A Boy in Singapore (Part II)

August 17th, 2013 – Saturday

Happy Independence for Indonesia!! Yeah.. this is the Big day for Indonesia and also I have a special class with Winna for BODYJAM™ Challenge 90 minutes at Fitness First Taman Anggrek – Jakarta (Indonesia), we gave our happiness, passion and energy for the class to start the day, the members also ROCK that time, because me and Winna have given the craziest tracklist ever. After finished the class, back to my boarding house and start to packing. Although I have listed what I should bring. It’s really hard to organize the items into one backpack. I don’t like to bring big baggage for traveling. I spent mmm.. quite a long time to finish packing.. oh my.. (half day !?!?)

After finished, I had my dinner and then I went to Jesse’s house to sleep over. Our flight was early, so it’s more convenient to go together from her house since her house is nearer to the airport. At her house, we video chat with Junki using Skype. Thanks to Jesse’s high speed wifi.. It’s really nice to see her. And we discussed our itinerary to make it fix so not wasting time when we get there. It’s a long nice chat and it’s midnight, sleeping late but have to wake up early.. It’s gonna be great tomorrow.

August 18th, 2013 – Sunday

We woke up early at 4.00 am, sooo sleepy… We used taxi to go to the Soekarno Hatta International Airport – Terminal 3, checked in Tiger Mandala and we departed at 7.00 am. Start to write down my travel journal and sleep inside the plane zzz.



Arrived at Changi Airport at 9.00 am. I heard Changi is one of the BEST airport in  the world, haha..probably right! I took some photo here.. I love the little garden. I can see some people taking pictures here. The little garden has an oriental/asian feel with Cherry Bloosoms and a little pond with koi fishes. Now I’m thinking about Garden by the Bay, there must be greater than this. This little garden also provide an A3 sketch paper and crayons for children. They can use it to sketch picture or scratch the crayon on the paper with the carved board beneath it, so they will get a colorful stamped carving picture on the paper. I sketch myself on the paper, “I’m HERE, SIngapore!” Start being a Kampoeng Boy in the BIG city, hahaha..



We will meet Junki here, Jesse said she’s already inside the MRT. Jesse took me to the McD for breakfast. We order Burger, Harsh Brown and Hot tea. When we started to eat, Junki has came and bring or name sign, hahaha.. last night I order her to make a name sign with me as Mr. Ganteng (Handsome) and Jesse (Forget what is she being?), now she made it using ENCEK GLODOK (me) and NYAI KODOK (Jesse), That’s Funny (Creative) but teasing (d*mn you Junki :p)! We’re having breakfast together.



After finish, we straight went to the hotel using MRT, This is my first (second) time using MRT, hehehe.. It’s so convenient to have this public transportation. Almost all the people of Singapore using MRT. Junki said that living cost at Singapore is very high, so If someone has a car, he/she must be a very rich people, same case if you have a pet. You must be RICH! Really !? I think it’s scary to know this, thinking can I be able to live in Singapore ?


I learned the MRT route with Junki’s guide.. Hmm still confuse.. We arrived at Bugis/Bencoolen , I think this is the BEST MRT Station, I love the ripple of water on the glass ceilings and walls around us, making the water ripple moving shadows, feel cool although outside is hot, feel so nice when going up/down with highest escalator I ever stepped and enjoying the water ripple shadows. Nice concept.



Our hotel is V HOTEL, recommended by Britt, a friend/colleague at Fitness First Indonesia. We kinda hard to find the hotel and asking around and looking at the city map, finally found it at the dead end of a passage. Checking in.. Go to our room.. It’s a small room but it’s a very nice room/hotel. We love it! Small, Clean and comfy! Junki will stay with us later. We put our bags, prepare the stuffs to take it to the workshop, OK! Let’s go..


We will have the QWS III/2013 at WOODLANDS, it’s soooo far away!!! So lucky to have MRT! but still.. it’s really FAR… It’s about 45 mins or 1 hour to reach there. Standing/sitting inside the MRT, city touring. Looking at the big city through the window..



Arrived! Junki and Jesse bought the lunchs and I queue for Taxi, We reached the POLYTECHNIC, it’s a very very BIG Science university (I feel my university is so small..). We met Bobby Glenn and Wisnu here, friends from Fitness First Indonesia. We still have to walk along the way to reach the hall/stadium. Tired.. This university has a lot of facility, swimming pool for example which I think we don’t have one in the university in Jakarta (CMIIW). When we reached there,It’s a big wide hall hmm like a football field. It’s in the middle of BODYATTACK™ workshop, we met a lot of friends from Jakarta and Singapore or maybe another countries, all gathering here.

After BODYATTACK™ finished. The next program is SH’BAM™, it’s good that we arrived on time. This is gonna be Junki’s First officially workshop after she finished her BODYJAM™ Training a month ago. We’re ready to party, the main presenters are Naila Nadwana from Singapore and Arnold Warren from Philippines and also some presenters from Singapore and Indonesia.



