A Boy in Singapore (Part I)

I’ve been to Singapore when I was a little boy with my dad, mom and brother. I still remember we went to Sentosa, Underwater World, Jurong Birdpark and went to Disney Fest! And Singapore always looks great when It’s Christmas time, they will decorate the whole city with Christmas decorations and atmosphere. I think I was in primary school that time. That was a very good time, but feeling a little bit blurred too. And I wish I can go to Singapore again.

Well.. it happens.. the story is like this.. Les Mills Quarterly Workshop III/2013 was not available in Indonesia. At the first time, I just thought to register and ask to hand over my BODYJAM™ 66 & SH’BAM™ 13 DVD to any Fitness First Indonesia Instructors who visit there. Voila!

Who knows my plan can change.. Evelyn “Junki” Widjaja is my friend, member and upcoming future BODYJAM™ Instructor who now is living at Singapore for her Design study/college. She really want Indonesia instructors to come for workshop there and meet her. Jasheline ‘Jesse’ Kho is her close friend, and also my friend, member and a SH’BAM™ Instructor who will definitely go to Singapore for workshop. Junki is very happy to hear that. Jesse also ask me to go. I’m in doubt. They’re keep asking me to go.

Oh well.. then I tried to asked my manager when she was in a good mood. We negotiate about the date and BOOM! .. I allowed to go on August 18th – 21th 2013, YAY!! Hmm 4 days 3 nights.. not bad. Then I told Junki that I can go, she’s happy, same as Jesse! After that I asked Jesse to help me to buy the ticket because I don’t have credit card. But she already bought it on August 18th – 20th 2013.. akh! Miss 1 day. But the show must go on.. Jesse will go back to Jakarta a day before me. But actually she wanted to extend the date but it will be charged a lot. She also helped me to buy SGD, haha.. thanks Jesse.. you helped me a lot!

It’s done! We will go to Singapore together. It’s gonna be SUPER FUN. We also have planned the destination/itinerary where to go and what to do. My travelling rules are EAT, PLAY, PHOTO! (well close enough like “Eat, Pray, Love”). Shopping is the last list. Ahhh.. so happy! I told Junki that I wanna go to Universal Studio Singapore (USS), SEA Aquarium, Garden by the Bay and Singapore Zoo. We will squish them all in 4 days 3 nights trip in Singapore. I’m so excited although it’s gonna be my 2nd time to Singapore but I feel it’s like my 1st time. Feel like a little boy with a new toy!

Preparation for the trip at Singapore.

Singapore Travel Journal


Like always.. before the trip.. I will write down all the things that I need on my new (cute) travel journal (always love this) for travelling to make sure everything is packed! Some references can be seen on my previous post so it’s easier to do it now.

(Continue to Part II)

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