Malaysia Trip 2013 (Part I)

Wah, I’m going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia again! The last time was August 2012. It was really really FUN! This time is gonna be great too!  The main purpose is Les Mills Quarterly Workshop I/2013, It is an Ultimate super workshop that gonna be held in Sunway Spa & Resort Ballroom with Les Mills Superstars and presenters, such as Chris Richardson (Bodyjam®), Lisa Osbourne (Bodyattack®, Bodystep®), Michelle Dean (Sh’bam®) etc. The workshop will be held at Sunday, February 17th, 2013. A lot of Indonesia Les Mills team gonna be there.

Anthony Kesuma helped me purchasing my flight ticket, thanks to him. We will go together at Friday, February 15th – 3.40 pm. After I finished my job, I headed to terminal 3 – Soekarno Hatta International Airport. Not waiting too long, I met Anthony and we checked in together. We went to the boarding room, we met Errin, Tonny Tsufami, William and Jeany. Chattering.. Then the time is ready, Let’s GO!! Depart!!



We arrived! Horray KL!! It’s nice to be here again. We have to go to the KL Central, we used Aerobus to go there. It’s about 45 minutes. We’re separated. Me and Anthony will meet Abang Osman. We will stay with him for this 3 days. We went up the escalator, Aha! Abang Osman is waiting for us. He’s with Zarina, She is the Bodyjam® & Sh’bam® presenter from Malaysia. She greeted Anthony warmly. I knew her, but never chat. But she also greeted me .. hehe.. although it’s a little bit awkward.. hopefully next time will be better. I’m sure of it.

Zarina has to stay with her family and We’re going with Abang for dinner. Abang took us to Bangsar Village. Never been here, Bangsar Village is a nice mall. He brough us to Marmalade, an italian restaurant? hmm serving pasta. We order Beef Lasagna, Caesar Salad, Mushroom Aglio Oglio, Prawn Aglio Oglio. They’re delicious.



After that, We going home.. remember I ever wrote about Abang Osman & Koko Mike new apartment? We’ve been there when it’s still renovating. Now It’s ready. I’ve seen some photo of their apartment in facebook. But now we’ll be there in minutes. Welcome to Andalucia!


“WOW” that’s the first word came from my mouth. What a great nice apartment! It’s a big and spacious apartment, so homy and comfortable. It’s still Chinese New Year period, all the room decorated with Chinese ornaments,flowers, Hung Bao, beautiful and prosper. We took a lot of pictures. So happy to be here and very inspiring! Make me motivated to have an apartment too. My biggest dream.. hopefully I can achieve it soon.

We haven’t met Koko Mike, because he’s at Singapore 😦 . We relaxed at apartment and we played our board game, CITADEL! This time Abang and me lose to Anthony. Ha-ha… We played about 3 rounds and getting sleepy now… time to rest. Good Night!

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A Boy in Malaysia (Part I)

I’ve been to Malaysia when I was a kid (maybe 11 year old) with my family, I remember we went to Kuala Lumpur (KL) & Genting, kinda forget about the memories/moments of this trip. The 2nd time was in  the high school study tour from Penang to Malaka then KL. The 3rd time was with my sisters in Penang then Hatyai (Thailand) after I finish my college. All was fun and well organized. I wish I can go there again by myself.

From the last Les Mills Quarterly Workshop (QWS) II – 2012 in Jakarta, the presenters announced that Gandalf Archer (G), the Bodyjam® Program Director will come to Asia for QWS III – 2012. He will go to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Singapore and Manila (Philippine). Too bad he’s not going to Jakarta 😦 . So I decided to go to KL! This time on my own.

Had a little hard time to prepare, like asking for office leave for about a week, then searching the best price for the ticket. Then this is it! I bought Tiger Airway ticket, the date August 23rd  – 28th, 2012! Yay !! It’s gonna be super fun! Great QWS with G! and also gonna meet my 2 brothers from KL, Michael Wong (Koko) & Osman Sany (Abang), they’re a very good friends of mine and very kind. We knew each other because of Fitness First background and we’ve traveled together at Bandung 2-3 years ago. That was fun.

I told Abang that I’ll go to KL for QWS III, he’s happy. Then he suggested me to make something for G, “How about you design a T shirt?” yay! That’s a great idea! Then we collaborate together to create a nice design for the T-shirt. Need some progress to make it easy to print, affordable and better. And Voila!

