A Boy In Singapore (Part XIII)

We’re so rushy at the domes because Jesse will go back to Jakarta tonight, her flight is one day earlier than me. I think we finished at 4 pm, then go back to Hotel. Jesse Final packing. I extended the hotel for 1 more night with Junki, just thinking that to move to another hotel is quite busy. The cost is expensive T^T. So we took Jesse to the MRT station, farewell with her. She seemed very sad and don’t wanna go home.. hahaha.. She’s quite brave and stubborn, I think she will cancel and extend her flight if we asked her to do it, but it’s not good, her family will worry about her. Safe flight little sister.


OK, just me and Junki now, Singapore Night city tour with Junki. First she took me to the BUGIS street again, the area where we ate ARIRANG. We’re back again. Now she took me to the night market part. It’s a big market, it sells a lot of stuffs. There’s also sex shops, waw! haha… nice.. We bought fruit juice and 1 dollar ice cream. I like the 1 dollar ice cream, it’s an ice cream block and we can choose the flavours, then choose bread or wafers. We chose wafer.. I think I chose mango flavour that time, it’s delicious and cheap. I bought Durian fruit juice, taste awful! Durian better to be eaten. Durian juice.. eww! or make it into Durian Pancake or ice cream.



I’m not really into shopping, so BUGIS Street kinda just a passing section. beside the currency also high so better save money for something better. But it quite interesting to see a lot of people and capture the slice of life pictures here.

The next night city tour is Singapore Chinatown. This is also a crowded place with more chinese influence at the street and buildings. A lot of restaurants and stores. The building looks like classic building/ old town at Shanghai (Never been to Shanghai but see a lot in the movie and books). Usually if there’s Quarterly workshop in Singapore, the instructors usually will stay here. It’s really good for photo hunting.


The last destination is Clarke Quay. I’m kinda hard to spell this name, it sounds “Klar Ki”.. But I called it Ca Kwe (A bread name), it makes Junki laugh.. well that’s a good thing can make her laugh.. so I always say Ca kwe to describe Clarke Quay. We reached there and this is a very beautiful place in the city, because a lot of lights, river, building and cafes. I think I ever been here before when I was small. This place is near Junki’s college. A lot of people hang out and chit chat here. Well… no wonder becauce this place really nice. We’re crossing the bridge, take picture and arrived in front of Clarke Quay Main Area. It has a lot of nice cafes, restaurants, stores, beerhouse etc. This place feel kinda Elite. Really good design and lighting, very inviting and tempting to sit and hang out with friends and spend the night with gossip and drinks. I feel so urban here. Mostly every angles look good. I really love the lights and atmosphere. The people also look very good.



A very nice view.. Love this area so much, nice lighting and atmosphere.




Another side of Clarke Quay, there’s unique illuminate bridge. We can see it far away, cause it’s so eye catching. The bridge’s shining – red, white, blue, pink.. very pretty.. How can Singapore has a lot things to see and enjoy ya! I love it. We are the explorer, adventurer! We went there, amaze with the bridge and took pictures. Maybe this is the most beautiful night view I see in Singapore. I just feel amazing to see this glowing city.


I love this beautiful night view.


We’re back to the hotel. Tomorrow  is the last day, but we have a big agenda to do. We will go to Singapore Zoo! Yeay!! NOw… rest first.. good night!

(Continue to Part XIII)

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