Home 2015 – Chinese New Year 2015 (Part II)

My holiday continue! Still at Medan and will go back to my hometown today. Buy first a little bit culianary for breakfast. My mom took me to have breakfast at infamous AKHUN Mie Pangsit, unfortunately it’s full so we moved to another place. I can’t remember the place name but it serves Hokkien Mie. Hokkien is like a Chinese Tribe or race, Mie is noodle. The Hokkien Mie has alot of ingredients – pork, meat roll, prawns, fish meatballs, prawn meatballs, egg etc. Seem busy but it tastes good. Various taste in one big bowl and I love it. The price also affordable. I think I will come again.


Our tummies are full! My mom took me to tarditional wet market to buy some stuffs for Chinese New Year Eve dinner. After she finished do her stuffs. We’re back to our hometown, Kisaran. My sisters will go back at Chinese New Year Eve.  So it’s only me and my mom (+driver) will travel for 3-4 hours to Kisaran. But lucky the traffic was smooth enough so we arrived just in time.

Meet my brother – Ben, his wife – Dewi and my cute nephew – Owen. We had dinner at one nice cafe in Kisaran – The Ritz. My family have plan to develop a Cafe business in our home. So we’re kinda look like study this cafe and also we talked about life and future, discuss and argue. Family quality discussion. Hopefully all goes well.

My nephew is going 2 this year!! Ahh I miss him so much. I bought him a gift – car toys. He seems to like it but I heard my mom that he loves to play stacking Pop Mie. Pop Mie is an instant noodle in Cup Package. He loves to stacked it high then let it fall down. Very noisy but he always laugh and happy.

I also amazed he can recognize me although we seldom meet. I’m happy and proud of it. Hahaha..


Below photo is the look of the cafe in our home. I think it looks good just need a little bit work of light,air circulation and some.decorations. My brother asked me to design the menu. I feel glad to help him 🙂


We need a lot of support to develop our cafe. I wish everything goes well, we can serve delicious food and beverages, nice atmosphere to hang out with family and friends. It’s gonna be wonderful if we can achieve it together.