A Boy In Singapore (Part V)

…Still in Universal Studio Singapore.

Our first stop attraction is MONSTER ROCKS, recommended by Jesse. We’ve been waiting this to open while taking picture around the area. Jesse said it’s a good attraction, me and Junki have no idea what’s inside, at first I thought it is a haunted house. We queued for 15 minutes and we go inside, ahh it is a concert hall with the ummm “Halloween” / “Haunted House” decoration on the stage.. So we’re gonna watch a musical concert performed by the Monsters. Too bad, cannot taking pictures 😦 It’s quite entertaining, performance started when the Presenter came out and starting to introduce his monsters friends – Vampire, Franskenstein, Mummy, Catwoman, Werewolf, She-Wolf. Very nice performance with a good quality acting, sound, music, costume and I think they sang it live, that’s a very good point! They sang various songs. I think it’s about 15 minutes musical show. Entertaining! 🙂

It’s a good start yeah..The next attraction is Steven Spielberg’s Sound Effect Studio. Also cannot take pictures inside.. but I tried some.. hehe.. this is also nice.. we came into a studio with a nice professional setting of a movie director. A video of Steven Spielberg appear and he told us about the essential of the sound effect in the movie which really effect to create a great results for the movie. Picture and action will be more realistic with a great sound effect. After that the staff took us to a setting – Storm in New York City. Wow!! I love it.. great setting with a super big screen with big window frames – The Landscape of New York City..In front of the screen is the setting of a harbour.. we can see ships, decks, anchors, sea.. looks very real.


The show is starting.. all we can see through the window frame is the New York City is raining.. super heavy.. we can hear the sound of the rain and the wind.. The story is like a reporter is reporting about the situation at the harbour in the middle of storm through radio or live report. The rain is getting heavy and heavier.. it becomes storm.. the wind is raging, the waves is tiding.. the harbour is shaking.. the roof is leaking.. and there’s fire, smoke and explosions.. breaking glass.. all seem so real! The finale is the big sailor ship appeared and out of control and almost hit the audience stage..intense! This is nice!!

The next attraction we found is Transformers: The Ride. I have seen this attraction through the advertisement at the TV. They’re very highly promoted it and heard from some friends it’s a great ride. I’ve told to Junki that this is a MUST to play attraction. I MUST PLAY THIS RIDE. We started to queue. It’s a looonngg passage for queue, a lot of people. The interesting thing is they design the passage looks exactly like the movie and there’s plasma TV and voice over that we’re going in the headquarter of the NEST. Very futuristic mechanical interior design inside, a lot of Transformers elements can be seen. Sometime the NEST general and Optimus Prime will speak to us, It makes us feel like we’re in the movie. I think it’s about 1 hours++ for the queue, finally it’s our turn. The guide gave us the 3D (or 4D) glasses. We sat on the ride and let’s get started!



It feels like sit inside the car at the first time, slowly ride inside then Optimus Prime appear. He look so real! Cool effect!! Now the Megatron appeared, They fight! The ride speed increased and bumped to every corners to avoid Megatron’s attacks. Ahhh so greattttt! High speed.. the best part is when the ride is increasing its speed UP and when we’re falling from the skyscraper building..it feels so real!! FANTASTIC!!! It’s about 5-10 minutes and finally Megatron is defeated. The show’s over.. ahhh so great..wanna ride it again next time. We all seem so happy and excited.


It’s so HOT outside, just right in time when we’re at Egypt – Pyramid. This is gonna be the next recommended ride:  THE MUMMY. I also heard a lot of good thing about it. It’s an indoor roller coaster that can move backward and scary. Before we went inside, there’s cosplay around the pyramid. I recognise Anubis and Scorpion King (He’s so tall, the girls looks like hobbit,ummm…  Jesse is a dwarf). The nasty one is Anubis characters. Nice costume and make up with long attached legs, about 2.5 meter height. They’re making scary face and scream at people, but they’re friendly if we asked them to take pictures. Beware of Anubis. It looks fun yeah. We’re going inside the pyramid.


Yeah a long queue like Transformers: The Ride and nice ancient Egypt interior design with adventure elements (forget to take pictures 😦 ). The passage is like a maze with rock, caves, barrels, wood boxes, treasure box, sand, torches, ropes, skeleton etc. I like the giant Anubis statue when we get deeper to the pyramid.

We got our turn now. We’re on the ride.. ahh so exciting. Start to depart and we will enter to the storyline, something like Book of Eternal Life if I’m not wrong. Sometime the mummy statue appear but look so fake (like toys).. the ride started, high speed in the dark with the mummy laser light effect.. interesting! I think less than 5 minutes. We’re finish. Quite fun but Transformers: The Ride is much better.

