Kuala Lumpur Again (Part V)

Wednesday – November 20, 2013

I woke up early and prepare for morning workout, but I’m late because I’m lost to find the Fitness First Club from the hotel. I walked around the curve and asking around, finally I’m there. All the people already there and they’re working out. My manager again stared at me, oh ow.. This time a little bit sharper. I joined the morning workout. We did Fitness First Exclusive Programme – HardCore Cardio, It’s very tiring~ Got a lot of Burpee and Mountain Climber.

We finished the workout. Exhausted! huff, My manager came and warned me to not LATE again in the meeting. OK!! Hahaha.. So I’m back to my hotel room, take a shower and have breakfast. Well now, I’m the FIRST! One by one came and having breakfast together, then after finish we’re going up to the meeting room. This time, we have 2 separate meeting. The Managers and the graphic designers. The graphic designers have half day meeting. After that we’re free or go back to our country.


Half day is quick, after finish the meeting, we took group pictures together as one Fitness First Graphic Designer Team. I met my manager to let her know I’ll leave the hotel soon and stay at Kuala Lumpur for 3 more days. Saying good bye and will see her on Friday.

Now, I’m free.. Will stay at Andalucia again. Koko Mike will picked me up after work. Meanwhile, I went to walk around The Curve, exploring the mall, then I went to IKEA. So much to see here, love every corners of the room design. I always amazed how can they design so good and put everything so nice and neat in a very small space. That’s totally awesome.


Finished exploring IKEA, I have to wait Koko Mike for few hours, so I went to Fitness First The Curve to rest there. Sipping the Nestle Lemon Tea and chill, quite nice. Koko Mike came at 7 pm. He picked me up and we’re going home after took the Pizza for dinner. Arrived at Andalucia, meet Abang and we have dinner together, PIZZA! Taste delicious except the lamb, haha.. smell weird, but Abang said it’s the BEST flavor. I just only eat one slice and made my tummy feels funny.

Thursday – November 21, 2013

I felt a little fit dizzy in the morning. Woke up a little bit late. Only me and Abang Osman again. Koko Mike is working and Abang is taking a day off. After I feel a little bit well. He took me to breakfast at Levain, boulangerie – patisserie. It’s been a while since the first time I came to Kuala Lumpur. My Favorite bread shop. We took a lot of bread. Tasty and delicious! I love the Apple Pie. Sherline also came along. I think she’s a little bit lost to find this place. Hahaha.. I love her Oneng side so much!




After finished the delicious sweet breakfast, we went to Mid Valley for a walk and shopping. Mid Valley is one of my favorite place in Kuala Lumpur. A big mall with a lot of things to see, such as the Pet shop on the top floor. Abang is planning to watch a movie tonight, We will watch The Hunger Games 2 – Catching Fire. So We went up to the cinema – Golden Screen Cinemas to buy the tickets. Sherline only has a little time to hang out around, she has another appointment to go. So this is the last day I meet her. Huwaa..


After she left. Abang took me to Delicious – Desserts shop. I’ve been here too.. This shop has very nice cakes and beverages. We ordered  Brownies with Melt Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream on top.. oh it’s so melting delicious! I ordered Tembikai Lychee for my drink, The Watermelon + Lychee Juice! My most favorite! so fresh!! I had a very wonderful time with Abang.


We went back home and take a rest, watching TV and waiting Koko Mike to came home. It’s about 6.00 pm and finally Koko Mike is home. After he finish change his clothes, we went to Mid Valley again. We’re having dinner at Madam Kwan ‘s Cafe. They said it’s famous. I ordered Nasi Lemak the most recommended menu. Taste nice, I like.


Finished dinner, let’s go to cinema! First time watch movie at another country, feel excited. The auditorium is biq and nice, kinda look the same like Indonesia Cinema. The movie is great, just a little bit surprise with the subtitle, haha.. It used Malay language, of course lar! haha.. Hello I’m not in Indonesia.. :p


Had a very great night.