  • Earlier Concept – Brainstorming idea 
  • OM’G’ Concept Abang gave the concept/idea
  • Advance OM’G’ Conceptnice multi color but harder to print on shirt and expensive cost 
  • FINAL        

Abang gonna produce the OM’G’ T shirt for members/participants. He will produce 2 type of shirt – Cotton for only RM 30 and Dry Fit for only RM 35. We hope they gonna wear it at QWS III – 2012 or OM’G’ Party. Abang said the sales is like selling HOT CAKES! SOLD OUT !!

One day, I saw on Abang’s facebook photo, there’s an event poster. OM’G’ Party that will be held at August 28th, 2012 – Tuesday. It’s G’s party in the Neverland club! It’s gonna be super awesome… Ahh my trip’s date end exactly on that day. NOOOO!!! I wanna join the party. Abang asked me to extend the trip/date, he also will extend his leave. All right!!! I extend my date with an extra exchange fee, no regret! I want! I want! My trip’s date exchange into August 23rd – 31st, 2012 (9 days!!!!), my boss’s gonna kill me..

Can’t wait…

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I’m having my 28th Birthday this year and I decided to make an artwork for myself.

Here it is 😀

It’s a GREAT time for living in this World with family and  friends.

I’m thankful for what I’m had and receiving especially the people who loves me.

I’m thankful for my talents of drawing, sketching, dancing etc that make my life so happy and beautiful.

God Bless Everyone..





Benny & Dewi Pre Wedding Photo

Pre Wedding Photo of my little brother, Benny and his wife, Dewi. Photo by his friend, Herry. I love every single of their photo.. They did it at the street and it was BRAVE for them both! Very unique. I always smile when I see their expression, so natural and lovely. There’s  a lot of … Continue reading

1 Year with WordPress

– Words – 

Love to say it, write it, read it

– Story – 

Love to share it

– Photo – 

Pictures of life with thousand memories

– Memory – 

Something I want to cherish and remember

– Time – 

Past is history, Future is mystery, Present is a gift

– WordPress – 

A Perfect Place to write the memories of my life

– 1 Year – 

I’m happy for all this time and I’ll always with you..

(Join wordpress: 24 June 2011)

Fajar’s Last Bodyjam® Class

It’s April 30th, 2012 – Monday, The last day of April – Fajar’s Bodyjam® Last Class. We’re having class in Fitness First Taman Anggrek. He also did some Bodyjam® Last classes in another clubs. We all want to feel the moment with him before he leaves the stage.

We’re wearing colourful outfit and arrange a cool Bodyjam® playlist for the members. I did the first block and Fajar did the second block. The class is going well although there’s no mic. I feel great with it. The members have changed. A lot of new people don’t know who is Fajar, some of them might be the first and the last time join the Fajar class. But they seem happy and enjoy the class.

At the end of the class when Fajar’s presenting the last track (groove down) from Bodyjam® 40 (I don’t feel like dancin’- Scissor Sisters)-> he chose it on purpose grrr!, I gave him the surprise! Wah! I melted and face down on my knees, haha can’t help it, cried.. >Cough< >cough<

Fajar opened the gift, He’s happy! He loves it! I’m glad 😀 . All members come to the stage and greet him, wish him a good luck and asking him why he quits Bodyjam®. They’re now feeling close with fajar. We’re taking pictures together. I love to see all the happy faces.

I also gave him the original sketch. He was surprised with the detail especially the cupcakes with the love heart icons (Thanks for Astrid :D). Til now I’m still hoping he’ll back again on the stage.

Good luck, Fajar! 
Thank you 

Gift for Fajar’s Bodyjam® Last Class

Fajar Kusumaputera is a Bodyjam® instructor of the 3rd generation in Fitness First Indonesia. He pass as trainee with Bodyjam® release 39 in 2007 and be a great superstar Bodyjam® instructor in Fitness First Indonesia.

For me he is a great role model in Bodyjam®, a great dancer, a leader, a cute and funny friend. When I’m in the part of Bodyjam® team. We shared in creativity to makes the Bodyjam® BOOM!! That was fun! And I like to ask his suggestions and critics on the Bodyjam® event (Example: The Bodyjam™ Musical and The Turbulence).

He is also my ex-Bodyjam™ Headteacher. I love to be part of Bodyjam® team together with him. All the fun and creativity that we’ve been through. Now he decided to resign as Bodyjam® Instructor that shocked the team. 😦

I think he has his personal reasons to decide it. He said he’ll keep dancing with us but not as instructor.. April 2012 is his last month of teaching, his 5 years career of Bodyjam®. From Bodyjam® 39 to Bodyjam® 60.

