A Boy In Singapore (Part VII)

Let’s dive down to the S.E.A. Aquarium. We will swim to the ocean with tons of fishes, but be careful with the sharks. Blub blub blub~

I always love to visit a place like this, such as Sea World at Jakarta, Aquaria at Kuala Lumpur, I also remember when I was a kid, I’ve been to Underwater World – Sentosa Singapore.. It also good, still remember that aquarium pillar. S.E.A.Aquarium is believe to be the largest aquarium in the World (is it ?), lived hundred of species. I love the living of the sea, they’re colorful, magical and beautiful, aren’t they?

We changed our clothes cause it’s all sweaty and smelly after rumbled at USS. Then we entered the S.E.A. Aquarium building. It has a big hall with a big giant ship inside. It’s an ancient chinese giant ship. It has a moving kirin’s (ancient chinese myth lion) head at the front edge of the ship. It’s massive, cause the size is enormous comparing with the normal size ship surround it.

We walked to the passage, there’s booths and display like an art exhibition. Displaying clothes, sculpture, kites, woodcrafts etc. In my mind based on what I saw, it’s look like a historical exhibition of Silk Road (cmiiw). Sailing, merchandising, art and cultural stuffs. Kinda interesting.



We reached the entrance to the S.E.A. Aquarium, showed the ticket and let’s dive. The aquarium interior is dark, mostly black and blue color. Enter through the glass tunnel. We can see the shipwreck, corals and fishes. Love the blue color of the sea. When we took the photo. Our skin turn blue.



Let’s go deep inside. Now we can see several aquariums in  several sizes and shapes. They’re colorful and so beautiful. I love what I see. Great blue color filled with hundred fishes and corals. I love the big pillar aquarium in  the center of the hall. A lot of fishes makes me wanna swim with them. We took a lot pictures, mostly the marine life scene. Can’t miss it!



“The Gate Of The Sea”


“Under the sea~ Under the Sea~”


Remind me of “The Little Mermaid” and “Finding Nemo” 🙂


One of my favorite spot at S.E.A. Aquarium is the Pillar of the Sea. Tube shape Aquarium with hundred fishes and colorful colar reef. Love the luminate blue color, feel magical.


Wonderful glowing blue behind us.. like a holy light.


Now I really amazed with what I am seeing now.. It’s the first time I see an aquarium with Dolphins, usually sharks right.. now it’s dolphin!! It’s amazinggg… I can see the dolphins very close. Usually saw dolphins at TV, Sea, outdoor/indoor sea pool. They’re good swimmers, they’re very active, fast and cute.. looks friendly, wanna swim with them. I think there’re 8 – 10 dolphin in this big aquarium. It’s hard to took a nice pictures of them. They’re swimming fast and we’re prohibited to use flash in the aquarium.


The next is the Touch Pool. There are staffs who will inform us about the sea animals in the pool. We can touch sea animals here such as starfishes, ray fishes, sea urchins, shells, and this is cute.. the squirting crab (ahh forget to took its picture). It looks like a fake, like a plastic toy/rock, but it’s alive. And if we touch/push gently its upper shell..it will squirt! Cute! One more thing that caught my eyes is the Shark’s Eggs.. first time see it, stunned. Never knew that Shark’s Eggs will looks like transparent orange shell with a moving embrio inside it, The eggs hooked together looks like a sea plant. For me, It’s more looks like alien eggs in the movie. Very cool.. knew something = learned something.


Next journey ahead. It’s a very very dark passage with color lights in the aquarium. What’s inside ? The Ballerina of the Sea, Jellyfish. Usually jellyfish is kinda minor things to see in Aquarium I’ve been visited. But S.E.A. Aquarium is awesome to put Jellyfishes into a very great section. We can see several aquariums. Cute white bubbly little jellyfishes looks more like swimming marshmallows or friendly alien babies. Looks so soft. Some Jellyfishes have a long tentacles that looks like ribbons/ruffles makes them looks like a very elegant wedding dress/bride. Other one with red orange color kinda active remind me of super diva Beyonce, haha. Beware of it, they said it can sting!


The Bride, swimming with elegance with her bride maids.


This is BEYONCE. I named it. She looks hot and sexy. Ruffles, long hair, looks dominant.


