A Boy In Singapore (Part IV)

Monday, August 19th 2013

I think we have only 3-4 hours sleep because we gossip all night.. I woke up first and walked to the bathroom like a zombie, sleeping under the shower until I’m feeling awake (I like to do that). After I finished, the girls’s turn.. kinda hard to wake them up.. Open the window and turn on the lights.. I turned up the TV volume.. I tickled their feet.. They’re zombie! Come on.. I’m starving..

It’s gonna be a super exciting day! We will go to Universal Studio Singapore (USS) and SEA Aquarium.. Yay! We already bought the ticket package online. Thanks for Junki help. All day long we’re gonna having fun!


We’re bought our breakfast at Burger King, take away to Junki’s boarding house at Chinatown. Very oriental places with all the crowded markets, food courts, food stalls, shops everywhere. After we finish our breakfast, we’re starting to go! MRT!! For only 30 minutes.. yay!

Sometime I can find the illustration/comic at MRT station.. It’s cute, funny and educating people to use MRT properly. hope Indonesia also can act like this.


Although this is Monday, but it feels like Saturday or Sunday (weekend), so many people.. crowded! Kids, Teens and Adults.. Exciting! Jesse has been to USS for several times, so she can be our guide, me and Junki for the first time, we’re so like “anak kampung” when we arrived. Taking pictures at every corners per 100 m range. Haha.. Lake of Dreams, Water fountain, Candyland, Merlion, Avenue of the stars etc. You will sick with our photos.. hahaha..



With Singapore Icon – The Merlion – USS Style.


I jumped again! JUMP!! Always love to do it!


The girls looks so happy, Love this picture with the fountain splash in front of them. Looks so natural and full of happiness.


This is CUTE!! Candy Tree in Candyland, CANDYLICIOUS!! And let’s meet Mr. M&M Chocolate. And let’s do some DRAMA!!


Drama-drama-drama. I love Mrs. Green M. Muah muah


At the Main Street of USS, so many people and nice buildings. We love the red popcorn van. As you can see, it’s very eye catching and cute.


Junki “Do you wanna kiss me ?” with the giant Betty Boops’ Lips pillow.


We’re at “90’s Pop Area” (that’s how Junki mentioned it), classic and vintage with some classic/vintage cars (click-click-snap photo mode on) and cafe with the classic jukebox and neon lights. Also, there’s a live show, after they finished, we came up and strike a pose on the stage with our BODYJAM® pose, the visitors though we’re the performers hahaha.. I think we did it better haha.. maybe we should apply the job..


Drama again, like we really can fix the car… +_+


Over there is the Roller Coaster, They said it’s very scary. I’m curious and wanna try, too bad.. It’s not operating.. Hiks.. I wanna challenge my adrenaline.



I saw a big ship and I thought it’s Titanic, so I made Titanic signature pose with Jesse, but later on, We just knew that it’s Madagascar Cargo Ship, oh owww..


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A Boy In Singapore (Part V)

…Still in Universal Studio Singapore.

Our first stop attraction is MONSTER ROCKS, recommended by Jesse. We’ve been waiting this to open while taking picture around the area. Jesse said it’s a good attraction, me and Junki have no idea what’s inside, at first I thought it is a haunted house. We queued for 15 minutes and we go inside, ahh it is a concert hall with the ummm “Halloween” / “Haunted House” decoration on the stage.. So we’re gonna watch a musical concert performed by the Monsters. Too bad, cannot taking pictures 😦 It’s quite entertaining, performance started when the Presenter came out and starting to introduce his monsters friends – Vampire, Franskenstein, Mummy, Catwoman, Werewolf, She-Wolf. Very nice performance with a good quality acting, sound, music, costume and I think they sang it live, that’s a very good point! They sang various songs. I think it’s about 15 minutes musical show. Entertaining! 🙂

It’s a good start yeah..The next attraction is Steven Spielberg’s Sound Effect Studio. Also cannot take pictures inside.. but I tried some.. hehe.. this is also nice.. we came into a studio with a nice professional setting of a movie director. A video of Steven Spielberg appear and he told us about the essential of the sound effect in the movie which really effect to create a great results for the movie. Picture and action will be more realistic with a great sound effect. After that the staff took us to a setting – Storm in New York City. Wow!! I love it.. great setting with a super big screen with big window frames – The Landscape of New York City..In front of the screen is the setting of a harbour.. we can see ships, decks, anchors, sea.. looks very real.