The next destination we found is Jurrasic Park. It’s the boat sailing ride if I’m not wrong, like doing adventure looking at the dinosaurs and maybe with surprise.. Jesse said it’s not really good so we’re not play the attraction, we’re go inside.. found cafe, fossil and dinosour statues. So we just strike a pose.


So hot and thirsty, found a booth, bought some beverage and found WATERWORLD attraction in front of us. Jesse recommended it. If you’re ready to get wet, this is the place. In my mind I think it’s gonna be like water boat or rafting thingy. But actually it is an action drama show. When I ran into the stadium after they open the gate, there’s a military setting and a big pool. The audience chairs has been separated into color to decribe the wet level. The closer you to the pool and the stunts, you will get really wet. The stunts will splash you with watergun and a bucket of water. Splashhhh!! Some audiences even prepare the umbrellas to prevent the splash, but sometime the stunts intentionally come up and splash from the top.. so naughty! But he looks fun and people also don’t mind getting wet. That’s the risk.. haha..

The show is on! Honestly I’m kinda underestimate with this attraction/drama at the first time. The story point is basic – Hero save the princess from the bad guy. But after watch them doing the actions, They’re very good. Their acting and body language really natural so it makes us like looking a live movie.. more interesting and intense when the explosions, gunfires, flames and plane comes out. Make it so alive!! Good point for this attraction. I like!!


This show is about 15 – 30 minutes. Good job for the stunts.. they must be so tired.. running, jumping, rolling, splashing.. no wonder the next show will spend longer time to start again.

Let’s go back to explore!

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A Boy in Singapore (Part II)

August 17th, 2013 – Saturday

Happy Independence for Indonesia!! Yeah.. this is the Big day for Indonesia and also I have a special class with Winna for BODYJAM™ Challenge 90 minutes at Fitness First Taman Anggrek – Jakarta (Indonesia), we gave our happiness, passion and energy for the class to start the day, the members also ROCK that time, because me and Winna have given the craziest tracklist ever. After finished the class, back to my boarding house and start to packing. Although I have listed what I should bring. It’s really hard to organize the items into one backpack. I don’t like to bring big baggage for traveling. I spent mmm.. quite a long time to finish packing.. oh my.. (half day !?!?)

After finished, I had my dinner and then I went to Jesse’s house to sleep over. Our flight was early, so it’s more convenient to go together from her house since her house is nearer to the airport. At her house, we video chat with Junki using Skype. Thanks to Jesse’s high speed wifi.. It’s really nice to see her. And we discussed our itinerary to make it fix so not wasting time when we get there. It’s a long nice chat and it’s midnight, sleeping late but have to wake up early.. It’s gonna be great tomorrow.

August 18th, 2013 – Sunday

We woke up early at 4.00 am, sooo sleepy… We used taxi to go to the Soekarno Hatta International Airport – Terminal 3, checked in Tiger Mandala and we departed at 7.00 am. Start to write down my travel journal and sleep inside the plane zzz.



Arrived at Changi Airport at 9.00 am. I heard Changi is one of the BEST airport in  the world, haha..probably right! I took some photo here.. I love the little garden. I can see some people taking pictures here. The little garden has an oriental/asian feel with Cherry Bloosoms and a little pond with koi fishes. Now I’m thinking about Garden by the Bay, there must be greater than this. This little garden also provide an A3 sketch paper and crayons for children. They can use it to sketch picture or scratch the crayon on the paper with the carved board beneath it, so they will get a colorful stamped carving picture on the paper. I sketch myself on the paper, “I’m HERE, SIngapore!” Start being a Kampoeng Boy in the BIG city, hahaha..



We will meet Junki here, Jesse said she’s already inside the MRT. Jesse took me to the McD for breakfast. We order Burger, Harsh Brown and Hot tea. When we started to eat, Junki has came and bring or name sign, hahaha.. last night I order her to make a name sign with me as Mr. Ganteng (Handsome) and Jesse (Forget what is she being?), now she made it using ENCEK GLODOK (me) and NYAI KODOK (Jesse), That’s Funny (Creative) but teasing (d*mn you Junki :p)! We’re having breakfast together.



After finish, we straight went to the hotel using MRT, This is my first (second) time using MRT, hehehe.. It’s so convenient to have this public transportation. Almost all the people of Singapore using MRT. Junki said that living cost at Singapore is very high, so If someone has a car, he/she must be a very rich people, same case if you have a pet. You must be RICH! Really !? I think it’s scary to know this, thinking can I be able to live in Singapore ?


