. I think this is the best asian food I ate in Barcelona. Serving a lot of foods and delicious! I like the peking duck. Around the restaurant there’s also a lot of souvenir shops.. I think the Prudential agents can’t stop shopping, they have a lot of moneyyy.. hahaha..



We will go to a shopping factory / fashion outlet – La Roca Village. It’s kinda far from the city. We’re receiving a goodie bag from La Roca and voucher discount 10% , yay!!! I saw the brochure and there’s a map. I see a lot of branded shops. It’s a nice place, a lot of people come along. Overall, La Roca looks kinda the same like Spanish Village, but more modern…  Love every building with classis english style design. Every building is a shop, store, boutique with unique design selling chocolate, food and beverages, clothes, electronics, etc. They said we can find a lot of Branded items in here and the prices were cheaper. Shopping is not my hobby so I’m walking around and looking for best spot to take pictures. Suddenly I saw NIKE store, the prices is quite affortable, so I bought some sport pants and a wallet.




We still have a lot of time after shopping at La Roca Village, the tour leader asked us to rest at the hotel or go to La Rambla to shopping again.. of course they chose SHOPPING! We have time until 8 pm. I made friend with Prudential agents Kan Hu and Arie since at Camp Nou. We walked along together and took pictures, Kan Hu is searching a souvenir for his mom, and finally FURLA bag is his choice. I like walking along this busy but clean road.. We’re back on time at the bus and back to the hotel.




Me, Arie and Kan Hu made an appointment to dinner together at the Arena – The Matador stadium that now has been turn into a Shopping mall. I heard that Matador performance is prohibited now in Barcelona. I kinda agree because I think it’s an animal abuse (?). The mall is almost close, but we’re so hungry and try to find a good restaurant for our last night in Barcelona. We’re going up and the view is totally awesome! Barcelona at night. But too bad I’m not wearing my jacket so it’s really cooooolllddd in here.. I’m shaking cold..


We found a restaurant – MUSSOL. We’re going inside and quite warm. Nice restaurant, nice interior, nice atmosphere and serving us very well. We ordered the food, I ordered Steak (actually it has its own name, but I forgot), too bad I forgot to order wine. I steak is delicious and big.. kinda expensive but once in a while, eat a good quality beef is a must! And might be the most delicious beef I ate.



We’re back at hotel and rest.. ahh this is the last night. I’m gonna miss it.

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