The show is starting.. all we can see through the window frame is the New York City is raining.. super heavy.. we can hear the sound of the rain and the wind.. The story is like a reporter is reporting about the situation at the harbour in the middle of storm through radio or live report. The rain is getting heavy and heavier.. it becomes storm.. the wind is raging, the waves is tiding.. the harbour is shaking.. the roof is leaking.. and there’s fire, smoke and explosions.. breaking glass.. all seem so real! The finale is the big sailor ship appeared and out of control and almost hit the audience stage..intense! This is nice!!

The next attraction we found is Transformers: The Ride. I have seen this attraction through the advertisement at the TV. They’re very highly promoted it and heard from some friends it’s a great ride. I’ve told to Junki that this is a MUST to play attraction. I MUST PLAY THIS RIDE. We started to queue. It’s a looonngg passage for queue, a lot of people. The interesting thing is they design the passage looks exactly like the movie and there’s plasma TV and voice over that we’re going in the headquarter of the NEST. Very futuristic mechanical interior design inside, a lot of Transformers elements can be seen. Sometime the NEST general and Optimus Prime will speak to us, It makes us feel like we’re in the movie. I think it’s about 1 hours++ for the queue, finally it’s our turn. The guide gave us the 3D (or 4D) glasses. We sat on the ride and let’s get started!



It feels like sit inside the car at the first time, slowly ride inside then Optimus Prime appear. He look so real! Cool effect!! Now the Megatron appeared, They fight! The ride speed increased and bumped to every corners to avoid Megatron’s attacks. Ahhh so greattttt! High speed.. the best part is when the ride is increasing its speed UP and when we’re falling from the skyscraper building..it feels so real!! FANTASTIC!!! It’s about 5-10 minutes and finally Megatron is defeated. The show’s over.. ahhh so great..wanna ride it again next time. We all seem so happy and excited.


It’s so HOT outside, just right in time when we’re at Egypt – Pyramid. This is gonna be the next recommended ride:  THE MUMMY. I also heard a lot of good thing about it. It’s an indoor roller coaster that can move backward and scary. Before we went inside, there’s cosplay around the pyramid. I recognise Anubis and Scorpion King (He’s so tall, the girls looks like hobbit,ummm…  Jesse is a dwarf). The nasty one is Anubis characters. Nice costume and make up with long attached legs, about 2.5 meter height. They’re making scary face and scream at people, but they’re friendly if we asked them to take pictures. Beware of Anubis. It looks fun yeah. We’re going inside the pyramid.


Yeah a long queue like Transformers: The Ride and nice ancient Egypt interior design with adventure elements (forget to take pictures 😦 ). The passage is like a maze with rock, caves, barrels, wood boxes, treasure box, sand, torches, ropes, skeleton etc. I like the giant Anubis statue when we get deeper to the pyramid.

We got our turn now. We’re on the ride.. ahh so exciting. Start to depart and we will enter to the storyline, something like Book of Eternal Life if I’m not wrong. Sometime the mummy statue appear but look so fake (like toys).. the ride started, high speed in the dark with the mummy laser light effect.. interesting! I think less than 5 minutes. We’re finish. Quite fun but Transformers: The Ride is much better.

The next destination we found is Jurrasic Park. It’s the boat sailing ride if I’m not wrong, like doing adventure looking at the dinosaurs and maybe with surprise.. Jesse said it’s not really good so we’re not play the attraction, we’re go inside.. found cafe, fossil and dinosour statues. So we just strike a pose.


So hot and thirsty, found a booth, bought some beverage and found WATERWORLD attraction in front of us. Jesse recommended it. If you’re ready to get wet, this is the place. In my mind I think it’s gonna be like water boat or rafting thingy. But actually it is an action drama show. When I ran into the stadium after they open the gate, there’s a military setting and a big pool. The audience chairs has been separated into color to decribe the wet level. The closer you to the pool and the stunts, you will get really wet. The stunts will splash you with watergun and a bucket of water. Splashhhh!! Some audiences even prepare the umbrellas to prevent the splash, but sometime the stunts intentionally come up and splash from the top.. so naughty! But he looks fun and people also don’t mind getting wet. That’s the risk.. haha..