I learned the MRT route with Junki’s guide.. Hmm still confuse.. We arrived at Bugis/Bencoolen , I think this is the BEST MRT Station, I love the ripple of water on the glass ceilings and walls around us, making the water ripple moving shadows, feel cool although outside is hot, feel so nice when going up/down with highest escalator I ever stepped and enjoying the water ripple shadows. Nice concept.



Our hotel is V HOTEL, recommended by Britt, a friend/colleague at Fitness First Indonesia. We kinda hard to find the hotel and asking around and looking at the city map, finally found it at the dead end of a passage. Checking in.. Go to our room.. It’s a small room but it’s a very nice room/hotel. We love it! Small, Clean and comfy! Junki will stay with us later. We put our bags, prepare the stuffs to take it to the workshop, OK! Let’s go..


We will have the QWS III/2013 at WOODLANDS, it’s soooo far away!!! So lucky to have MRT! but still.. it’s really FAR… It’s about 45 mins or 1 hour to reach there. Standing/sitting inside the MRT, city touring. Looking at the big city through the window..



Arrived! Junki and Jesse bought the lunchs and I queue for Taxi, We reached the POLYTECHNIC, it’s a very very BIG Science university (I feel my university is so small..). We met Bobby Glenn and Wisnu here, friends from Fitness First Indonesia. We still have to walk along the way to reach the hall/stadium. Tired.. This university has a lot of facility, swimming pool for example which I think we don’t have one in the university in Jakarta (CMIIW). When we reached there,It’s a big wide hall hmm like a football field. It’s in the middle of BODYATTACK™ workshop, we met a lot of friends from Jakarta and Singapore or maybe another countries, all gathering here.

After BODYATTACK™ finished. The next program is SH’BAM™, it’s good that we arrived on time. This is gonna be Junki’s First officially workshop after she finished her BODYJAM™ Training a month ago. We’re ready to party, the main presenters are Naila Nadwana from Singapore and Arnold Warren from Philippines and also some presenters from Singapore and Indonesia.



We like to party, a lot of people and I think almost 50 to 80 people dancing together. This SH’BAM™ new release 13 is AWESOME! Love the music and the choreography.. It’s FUN and sweaty! I can see Junki, Jesse and all the people enjoy the masterclass. 45 minutes class is over with a great smile and energy. Next is BODYCOMBAT™!


BODYCOMBAT™ is starting and we have time to rest, eat and drink.. also taking pictures. Starving and Thirsty lucky they have Seven Eleven although it’s kinda far from the hall and I remember We have to go down and up that stairs and field.. oohh.. After BODYCOMBAT™ finished, It’s time to party again, It’s BODYJAM™ TIME! GET ON THE FLOOR TIME! New Release 66, featuring Naila and Arnold again and adding Lily and Brian from Singapore with some presenters from Singapore and Indonesia too. I just met Lily and Brian here.


Brian stole the SPOTLIGHT! He’s so awesomeeeeeeee!!! Very energetic, powerful and clean in movement, great attitude especially the B-Boy style.. He’s also a BODYCOMBAT™ presenter! So inspiring and He’s my NEW IDOL!! Awesome man!! BODYJAM™ 66 might be the best release, I always wonder how’s Gandalf Archer the BODYJAM™ Program Director, created such an amazing masterpiece! Great Energy, always makes me lose my mind and lost in the sensation of music and dance. I love!


Meet and make some new friends is nice and do crazy stuffs together is even better! Also meet the Fitness First Singapore BODYJAM™ Head teacher, Ben Ning. Somehow I feel we’re all just like neighbours (well yeah.. country neighbour..). Let’s do our favorite part! Photoshoot!!! Pose and pose and posee… like a superstars.



Another spotlight at this QWS III/2013 is The crowning/recognition for Arnold, Naila and BODYJAM™ team has prepared a ceremony to recognize him as a great presenter, trainer, leader, friend and congratulate him as the DVD presenter for the upcoming BODYJAM™ new release 67. We can’t wait to see him in the DVD. He has been ‘crowned’ like miss universe and receive a bouquet of flower. We’re all so happy to see him and he’s really an inspirer.