Friday- November 22, 2013

Nothing really special today, cause I have to go back to Jakarta. Abang has gone to work and Koko Mike brought me back to hotel. I met my manager and lucky I had another breakfast at the hotel. We waited for our driver to take us to the KLIA. Another good bye with Kuala Lumpur, Always have a lot of great memories with my brothers and friends.


Kuala Lumpur Again (Part IV)

I met my manager in the hotel and gave her some gifts that I bought at the shop near Daorae, She is happy. Her room is next to mine. She just came here today. Have to meet her so tomorrow will be on track.

Tuesday – November 19, 2013

This is the first day of Fitness First Asia Marketing Forum. I woke up and having breakfast.. while I’m enjoying my breakfast, my manager text me and ask me where am I ? Huh ? And then I checked my watch. Oh NO! I’m late. I ran into the meeting room and everybody’s already there. Oh no.. This is the first day and I’m late.. I sneaked in and sit beside my Manager, She stared at me..oh ow..

First time meet new people here. All managers and their graphic designer from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Phillippines. I’m kinda awkward with this situation. Mostly the meeting is about the general planning for Fitness First in the future. Some topic involved all the Graphic Designers to discuss.

The meeting  have several coffee break. While in coffee break time, we – the graphic designers try to introduce ourselves. Denise – the senior graphic designer and Lex Yong – graphic designer from Malaysia, Jon from Phillippines, Ice from Thailand and Grace from Singapore. They’re all very nice and seem great. Denise is very active and care about us. Grace is very gentle and feel like ‘sister’ for me, Jon is very active in asking question (very critical and smart), Ice is a very pretty girl, but so silent. I just hope we can be a good team for Fitness First.

The meeting from 9 am – 6 pm. We will have 1 more meeting tomorrow to discuss about design. After the meeting, we will have dinner together at Italiannies at The Curve. From its name, we can guess this restaurant is serving Pasta, Pizza and stuffs. The foods are great, the atmosphere is nice. We have a very nice and delicious dinner together.


After dinner, it’s free time. We can go shopping or rest in the hotel. Tonight is special, because tonight is Sherline’s Birthday. She asked me out but she can’t pick me up because She has a class to teach. But she invited Abang Osman and Koko Mike. Abang Osman will pick me up. We want to give her a surprise. Abang asked me to find a nice cake for her. I found Chocolate Opera Cake. Looks delicious!

Abang came and picked me up. We went to a place they called ‘KAYU’. I wonder what special about it. Sherline has mentioned it before. It’s like somewhere with a very Malaysian feel – Authentic. Haha, when I came there.. It’s like an ordinary restaurant, but the atmosphere feel is very local. And the food and beverages are very Malaysian. We meet new friends there. We ordered some food and drinks while waiting for Sherline.


After Sherline and all her friends including Tan and Joan came. We ordered more food and drinks, chat and gossip. Her friends are very funny and expressive. When Sherline went to the toilet, we’re start preparing the cake. We put on the table, light the candles and when she came in, We sang loudly HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~ She fell on her knees and shy.. Her face turned red and she laughed a lot. She is happy. The best thing in this place is ALL THE PEOPLE are singing together without asking them. It feels wonderful!


Make a wish ~


Let’s Celebrate! She make a wish, blow the candles and cut the cakes. A very great night with great friends, foods and games. We played “GUESS THE NAME” game that used a paper/phone and write down a word (can be person, animal or any object), put the word on the head of your friend, and the other friends have to ‘ACT’ to describe the word on his/her head without speak the word out. This is funny and ridiculous, the best word is “LEONARDO DA VINCI”, Sherline’s friends are very creative to ACT, they posed the signature pose of Leonardo Da Vinci – Human Circle pose! They’re very good, and we’re laughing out loud.


The best food is Roti Tissue, I surprised with what I saw a food/snack that very tall/long looks like Unicorn’s horn. (Wikipedia – Roti tissueroti tisu, or tissue prata is one of the more-creative-looking Malaysian Mamak foods. It is also known as “roti helikopter” (helicopter bread). Roti tissue is a thinner version of the traditional roti canai, as thin as a piece of 40–50 cm round-shaped tissue. The finishing touches to the making of roti tissue require skill, and they depend on the creativity of the maker).


