A Boy in Barcelona (Part VII)

May 10th 2013, Friday

This is the last day in Barcelona. It’s been a great days. It’s time to go back home. Time to farewell to Renaissance Fira, I love to stay here. Hopefully someday will be back again.

 285 LEAVING FIRA      

We’re going to the airport. We have to rearrange our baggage to claim for tax refund. We have to do some procedure for tax refund like showing the items that we’ve bought and the invoice as the proof. And this is where we can see the problems especially the woman. They went to Barcelona bring a lot of stuffs like boots, mantle, bags, accessories and bags, and went back to Indonesia, bought a lot other stuffs like clothes, pants, souvenirs, bags, etc.. Make them to bring doubled (tripled) items in the baggage. They already knew that 1 person is limited for 20 kg baggage and 7 kg hand carry bag. They’re panic and searching people to share their items in other people baggage. They should be responsible by themselves. Some people even have to throw away some stuffs they bought. Huff…

We will use KLM again, going back to Amsterdam about 2 – 3 hours. Arrived at Schipol Airport – We will transit here for 6 hours long! WOW!! Lucky that Schipol is a very nice airport.. somehow it looks like mall. Hang out at Starbuck Coffee, relax and sipping my java chips. If we explore this airport, there also museum and casino.




6 hours over and it’s time to depart! Still amazed with the curvy line route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. It’s long and fly for 12.00 hours ++ . Ahh.. I remember I got my backpain sitting for too long. I’m still happy with what they served in the plane.. oh red wine.. we meet again..


Arrive at Kuala Lumpur and transit for 45 minutes. I almost lost my camera here by leaving it behind my seat.. I’m panic and almost cry.. Thank God, a Prudential agent took it for me.. I’m so clumsy… It’s one of the most important things, capturing the memories in Barcelona.

Just a short time and board to plane again. Back to Jakarta. Farewell with Prudential agents and Panorama tour. It was a very good moment with them. I Feel so lucky and blessed for what I experienced. THANK YOU DAD, THANK YOU MY LITTTLE BROTHER, BEN. This is the greatest gift you gave me. I LOVE YOU.

I also bought some stuffs for my family and friends. I got Magnet fridge badges, bags, shirts, CD, cards, chocolates, pearl accessories, honey, wallet. I hope they like it..

290 GIFTS 1

291 GIFT 2


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