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A Boy in Barcelona (Part V)

May 8th 2013, Wednesday

Good Morning Barcelona. Nice to be here. Breakfast in the hotel and after that, gathered in Bus 36. Where are we going today? We will go to Montserrat – There a Church/Monastery on the mountain for about 1 hour, 66 km from hotel. On the way to the church, we passed some mountain trails, hills, forest and it’s a beautiful view with clear blue sky and bright sun. I’ve been living for too long in the city with tall building, busy traffic and working people. Now I’m here, makes me so happy to this nature view and blue sky, The world is beautiful and amazing.


We arrived, the location is like a movie in The Lord of the Ring. A nice design building and church on the mountain, can you imagine? The Hill and mountain looks like Titan. Fresh air, clean. I love it. The church has a big wide field, big gate, and big Basilica. I’m a Buddhist but I love this place so much, so peaceful, sacred, Holy and I also prayed to God for the blessing I’m receiving here to visit this beautiful place. Montserrat also has Museum, Singing academy, Restaurant and Hotel.. It would be great if we can stay in this hotel. I wonder what is it like to be here in the night..



Time to explore. When we went inside there’s a long queue on the right side of the church. The tour guide said to line up if we wanna see BLACK MADONNA before the praying time starts at 10.00 am. I don’t quite sure about the detail about Black Madonna but they said it’s the holy statue of Maria holding the World and baby Jesus Christ, (I’m sorry If I’m wrong). I think its the material of the stone/mineral made the statue became black color through ages. Black Madonna was made/sculptured by Santo Lukas. Black Madonna is the highlight of Montserrat.

I think I’ve come this far, so I lined up. It’s a long long long passage way with rooms to go to the Black Madonna at the top floor, but it’s really nice to see every single rooms along the passage although it’s kinda dark. The room is classic with elegant and detailed curvy/floral element (Art Nouveau) on the wall and ceiling. Inside, we can see Holy statue of St. Petrus, Paintings, Colorful Glass Windows and Artworks. Feel so faithful. We’re passing through a room where we can see the big Basilica, It’s Awesomeeeee… Magnificent, just like what i saw in the Hunchback of Notre Dame or any (myth) movie. Overwhelming Atmosphere. I have to go inside the Basilica after I see Black Madonna. A lot of people are praying here. We walked and finally reach to the top floor. Black Madonna. Touch the ‘World’ and I prayed – Thank you.  Just a short moment (a few second) to see Black Madonna.

240 ARTS


After that we guided to go outside the church. Wow it’s beautiful! Colorful Candle Canes for Prayers. Purple, Magenta, Yellow, Green transparent glasses. They put the candle inside the color glass cane. Light up the fire and pray.. put it on the candle cane display under the hill. As the wind blow, the little fire start to dance inside the color cane. Clear – Colorful like I’m inside the crystal. I’m sure you love it too.



We have free time about 1-2 hours here. So I wandered around and find some nice spots to take pictures.  So many people and tourist are coming now. They gathered at the big wide field. They just hang out, sitting enjoy the fresh air, chattering and bring their pet. I can see various people, from France, Taiwan, Korea etc. Prudential Agents also wandering around, and they like to take pictures with foreigners, well me too.


246 FLY

These are the special moments I never forget: I got a chance to take picture with a very cute bulldog… I think the dog loves me too.. I hugged him tight, then he rolled on the floor.. I rubbed his tummy >tickle< >tickle< The owners also laughed to see their Bulldog acted like that, so cutee and one more funny thing is I dance Gangnam Style in Europe with 2 beautiful ladies. They’re very friendly. They’re from France if I’m not wrong.


249 ME & DOG

There’s also cafe, restaurant and shops here, I bought some liquors for my friend and also this is what I like in Montserrat – The classic farmer’s shops/tents outside the church. The farmers sell honey, jam, cheese and local tradition food they made. They’re very friendly. I bought the honey, I’ve tasted it.. It’s sweet, flowery aroma and delicious!! This place has given me a great fun and faithful experiences. I imagine they have a very peaceful life on the mountain.



248 ECHO

Ahh.. Time is running. I’ve to go to the Basilica. I rushed inside and lucky I can still go inside. Renaissance Era! I amazed..  Wonderful with all the details in the Basilica. Every corners is ART! I amazed how can they built such a great artwork in here. I feel happy, faithful. Sitting down, breathe, grab my hands and start to Pray~



It’s a great experience to be here. We’re back to the hotel to rest, but some people went to IKEA or Carrefour for shopping. I and some Prudential Agents went to La Rambla again by subway train. Just a short time,  we have to go back to hotel at 4.30 pm..they able to find some items to buy. Time is running fast.. Rush hour!! We made it in time! What is out next destination ? We will go to Gala Dinner at the biggest football field in Europe – CAMP NOU!

