A Boy In Singapore (Part IX)

We’re so full now. Time to go back to hotel and have rest. On the way to hotel, sometime I can see Junki and Jesse were whispering, like planning something.

We’re so tired, reached hotel and look at the white soft bed.. just wanna bump on to it and go to the dreamland. So lazy.. but have to take shower after that whole day activities. I took the bath first, enjoy and relax with warm water. Feel refreshed!

When I opened the door. It was dark (oh ow.. I’m afraid of dark) and I asked what happened then suddenly my head was wrapped with a towel, ahh Junki and Jesse.. what’re you doing ?? It’s like I’m being kidnapped. They just covered my head and took me out of the room then lead me to the lift.. going down.. going up… so random… I didn’t know where they took me, I can’t see. I’m afraid they will throw me to the pool or somewhere very dark.. *scare… They’re keep taking me and running to all direction, made me confuse.. at the end we’re back to the hotel room. They released the towel from my head and… SURPRISE!!!


Oh yeah.. the clock striked 12 o’clock, it’s August 20th. It’s my Birthday… HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!!! Wow.. the room is still dark, all I can see only a cake with candle lights and a present on the bed. This is … I just speechless and don’t know how to act.. stunned into this moment. The girls look disappointed with my expression like it’s just an ordinary occasion, but truly I just wanna let you all know that.. this is so sweet and I’m so happy.. I just petrified.

The girls also disappointed because their plan was not running exactly like what they think. After I asked Jesse, she said that they really want to throw me to the pool, I just knew there’s a indoor swimming pool at V hotel. (Un)fortunately the pool is closed. So they just bring me back. But they also threat me back to the bathroom and try to make me wet with shower.. aww they’re so bad! But I think I can manage to handle it. And they just a little bit angry.

Thanks again for the surprise. The cake is beautiful.. we did the birthday ceremony on the bed. Singing birthday song together, happy and cheerful.. make a wish.. blow the candles and cut the cake. Very happy to have this surprise. Actually I have feeling about this because I knew Junki is very care about us, her family and friends, and she always initiative to arrange surprise party for us all. And this is happening to me now. I feel so glad about this. Feel so obvious because she kinda distance with me and whisper a lot with Jesse.


Love and present! Yay… I got present!


Well.. they wanna make my Birthday party even more ‘SPECIAL’ than before. So they have prepare something really special.. a LIPSTICK! Oh no… they turned into BEAST! so aggresive.. they put the lipstick as red and thick as they can.. round and round on their big lips. They want to kiss my face!! Ahhhh Nooo… afraid with their act! Scaryyyy..They want to kiss-rape me…  Try to hide my face under the pillow and blanket. But they just get angry.. ohh nooo..

At the end I’m lost, afraid they’ll angry, sad and disappointed.. so I just sit on the bed and wait. The girls were so excited. They grabbed my head, keep it still and then just SMOOCH ♡♡♡! Oh my body’s shaking…. My face was full of their red big kisses. Kiss victim. I’m exhausted~ Never being kissed like this before.. the girls were so happy. Alrighttttt!! Fine!! Now come to Papa and take family picture.. Happy Birthday to me ^_^


Sweet Birthday Celebration with 2 sweet sisters with the BIG RED LIPS! Thank you so much!


Cut the cake and enjoy the sweet!


Junki has made a special birthday card for me with all the birthday greeting from the Fitness First Pluit Village gank (No Ayakan Group), I read them one by one, smiled.. Thank you Anthony, Johan, Julius, Mami Dian, Kak Naomi, N’doro, Epe, Debby, Junki and Jesse. I LOVE YOU ALL. I also wish you all the best.


A present for me is a black shirt from a famous brand. Wah thank you all for the present. I wore it up, a little bit big but look nice, let’s snap snap! Hehehe..


Celebrate birthday in Singapore, Last year at Kuala Lumpur… where next ?? Hong Kong? Thailand? hahahahaha…. I feel happy and awesome!! Thank you.

(Continue to Part X)

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