Roti tissue is available at most local Mamak stalls in Malaysia and Singapore and may be coated with sweet substances such as sugar and kaya (jam) or eaten with condiments such as ice cream.

After finish, we’re going back. Abang Osman take me back to hotel. Tomorrow will have morning workout and another meeting. Let’s rest

Kuala Lumpur Again (Part III)

Monday – November 18, 2013

This day gonna be SPECIAL! because the theme for this day is City Tour with ONENG! Oops Sherline! It’s weekday, so Koko Mike and Abang Osman have to go to work! Sherline suggested to bring me along when they’re working. Thank you, Sherline! Koko Mike took me to Sherline Apartment. After meet her, Koko Mike went to work. First time visit Sherline apartment, I feel like visit a greek garden. Meet Joan here, playing with her PSP. I had breakfast special cooked by Chef (Inem) Sherline, It’s Indomie Goreng made in Malaysia. Same brand different production. Hahaha.. taste slightly different.


1 day with Onen*… ups Sherline. She planned to take me to the temples and asked me what I want to eat? It’s Pork! nguik nguik! She laughed! She took me to 2 temples. She’s driving and using her GPS. Sound cute and get ridiculous if the GPS lead her to the different direction, her panic face is so Oneng! (funny). The first temple we visited is Lim Chen Xiu (CMIIW), we cannot take picture, But I tried to take it. So we just prayed and donate. Too bad, actually this temple has a lot of spot to take a nice picture especially the Buddha journey.


The other one is more bigger than the first one, and It has a very good design. Sherline said it’s a famous temple and a lot of people who wanna get married will pray here (CMIIW).


The temple has a big garden and statues – God and Goddess Statue, Chinese Zodiac Statues. It’s funny, We took pictures with our Chinese Zodiac statue. I’m Rat, Sherline is sheep/goat, Joan is Monkey.


This is the interesting part in the temple, Ask for my fortune. And this is the result:

More Haste, Less Speed – Have foresight and be patient. if an opportunity slips by, don’t be jumpy and act recklessly. Consolidate and await better times. All will go well for you as you are protected by planet Venus. Guideline: Financial Pursuit: Not very fruitful, proceed in a slow and steady manner; Honour & Merits: Hopeful but progress is slow; Matrimony: Not very promising; Litigation: Private settlement preferred.



602 HOLY

Love every details in the temple.


This is really a great temple. Love the design, very oriental. They also have Turtle Garden. A lot of turtles here (also Mosquitoes, Sherline is freaking out). Chinese people believe that Turtle is a symbol of long live, so they wrote their name on the turtle shell.


Cute Buddha Souvenirs to buy.


After visiting the temple, we’re going to have lunch. I want pork – Ba Kut Teh. I heard Malaysia Ba Kut Teh is famous! So I wanna try. Sherline took a lot of time to find the place. The GPS always lead her to the wrong direction, she’s confused haha.. and then she called Tan. Tan lead her to the location, Yeah! We’re here. Tan said he will join us for lunch. He came after a few minutes then we’re order. We order the Ba Kut Teh and some other food. taste great! I love the soup! Very-very delicious!


After finish, Tan has to go back for work. Sherline took me to Berjaya Square for shopping and desserts. This is also a big mall with a very nice Christmas decoration. Different with the Pavilion, Berjaya using the Red & Gold theme. Feel warm. I love the giant Christmas tree at the atrium, it surrounded by the hanging ornaments make it even look more magnificent.


We have Share Tea and Snowflakes here. Rest and gossip. Sherline was searching/survey costume for the event. A lot of stores to shop here.


Next, she took me to Fitness First Paradigm, she said this is the newest club. I think this is the best club in Kuala Lumpur, look so new and neat. Nice atmosphere.