We were wearing the Prudential Soccer red uniform. We arrived. First thing to do is group photoshoot with the leaders/boss of Prudential. Then 1st place we visit is the Football Museum. All the people are gathering here. So crowded! I’m not a football fans so it’s quite ordinary for me.. but the museum is nice… maybe the football fans out there will envy about this. The staff welcoming us with the fresh beverages, champagne and wine here. Here, We can see the photo documentary, balls with the players signature, shoes, video, medals and champion cups etc. So many people wanna take pictures with the champion cup and anything related about MESSI, The best player of football.



254 ME & FBC

We will have Gala Dinner here.. The Prudential comittee guide us to the dining room. They’re serving appetizer, main course and desserts. They have red wine! OH YEAH!! All the foods are nice especially the appetizer. I ate them all. I think it’s good enough.. But still there’s always complaints from Indonesian people.. hahahaha..



After that, I’ve been asked to go with the Prudential committee. The PCC, PRUFlyer and Birthday Prudential agents has the privilege like a VIP, so they took me (I’m a PRUflyer) to the CAMP NOU Football field first. WOW! I said I’m not the football fans, but when I’m standing at the stadium and in front of me is a big supeeeerrr wide field, the biggest football field in Europe, the field that can contains 100.000 people.. It’s SUPERB!


 259 ME & CAMP NOU

This is gonna be the GREATEST night for all Prudential agents, this their night to feel the moment of their hard works, their achievements…This the peak of this Barcelona Trip. We also can see the logo of Prudential shoot at the stadium. All the people has come and sit, I’m in the middle of people in red. Thousand in RED! The opening show is the song of our Indonesia Anthem – Indonesia Raya ! OVERWHELMING!! We sang it loud, we sang it proud! Continue with Prudential Theme Song “We are number ONE!” They’re all fantastic!! This is the moment!


Prudential is GREAT, the leaders are motivating their agents, they’re recognized them for the hard work and convince them that this is not their FINAL results, they have to keep moving to build their better future and achievements. Everybody else is moving while they’re enjoying this Holiday trip.. Prudential makes them proud, I can see everyone is so happy. Time for entertainments, Start with the Spanish heritage dance, Flamenco! It’s a graceful dance performance.. The male dancers also do the Tap dance and it’s awesome! They entertained us with Singers who sing The Prayers (duet), La Copa De La Vida and Waka-waka. The closing event kinda mysterious, the Prudential agents are guessing and thought they will see MESSI here, but unfortunately, they just brought the Winning Champion Cup. But I think it described a very good meaning and motivation boost for the agents, they’re Champions.




After the great night at the stadium, Camp Nou also has an official NIKE/BARCA soccer store. Special night for Prudential agents, they open until midnight. Some people went back to hotel to rest and the others are going to shopping. We can find various items here – Balls, Shirts, Shorts, Shoes, Bags, Accessories, Merchandise etc. So busy!! So many people walk around and find the items they want like crazy, The queue for paying was looonggg.  I bought Shirt MESSI for my brother, bags for my sister and a set of baby costum for my nephew. Finally finish shopping at 1 am 0_O and back to hotel.

263 NIKE

What a great night to remember..

A Boy in Malaysia (Part VIII)

28th September 2012, Tuesday

Tonight!!! OM’G’ Party at Neverland!!!! We will meet G again!  We have a lot of time until 8 pm. We’re going to Mid Valley and The Garden again, we’re having our brunch at NANDOS, a restaurant that serve chicken with their special homemade sauces: Peri-peri. I think Nandos is from around Mexico. Walk around the mall and shops. There’s an exhibition at the top floor – Disney’s – Mickey’s Icon Exhibition. A lot of customized design of Mickey Mouse. Some of them look cute and some look weird. Haha. We went to the pet shop and music store, then go to the Game Store. I found Citadel and Monopoly card game. Citadel is expensive but it’s a very good game! I bought them.


We went to DELICIOUS for desserts. I love this place! We ordered Strawberry Cheese Cake, Strawberry Ice Cream and Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream. Awww so yummy (drool), We played the Citadel card for the first time here. Abang is a newbie, so we teach him as we play, learning by doing. It’s a very simple strategic card game and he loves it! And I think he won! He said he loves strategic games.


It’s about time and we went to PAVILION MALL again, Neverland is close with the mall.. We’re having our early dinner at the food court and we played Citadel again. Abang is addicted to Citadel. As we eat and play, we can see some people already wearing OM’G’ (Fitness First version) T-shirt. We’re going to wear our own design. It’s time! Let’s go to Neverland!