We like to party, a lot of people and I think almost 50 to 80 people dancing together. This SH’BAM™ new release 13 is AWESOME! Love the music and the choreography.. It’s FUN and sweaty! I can see Junki, Jesse and all the people enjoy the masterclass. 45 minutes class is over with a great smile and energy. Next is BODYCOMBAT™!


BODYCOMBAT™ is starting and we have time to rest, eat and drink.. also taking pictures. Starving and Thirsty lucky they have Seven Eleven although it’s kinda far from the hall and I remember We have to go down and up that stairs and field.. oohh.. After BODYCOMBAT™ finished, It’s time to party again, It’s BODYJAM™ TIME! GET ON THE FLOOR TIME! New Release 66, featuring Naila and Arnold again and adding Lily and Brian from Singapore with some presenters from Singapore and Indonesia too. I just met Lily and Brian here.


Brian stole the SPOTLIGHT! He’s so awesomeeeeeeee!!! Very energetic, powerful and clean in movement, great attitude especially the B-Boy style.. He’s also a BODYCOMBAT™ presenter! So inspiring and He’s my NEW IDOL!! Awesome man!! BODYJAM™ 66 might be the best release, I always wonder how’s Gandalf Archer the BODYJAM™ Program Director, created such an amazing masterpiece! Great Energy, always makes me lose my mind and lost in the sensation of music and dance. I love!


Meet and make some new friends is nice and do crazy stuffs together is even better! Also meet the Fitness First Singapore BODYJAM™ Head teacher, Ben Ning. Somehow I feel we’re all just like neighbours (well yeah.. country neighbour..). Let’s do our favorite part! Photoshoot!!! Pose and pose and posee… like a superstars.



Another spotlight at this QWS III/2013 is The crowning/recognition for Arnold, Naila and BODYJAM™ team has prepared a ceremony to recognize him as a great presenter, trainer, leader, friend and congratulate him as the DVD presenter for the upcoming BODYJAM™ new release 67. We can’t wait to see him in the DVD. He has been ‘crowned’ like miss universe and receive a bouquet of flower. We’re all so happy to see him and he’s really an inspirer.



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A Boy in Singapore (Part I)

I’ve been to Singapore when I was a little boy with my dad, mom and brother. I still remember we went to Sentosa, Underwater World, Jurong Birdpark and went to Disney Fest! And Singapore always looks great when It’s Christmas time, they will decorate the whole city with Christmas decorations and atmosphere. I think I was in primary school that time. That was a very good time, but feeling a little bit blurred too. And I wish I can go to Singapore again.

Well.. it happens.. the story is like this.. Les Mills Quarterly Workshop III/2013 was not available in Indonesia. At the first time, I just thought to register and ask to hand over my BODYJAM™ 66 & SH’BAM™ 13 DVD to any Fitness First Indonesia Instructors who visit there. Voila!

Who knows my plan can change.. Evelyn “Junki” Widjaja is my friend, member and upcoming future BODYJAM™ Instructor who now is living at Singapore for her Design study/college. She really want Indonesia instructors to come for workshop there and meet her. Jasheline ‘Jesse’ Kho is her close friend, and also my friend, member and a SH’BAM™ Instructor who will definitely go to Singapore for workshop. Junki is very happy to hear that. Jesse also ask me to go. I’m in doubt. They’re keep asking me to go.

Oh well.. then I tried to asked my manager when she was in a good mood. We negotiate about the date and BOOM! .. I allowed to go on August 18th – 21th 2013, YAY!! Hmm 4 days 3 nights.. not bad. Then I told Junki that I can go, she’s happy, same as Jesse! After that I asked Jesse to help me to buy the ticket because I don’t have credit card. But she already bought it on August 18th – 20th 2013.. akh! Miss 1 day. But the show must go on.. Jesse will go back to Jakarta a day before me. But actually she wanted to extend the date but it will be charged a lot. She also helped me to buy SGD, haha.. thanks Jesse.. you helped me a lot!

It’s done! We will go to Singapore together. It’s gonna be SUPER FUN. We also have planned the destination/itinerary where to go and what to do. My travelling rules are EAT, PLAY, PHOTO! (well close enough like “Eat, Pray, Love”). Shopping is the last list. Ahhh.. so happy! I told Junki that I wanna go to Universal Studio Singapore (USS), SEA Aquarium, Garden by the Bay and Singapore Zoo. We will squish them all in 4 days 3 nights trip in Singapore. I’m so excited although it’s gonna be my 2nd time to Singapore but I feel it’s like my 1st time. Feel like a little boy with a new toy!

Preparation for the trip at Singapore.

Singapore Travel Journal


Like always.. before the trip.. I will write down all the things that I need on my new (cute) travel journal (always love this) for travelling to make sure everything is packed! Some references can be seen on my previous post so it’s easier to do it now.

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