Days before the end of April 2012, suddenly I heard that Fajar was doing the Bodyjam® Last Class. The idea was from Fitness First Pluit Village members requested him to come and teach with Anthony. I WANT!! I check my schedule and YES! At the very end of April – 30th April 2012 is Monday. I have a class. I contact Fajar and Maria (The GXM) for the Special Class with Fajar. She approved and Fajar agreed.

I’d like to make something for him, Just a few day before Monday. I browsed the facebook to secretly download his photo. I’ll draw an illustration for him. Always a great challenge to draw face. Feel worry if the drawing is not look the same like the model/photo. I try my best to scratch and shade it. Voila! I think it’s good. Then the next challenge is the body. I’m not good at it. Actually I’d like to make him jumps or some dynamic move, failed 😦 . Then end up just standing + pose with our Bodyjam™ jacket and holding a cupcake. Why cupcake? Fajar has started a business, “GUILTY PLEASURE – It’s sinfully delicious!. He bakes and makes cupcakes and cakes. I’ve tried the cookies, It’s delicious! This is the progress of my gift. I have some friends to discuss when I’m working on this gift, Thank you for Debby, Astrid and Rudi who give me the critics and data that I need.. *hugs

  • The Secret Photo                                                                                              
  • The Progress

The Final Result


After finish, print and put it in the white frame. Hopefully, He’ll like it.

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Home 2012 Part V

The last day in Medan. I’ll go back to Jakarta at 8.00 pm. My sisters were going to work, so I’ll spend my time with my mom. Meet Mr. Sarman again for the wedding organizer stuffs. Then the topic continued to the dress/night gown for the wedding reception. Mr. Sarman suggested it’s better to make the dress than rent it. Rent a dress is expensive and sometime it’s hard to find a good design and size that fit the body. Making or design a dress/gown can be more comfort, satisfying and own the dress itself.

I just remember I had a friend who works as Professional Fashion Designer. His name is Fonti Ferryza. I call him Ferry. He’s also a close friend of Mr. Sarman. So we’re going to see him. Just a short introduction, then Ferry starts to sketch a design for my mom. I think it’s a beautiful dress. I can see my mom loves the design. She asked to make 1 more design. She’ll look great with it.

After that, we’re just spending time meeting aunt and close friends. Go back to home and take a bath. Then buy some Bolu Meranti for my friends at Jakarta. Go to the airport.. And depart.

Go back to Jakarta. Go back to the routines… I’ll be back again in July 2012, for my Brother’s Wedding day. See you again..

Love you, Mom, Wie, Min, Ben..

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

After a few weeks, My mom took my sisters to meet Ferry again. Ferry will also design dress/gown for my sisters. I can’t wait to see them wearing the dress.

All designs are own by Fonti Ferryza.

Fonti Ferryza

  • (+62) 878 6784 2569
  • Facebook: Fonty Von Tanakiwa
  • Email:

Art: Fenny, by Dee & Mizu, using SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE

It’s really nice to meet my friend again. A reunion!  My friend, Jessica Gunawan (Mizu) came along way from Bali. So we plan to meet. After I finished my work, I went to Central Park. She already with Fenny and Yennyka. They’re also good friends of mine. We hang out at Carls Jr. , order some french fries and soft drinks. Chattering and joking.

I knew Fenny has a Samsung Galaxy Note. I love that gadget because it has application that I can use to draw. It called S memo if I’m not wrong. I borrow the gadget then I start to draw. It’s the first time I use this gadget. Scratch and scratch, I can’t control the flow of the pen smoothly, need more practise. So I start to draw something serious, Face! So I draw fenny as the model. She’s happy !! She peeked the sketch that I draw on the gadget.

Jessica also can draw, but she seldom practise and I’m afraid she’ll lost her talent. So I keep asking her to help me to draw.. She’s a really good artist. So we collaborate together. We’re happy to draw it.. but unfortunately the first art that we draw wasn’t saved because the gadget’s error and Fenny was crying out loud. We’re also dissapointed, because our art was look exactly like Fenny.

So we redraw again. But this time, Jessica drew a lot. I just do the details. Yes, her passion is fire up again.. We draw together and the result is good. Fenny also happy with it.  Check it out!


Ta Da !! This is Fenny. 😀

Then I want to draw again. So I draw a different style, Japan Anime Chibi Style. Quite easy.. Just a quick draw. I think I get used to it now. Then before we show it to Fenny. We want to record her experession using video camera in the mobile phone. She screamed happily. And start to pose and take a picture based on the picture that I drew. That’s cute.

And this is the coloured version, using Photoshop.

PS: Can I have this for my birthday ? 😀