Wow! A long queue in front of the club’s entrance. We waited for our turn. Sometime G just come out and greet the members, he’s so humble. About 20 minutes queue, finally enter the club. Feels like celebrity walk and take picture at the OM’G’ wall of fame. Inside the club, I love the stage and lighting! I wanna danceeee!! This OM’G’ party presented by Fitness First Kuala Lumpur featuring All Kuala Lumpur Bodyjam™ Superstars! Let get the party started!!

Start with opening act and Bodyjam™ class by the superstars, The club was so packed, so many people! Squished! They said it’s about 200 – 300 people. But we don’t care, we just wanna dance, wanna party! After 1 hour, they performed a freestyle dance battle between 2 group! It’s a great performance! And that performance is an opening act for G’s entrance show! Wow! Fantastic!! Now it’s getting hotter!! He presented the latest Bodyjam™ release 63 for the opening after that the 62 1st Block. Awww!! GREAT!! After that he gave the Bodyjam™ 63’s 2nd Block. I screamed when I heard the “Trumpet Light by Chris Brown” I love that song! Great music, great choreo! Do I need to say more ?? haha..


2 hours dance party, all hot and sweaty.. bumped into someone, steped into someone, slaped someone face, white shoes became dirty. Our mind was exploded! Too bad can’t take a lot of pictures, all blurred! The ending is a performance act for all, We already knew the moves, now just listen and dance!! Hope next year he’ll come again, hopefully in Jakarta too.

This is the links of video that I shoot with my Blackberry. The closing performance of OM’G’ Party. Check it out! Super Awesome.


 Super awesome night, we’re hungry and having a dinner near the KLCC tower. So tired. But we’re so happy…

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A Boy In Malaysia (Part V)

25th September 2012, Saturday

It’s Quarterly Workshop III/2012 day (QWS III)! It is my first time joining QWS at another country. Wake up early and get ready to go to the KLCC – Petronas Twin Tower: Twin Towers Fitness Centre. The club is BIG! Nice place! I collected my Bodyjam™ 62 and Sh’bam™ 9 DVDs then we get prepare for the master class.

When we arrived at the studio, It is going to start the Bodyattack™ masterclass. Koko Mike joined the class. Abang usually take photos during the masterclass and his photos are super awesome! After Koko Mike finished the class, we’re having lunch at the KLCC level 4 foodcourt. Need food for energy for the next 2 awesome classes, Sh’bam™ 9 masterclass and Bodyjam™ 62 masterclass with G!!!

All right! Here it is!! Sh’bam™ 9 Masterclass featuring Michelle Dean and all the presenters from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine and Indonesia. The class was HOT! Love to see Michelle Dean character, she’s so funny. Every single track of Sh’bam™ 9 is cute, sexy, drama and thrilling, especially at the track 7 – Thriller, There’s a lot of shadow presenters wearing the Halloween costumes such as vampires and zombies.

  • Let’s get the SH’BAM™ Party started! 
  • Thriller – Dance, Run, Claws        
  • Sexy and Sensual on the floor   

After Sh’bam™ 9 masterclass, now here it is what we waiting for… The Bodjam™ 62 masterclass with its own Bodyjam™ Program Director, Gandalf ‘G’ Archer! Yay!! With all the Bodyjam™ presenters from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine and Indonesia. We’re like in the live concert of a rockstar. The clapping, cheering and rumbling sound of the crowds. Haha! The class was so super FUN! STRONG! MASSIVE!! G is a very Strong figure yet humble and friendly. We’re all sweaty and melt into the music and dance. After the masterclass, he gave the education for us with an extra party twist! He has to leave soon to go to Singapore then everybody rushed to him to take pictures and sign the DVDs. There’ll be OM’G’ party at Tuesday, 28th September 2012 at Neverland club! He reminds us to go and having another BIG party there! Yay!!

  • Before the Bodyjam™ Party        
  • Start to Pump up the 90’s         
  • Ladies’ Sweet Fantasy                 
  • Turn Up the Quasar                     
  • Climax                                                         
  • Education and Encore                 

After finish the class, go to the shower then waiting for Abang to finish his photography. Anthony will join and stay in the apartment. We’re hungry and we went to the Seafood Restaurant – Pankor Village Seafood. Ordered a lot of food, I like the ‘Lala Soup’, so delicious. Now we’re full! Go home.. 😀

  • After the QWS IV/2012 – Outside the KLCC   
  • Dinner at Pankor Village Seafood   

So tired, Abang was editing the photo and upload it on facebook, so fast! And he got 100+ likes on the next day. Haha. We have to rest earlier because tomorrow morning we’re going to GENTING HIGHLAND! Yay !!!!!

