A Boy In Singapore (Part XII)

After visited the paradise of flower, it’s time for a little adventure..

Cloud Forest

The 2nd dome beside of the Flower Dome – Cloud Forest. I think this dome is slightly smaller than the Flower Dome but maybe higher. We have our tickets to the staff, going in and we can hear the sound of waterfall and feel the cold misty breeze.


Wow! First thing we saw already amazed us. It’s waterfall! Not natural, it was made, but it looks great! It’s like a highland/cliff/tower waterfall. I think the cliff was made from fences, made it high and big then put the decorative rocks, the plants are real, mostly bushes, wild orchids, and other tropical and borneo plants. Its height about 20 – 30 meter. Around the cliff also has some stone totems. We’re so happy as you can see at the photo.. we shout happily like gonna conquer the world. I love water!


Run!! Wet and slippery! The girls look happy. 🙂


Like Peter Pan in Neverland. We’re flying (jumping)! Beautiful natural green plants background. Looks ridiculous!

429 WE LOVE TO JUMP     

We can take some nice pictures here, will get wet if too close to the waterfall. This dome is more adventurous than the flower dome. The cliff is actually a tower building and we can going up. We used lift to go to the top floor, then need to walked/climbed a little bit to reach the peak. It’s called The Lost World, remind me of Jurrasic Park movie. It’s a garden, looks like borneo garden/meadow. It also has a lucky pond, throw coins and make a wish. Haha.. I wish I can come back again.


The Lost World Natural Garden – The peak of Cloud Forest.


This is the peak of the cliff, so high.. we can see the people at the bottom and the Skywalk route. We saw a couple doing pre-wed photoshoot here, it’s a good idea and I’m they capture a nice pictures here. The girls also try to do the beauty pose of the bride. They can be a supermodel! Haha..


We’re start to going down. The Skywalk is like ‘Branches’ of the cliff. It came out and connected to another section or floor, bring us to another angles to see the waterfall and cliff.


This place is so EARTHY! Elemental – Earth + Wood + Water + Wind. Haha, I like magic stuff. Love it. The next room we visit is the Crystal Room. There’s exhibition of Crystal here, the shape is still natural, like stalagmite/stalactite and rocks, not like a polished crystal we used to saw. I’m not really focus about this area. Too afraid to spend a lot of time. So just took some pictures and leave.


Other room is the science section, there’s video presentation about the Earth, Natural material etc. Also has a conservation room and I heard from my friend, they can show us how to make cloud. Ahh I missed it! Wer’e leaving so soon.


We walked out and back to the garden field again. Adventures is over. Ahh so little time, so much to see.. I’m really not satisfied. Haha.

(Continue to Part XIII)

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