Just a short visit here, after that she took me to Tan house. She said Tan house is very authentic and very Malaysia feel. When I go inside the house, I remembered my Grandmother’s house. So classic and full of memory/history. A view of and old town. We meet Tan here. And he took us to eat Durian! Awww!! It’s great! Just nearby his house and he order the Durian. There are 3 grade of Durian in Kuala Lumpur. They are Kampung, Udang Merah and Musang King. Tan order them all. They’re all very good with their own quality, but Musang King is the BEST! Very Moist, a lot of meat, balance taste between sweet and biiter, and smeel really good! I drooled! This is so wonderful!


It’s almost night, Sherline took me to the hotel. Fitness First has arrange a room for me at Royale Bintang Hotel near The Curve. I checked in and really surprise with my room. It’s big and nice and it’s only for me! I feel like a baby on the soft cotton cloud/marchmallow!! Sherline told me that I’m so lucky!


After done checked in and put my things, Sherline kidnapped me again and took me to dinner at Korean Grill Restaurant – Daorae. We met Tan and Joan there. They’re happy family 😀 . Love to see them, We really enjoy our time together. We grilled pork again. In this one day my menu is PORK! hahahahaha.. This is what I can do and eat if one day with Onen* … Sherline.. Thank you so much for your generous hospitality.



She took me back to hotel. I still feel so happy with my room.. *jump jump

Good Night! Tomorrow will start the Asia Marketing Forum..


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Kuala Lumpur Again (Part II)

Sunday – November 17, 2014

Breakfast! and guess what are we going to have? Especially when I go to Kuala Lumpur, even Sherline who voice noted to me last night asked me, “Where will you go for breakfast tomorow?” and she answered “It’s RAJU!” Haha.. 100 points for her! We’re having delicious breakfast there. We met Sherline there. She looks good. She can’t join us for too long cause she has an appointment with Ken to practise for Fitness First Big Event – Fight your right to Party feat. Rachel Newsham, The program director of Les Mills  BODYCOMBAT® & SH’BAM®.


After that, we’re going back home. Koko Mike is preparing to go to his family house, so only me and Abang again. And he asked me again to watch the Horror Movie. Err… Because it’s daylight.. so I just nod.. He is happy! We watched Korean Horror Movie that contain 4 different stories. I grabbed pillow and sometime hid my face behind it. And close my ears with my fingers. I think it’s about 1 and half hours horror movie and finally finished it with deep breath..

Special Gift from Abang for me and Anthony, BODYJAM® Afro Circus T-shirts.


Abang said he wanna join BODYJAM® Class at Fitness First Avenue K, the instructor is Uchop. He is also a BODYJAM® and SH’BAM® Presenter. I heard a lot him, a very good instructor. So we’re going there. Avenue K is close with KLCC Twin Tower, my favorite building in Kuala Lumpur. We’re going to have lunch here. It’s so crowded. We’re going to the food court and order burger by FUEL SHACK. It’s BIG and delicious. After that, take a little walk around the mall and back to Avenue K.


I think this is the 3rd Fitness First club that I visited at Kuala Lumpur. The design is good and love the member lounge that can see the view of the street and the twin tower.


Now Uchop is here, it’s time for BODYJAM®! I feel happy he knew me. Ah so nice to dance as a member. He used BODYJAM® release 55 latin Salsa for the first block. And after that we got a surprise! He used the newest release that haven’t launch/workshop in Jakarta – It’s BODYJAM® Release 67, WOW!!!!! I’m so happy!!!!! He used it from the recovery track and the 2nd Block! Ahh It’s great!!! First time did this block before the actual workshop in Jakarta at Saturday, November 23, 2013. I feel so lucky!! Uchop really is a great instructor, we show the technique and feel perfectly! I feel crazy when I saw the way he touched his body when doing the liquid movement. That’s is perfect! Nailed it!

After the class, he came and that’s the first time we talk directly, hopefully can be a good friend and team. We took picture. Awesome.