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1 Year with WordPress

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Love to say it, write it, read it

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Love to share it

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Pictures of life with thousand memories

– Memory – 

Something I want to cherish and remember

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Past is history, Future is mystery, Present is a gift

– WordPress – 

A Perfect Place to write the memories of my life

– 1 Year – 

I’m happy for all this time and I’ll always with you..

(Join wordpress: 24 June 2011)

Bodyjam® Euro 2012 at Pluit Village Atrium

Fitness First Pluit Village (FFPV) & Pluit Village held an special event with a special theme, EURO 2012. The show will be held in the main atrium.The FFPV’s GXM, Aurelia Lynda, chose Bodyjam class as the main program. The instructors are Anthony Kesuma and me. I’m so excited !! EURO 2012 fever! There will be a dresscode for us, the staffs and the members, THE SOCCER JERSEY. The event date is 20 June 2012, 7.15 pm. The event is open house, everyone can join!

The day has come, when I reached there, Pluit Village also held its special event, “LET’S PLAY GAMES” with Sesame Street as the theme. I went to the main atrium, Ahh I love the stage!! It’s big, It’s wide, It’s cute. I love the dance floor, soooo spacioouusss!! PERFECTO!! Then I went to the Fitness First, Yes! This club always amazing, I love the decorations and all the staffs are wearing the soccer jersey. Cohesive!

Anthony and I seem like a young boy wearing the soccer jersey, a little bit too big, but I think we’re cute, ha ha ha! Some members also wear the soccer jersey, the other try to mix and match their costume with long socks and short pants, they’re all looking good!

7.00 pm !! Let’s go to the dance floor!! We’re so excited.. marching to the main atrium together. Start preparing the sound, music and mic. I will teach the 1st Block and Anthony will teach the 2nd Block. Let the show begin! Let’s dance! We start with the song: La Copa De La Vida (The Cup of Life) as the introduction/warm up to match the EURO 2012 theme, we dance with Angel and Lynda. Then we’re going to party! We chose the member’s most favorite track list, They’re so happy !! and sweaty….

A lot of people see us dance, some people enjoy the music, moving their body smoothly with the beat. I also can see some children try to dance with us, that’s really cute.

At the end of the show, We’re having the lucky draw for the members. The prize are 5 Fitness First Shoe Bags for 5 people, 5 Fitness First Gym Bags for 5 people, and 1 Grand Prize: a Samsung Mobile Phone for 1 Person. Almost all of our friends got the prizes. We’re happy for them!! Congratulation! 😀

The event is success! Lynda as the GXM proud and thanks us and the members. She also announced the next day will be a Bodycombat® class with Pippo and herself in here. There will be a great moment !!

 I’m so happy with this event, hopefully I’ll get the chance again in the future.


  • The Group Photo 
  • The Shows 
  • The Show Is Not Over! 
  • Keep On Dancing 
  • The Lucky Draw 
  • After Class 


Valentine Party At Fitness First Pluit Village

Valentine’s Day is here !! A moment of love can be celebrate in various ways. Fitness First Pluit Village (FFPV) held a special event “Valentine Party” for 2 days, 15th – 16th February 2012. Special classes will be presented by FFPV’s GX. The first day is Bodyjam™ vs Sh’bam® Extended 90 minutes and the next day are TRX & Muay Thai Challenge and Bodycombat™ Extended 90 minutes. Dresscode for this event is PINK. It’s gonna be fun.

FFPV also decorated the club with lovely ornaments, mostly pink heart, but in some corners we can see lovebirds origami, cupids, pink balloons and a lovely pink fat piggy. The staffs and personal trainers were wearing pink outfits, they’re looking good!

I’m gonna write about the first day event. Just like usual, before the class start. The members and friends were gathering to taking pictures. They joked and acted like lovers. All I can see is their happy smiling faces. My friend, Evelyn Widjaja (Jun Ki) came out with a very cute costume, She got a Black Cat’s Ears Hairband, That’s CUTE !! I called her Catwoman. And Julius is a Ladies’ Man, All girl loves him ^_^ like James Bond.

Bodyjam™ vs Sh’bam® Extended 90 minutes class. It will be start at 7.15 pm. Instructors who will be teach are Anthony, Andika and me. We have arranged a great track list to get crazy on the dance floor. We’re also wearing pink but coincidentally with the same style of color and design. Our outfits have words on it. Anthony is “KEEP LAUGHING :)”, Andika is “NO LIES JUST LOVE” and mine is “BAD BOYFRIEND”  I think that’s cute!