The show is on! Honestly I’m kinda underestimate with this attraction/drama at the first time. The story point is basic – Hero save the princess from the bad guy. But after watch them doing the actions, They’re very good. Their acting and body language really natural so it makes us like looking a live movie.. more interesting and intense when the explosions, gunfires, flames and plane comes out. Make it so alive!! Good point for this attraction. I like!!


This show is about 15 – 30 minutes. Good job for the stunts.. they must be so tired.. running, jumping, rolling, splashing.. no wonder the next show will spend longer time to start again.

Let’s go back to explore!

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A Boy in Singapore (Part III)

Still the same day…

Oh! We forget to eat our lunch that Junki and Jesse’s bought at the MRT Station. We’re so hungry especially after we have join 2 masterclasses.. We’re didn’t eat the lunch coz we have a great plan for this. After finish the QWS program, we took some pictures then we start to leave. Bobby and Wisnu joined us together walk along to the MRT station.


We’re in the same train, chattering and gossip but the best part is Wisnu’s Pole Dance inside the train. They will go back to Hotel, meanwhile Me, Junki and Jesse will have a great dinner at ARIRANG – Korean Grill, All you can eat restaurant at BUGIS area. Junki has recommended this restaurant before we go to Singapore, She said It’s a nice restaurant and also recommended by an infamous woman (blogger) CMIIW – Iron lady. It makes me curious..


Junki called her friend and asked how to reach there. She only came once so she kinda forgot. After we arrived at Bugis, Me and Jesse followed Junki. Arrived! ARIRANG!


Yay!! All you can eat! 1 person only costs SGD 26. I always love this kind of concept, all you can eat.. makes me feel so happy and time to fullfilling my cravings. We order almost all the foods and meats, name it! Chicken, Fish, Beef, Lamb, prawn and PORK!! They also serve the “Ready to Eat” foods like Pork Katsu, Chicken Katsu, Fried Fishes, Crab Soup, Sushi etc.


We wait all the menu come on our table then we took the picture: “BEFORE we eat picture”, out table is FULL. OK, LET’S START!!


We grilled the meats.. Junki was in charge of this session, she grilled the onion first, she said it is to bring the aroma to the meats… hmm hmm.. smell good .. taste good.. It’s HEAVEN! Live for Food! The services also nice, the waiters/waitress are nice.. Always ready to assist us whenever we like to order more foods & beverages and changing the new aluminium foils when the old one is getting black. We ate nonstop, Jesse loves the Saba fish, She ate about 5 – 6 fishes. I love the meats.. also the fresh green vegetables.. I’m eating like carnivore, I’m chewing like herbivore.



We cook, we chat, we eat, we drink.. what a wonderful night! Love to see the expression of the girls while eating the meats. They’re just mmmm… like they wanna cry “so deliciousss…”


One thing happened here is I wounded my lips, HOW !? Because I ate prawn.. maybe I was too excited or “forget” how to eat prawn, I ate the prawn with its shell, and I think I want to take off its shell by using my teeth.. but suddenly It slipped and sliced my lips. I’m not feel hurt and not realize I’m bleeding until the girls saw it. Try not to panic.. ry to cover it and stop it using ice and tissue.. but the blood won’t stop bleeding.. T (now feel panic), Junki came next to me and do something like holding my lips (oops..) and then she asked me to pray.. I did what she said.. believe it or not.. after that it’s cured, no more bleeding.. magic.. after that I start eating againnnn.. bring back the mood!!


Our tummies are getting round and bigger.. We spend about 3-4 hours here and I think we have eaten more than 1 – 3 kg meats in total.. (I think more), is that normal ?

Ahhh so full! After finish we’re heading back to hotel using taxi. I just knew that taxi rule in Singapore is soooo not good if we used it at night, The cost will be multiply by 2.. Ahh so expensive.. why ?? We arrived at Hotel.. ahh looking at the bed.. It’s like a soft white cloud or soft marshmallow, I think you feel the same when you already eat a lot you just wanna fall on that soft bed. But before that we watched SH’BAM®/BODYJAM® video while waiting others finishing their bath. And don’t forget gossip time and planning for tomorrow event. So excited! We will go to Universal Studio Singapore and SEA Aquarium tomorrow. Let’s have FUN!!

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