It’s a great experience here!! We’re going back home again and waiting for Koko Mike. Before I went to Kuala Lumpur, I’ve inform Abang, and he has planned to have a little gathering with his friends for dinner, and he invited me to join. We’ll have dinner at Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant. I’ve been here when the first time came to Kuala Lumpur. Koko Mike is home, after he finish preparing some stuff, let’s go for dinner. Not all of his friends can come. So just only Me, Abang Osman, Koko Mike, Sherline, Sherline Husband (Tan), Joan, and Ooi Hien (Abang Osman Godbrother). We’re eat and chat a lot. It’s wonderful to have this moment together.


After dinner, we still want to chat and we search for some desserts. We’re going to the food court area, order some fruity desserts. Fresh, but too sweet!


One great day and night in Kuala Lumpur! Good Night.. ^3^


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Kuala Lumpur Again (Part I)

Finally I can write another story in my life after finishing the blog of Singapore Trip, too busy and no time to compile the photo etc. Hopefully this blog can be faster than before, a lot of story to write and share here.

I went to Kuala Lumpur again.. Actually it’s a business trip, my company, Fitness First has Asia Marketing Forum, all the marketing manager and the graphic designers from South East Asia are coming to Kuala Lumpur to have a big meeting. I’m so excited to go to Kuala Lumpur. I will meet my brothers again – Michael and Osman. The meeting actually on November 19 – 20,  and I have to go back at November 21, but I extend the date. I will go from November 16 to 22, almost a week. yay!

Saturday – November 16, 2013

Like always if I have to go (holiday), I want to finish all the jobs. Wake up early and went to office to finish last piece of work before going to airport. After finish, straight to the airport and check in then relax for a while sipping Toffenut Latte at Starbuck. I brought Red Velvet Brownies and Green Tea Brownies from Guilty Pleasure as a food souvenir for Koko Mike, Abang Osman and Sherline. Now it’s time to go..



Arrived at KLIA, first time here, usually landed at LCTT. KLIA is much better. Got confused with the baggage claim and ask around. Just knew if I have to take the train to another station to claim the baggages.

Now I have to leave the airport, usually use bus to go to KL Sentral, Now I’ll try to use KLIA Express. It’s like MRT/train. The ticket is only RM 35.00. This is my first time and it’s so convenient. Fast, not stuck in the traffic jam, also got wifi. Only about 28 minutes to reach the KL Sentral. It’s really good and helpful! Meet Koko Mike at the KL Sentral Gate, hugs! Then go outside and meet Abang Osman waiting in his new Red Mazda car. I’m so happy to see them.


I think it’s about 4 pm and we bought snacks on the way home, Andalucia. The snack is called Rojak. In Indonesia, Rojak or Rujak is the mix fruits with spicy sugar sauce, but in Malaysia it’s look like Batagor (Indonesia snack/food that contain fried tofu, meatball with peanut sauce). It’s quite good. We’re rest..


Koko Mike will have a wedding reception to attend, so Abang Osman said he will take me out tonight. We’re going to Pavilion Mall for a walk and having dinner. Usually we walked at Tokyo Street at the top floor and always bought Mochi Sweet, and we also try the fruit ice lollipop.


Pavilion Mall was decorated with Christmas theme and It’s super awesome! The theme is : CHRISTMAS WONDERS. The colors are mostly blue and white. The decoration is magnificent with a lot of lights, Christmas Trees, Carousel, Christmas Cart, Reindeers etc. Sparkling. We took a lot of pictures, I’m so happy and jump everywhere. Love the decoration so much!


We have dinner at Sushi Tei, Abang Osman favorite Japanese restaurant. Order some sushi and bento with hot ocha tea. I ordered Chuka Iidako, and ask Abang Osman to try it, he seem scared but he ate one. Haha..


We’re going back home, Abang Osman asked me to watch DVD, he just bought some new DVD movie. One of them is horror movie.. His eyes look sparkle when he asked me to watch it together, I said ‘NO’. I’m scared. The we ended up watch ‘OBLIVION’ starring Tom Cruise. This movie is very loooonggg and boring, sometime Abang Osman fell asleep when watching the movie. After finish the movie, we’re going to sleep. Good Night..

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