We have arranged this extended class format:

  • Opening / Introduction
  • Bodyjam™ Part 1 by Dee
  • Sh’bam® Part 1 by Andika
  • Bodyjam™ Part 2 by Anthony
  • Sh’bam® Part 2 by Dee (Track 7 – 8), Andika (Track 9 – 10), Anthony (Track 11-12)
  • Quiz & Prizes for the Best Costume, Performance, Spirit
  • Photo Session
  • Closing

Now is 7.15 pm, LET START THE PARTAYYY !! We turn the music ON and let the members come in. It’s open house so we can see a lot of new faces in the class. It’s about 60 people !! WOW !! I opened the class with a short introduction then we start hit the floor with some Pop, Jungle and Hip Hop Bodyjam™ tracklist then continue with the fun part, The Sh’bam® with Andika that made us almost lose our breath. That’s just the first part! The second part was presented by Anthony with Bodyjam™ Latin & Jive mixed tracklist. The peak is Cha-Cha Heels track, a very massive cardio dance with Latin African style! That’s insane !!

A very smooth tipsy feel recovery after the Cha-Cha Heels , we back again to Sh’bam part 2. Andika did a very good job presenting track 9 from Sh’bam® 6 “Who Run The World” , taking all the people facing the mirror and dance. They look exactly the same like Beyonce’s music video. The peak of Sh’bam® start with “Party Rock Anthem” , Andika asked who requested this song. It’s David (a member of FFPV)! I pulled him up to the stage and we dance together! That’s a fun part !! We’re all shufflin’ everywhere till the end.

Finish! next track is Anthony, but too bad. He got a sprain in his ankle. So he need to stop for a while. Everyone’s worry about him. The show must go on, so I and Andika took over and present the last 2 remaining tracks. Yeay! Finally 90 minutes of party is over !! A lot of prizes and goodie bag from FFPV. We gave Goodie bags for Evelyn Widjaja (Jun Ki) for her Best Costume: The Cat (meow!); for a member who came far away from FF Grand Indonesia to FFPV just for joining the special class, Thanks for her appreciation (it’s a looooong way to go); For a New face member (I don’t know his name but I think he’s David’s friend) for his best performance and expression, David also received a goodie back for his energy dance on the stage. All the members got a special Valentine Chocolate Lollipop from Aurelia Lynda, The FFPV GX Manager. Everyone is happy. Then we’re having a photoshoot, a big family of Bodyjam™, Sh’bam® and Fitness First. Love you all !


  • CATJAM    


  • EVE EPE    

Bodyjam™ New Release 59: Battle in the Bronx

Unofficial Bodyjam™ 59 Poster

  • Bodyjam™ belongs to Les Mills
  • Designer: Dee Kaminari (Photoshop + Stock Image)

As you can see from the image, the party people seem exploded  into the shimmering light like the champagne shower! You’ll dance it out! You’ll embrace the music! This is BODYJAM™ 59 ! Battle in the Bronx! Til Death Do We Party !!

I did this poster when I have a spare time in the office while I’m also brainwashing my brain with Bodyjam™ 59 & Sh’bam® 6 musics. I really enjoy to do it, and share with my friend. I feel happy they realize the ‘feel’ that I want to show them. It’s the explosion, the fire, the blaze, sparkling, and champagne shower that ‘kill’ the party people. I want to describe “Til Death Do We Party, With The Music I Die!” theme. The visual is so strong that I lucky get in from the image stocks. Then I design it into a poster, adding some text and effect, and voila!

Let Party at Fitness First Indonesia from December 11th – 17th. Celebrate life ! OPEN HOUSE !!

  • Dec 11th | Sun – Fitness First Oakwood | 11.00 am
  • Dec 12th | Mon – Fitness First Platinum: Pacific Place | 8.15 pm
  • Dec 13th | Tue – Fitness First Plaza Semanggi | 8.20 pm
  • Dec 14th | Wed – Fitness First Platinum: Senayan City | 8.20 pm
  • Dec 15th | Thu – Fitness First Platinum: Grand Indonesia | 8.15 pm
  • Dec 16th | Fri – Fitness First Pluit Village | 8.30 pm
  • Dec 17th | Sat – Fitness First Taman Anggrek | 11.40 am
  • Dec 17th | Sat – Fitness First Cibubur Junction | 11.40 am

Come & Join the Party..

Bring your Friend & Family !