Not finished yet. We are breathless to see the big aquarium with full of transparent jellyfishes. They’re bubbly cute!! The aquarium will light/luminate some color light. The jellyfishes will follow the light colors, for example when the light turns red the jellyfishes will be red. Blue and blue, green and green. Love the jellyfishes movement, slow motion but elegant, waving their umbrella-like body (or I also can say wedding veil) in random harmony. We tried to take pictures but the results were too dark. We love it so much. Probably the BEST spot in S.E.A. Aquarium. Fascinating yet so calm. Trapped into the ocean dream. How wonderful if you can do Mind and Body classes here like Yoga or BODYBALANCE®, so dreamy!


Hard to leave the Jellyfishes section. We explored more to the deep and reached the edge. It’s a massive superbig Aquarium in front of us which I think it’s like a big IMAX screen in cinema. A lot of water, a lot of fishes and a lot of people stay here, sitting down calmly and watching the fishes swimming freely. Just a little bit disappointed because the water is not really clear, so it a little bit blur to see. We take a rest and just sinking into the sea fantasy. Sometime we can see the Manta Ray, it’s a fish that has big ‘wings’ fin to swim, it waves its fin up and down to swim but more looks like it’s flying. It’s also the Ballerina of the sea. So graceful. Some little fishes are swimming together with it. Beautiful. I can stay here whole day. Why can be so calm and peaceful.. Love it so much.


S.E.A. Aquarium route actually is like a big ‘U’, now we have reached the edge, there’s another passage way heading to the exit. On the way, we also passed several pure water aquarium with tropical fishes, sea water aquarium with giant crabs, octopus, nautilus, fugu (puffed fish), etc. Fugu is cute, buy we can’t see it bloated its body..only if there is a threat. Just keep swimming~



Now finally there’s SHARK section. Every aquarium in the world always have this section. A lot of various sharks here, small and big.. active swimming and passive sleeping under the sea. Sharks are good swimmers but dolphins look more friendly haha.. The species of sharks always kinda the same like what I saw before at Aquaria. I think I saw Hammerhead Shark and Tiger Shark at Sea World – Jakarta or Underwater World – Singapore before. I think that’s special, also I wonder is there an aquarium in the world who display THE GREAT WHITE SHARK ? It’s nasty!! Curious..


After walked along the route, we finally reached at the end of S.E.A. Aquarium. Still feeling amazed, will be back someday and hoping there’s more sea animals, more unique and better. We went out, saw an ice cream store – ii GELATO di BRUNO.. we bought it 2 flavors in one cone and share together. Quite good. Time has reached 7 pm. The aquarium will be closed soon. 😦


We went out and back to the giant ship again. We’re at the back of the ship. We can see some animals statue on the ship, remind me of Noah Ark. Around the ship, there’s souvenir shop, selling merchandise of S.E.A. Aquarium such as plushie, dolls, snow globe, T shirts, fridge magnet etc. Kinda expensive so we just took picture with it.


Ok, S.E.A. Aquarium FINISHED! Let’s go back to the land. Part of Your World.. 😀

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Dog Does Disco in Wonderland 2013

I never though that this event gonna be held again after I saw the print ad in Central Park. This event has been held last year and you can read it in my previous blog. This event must be very success last year, then they held it again in April 28th 2013, Sunday and I think it’s gonna be a routine event in Central Park.

This “Dog Does Disco” event is a special event for Dogs to show off, join competitions, adoption etc.This year they gave a theme “Dog Does Disco in Wonderland” I think it’s cute. There’s some special booths for food and beverages, dog costumes and accessories. This year featuring Project Pop as entertainment performance. Limited for entry.


A lot of people bring their lovely buddies here. We are as  visitor and dog lovers in the mall also happy to see various dogs in different breeds, sizes, grooms, costumes etc. They’re so cute. The dogs are the celebrities, I want to see them, I want to take pictures with them, I want to hug them.. so lovely, so fluffy.. I always smile when I see cute dogs running around, especially when I saw Mini Pomeranian, they’re like round fur ball. Husky always be my favorite superstar, Thanks to Victor. He came and took a very nice picture of me and Husky.


183 ME & DOGGY

My favorite dog Siberian Husky.. sooo adorable !!

184 ME & HUSKY 1

185 ME & HUSKY 2

Although this is event is special for Dogs, but we met some people brought their own lovely pet like Porcupine and Sugar Glider. They’re also cute and almost stole the spotlight, haha. I’ve tried to touch the porcupine, scary.. the spiky needle fur feels like I’m touching a pile of toothpicks. It will bloom its spiky fur if panic and it’s hurt.. Sugar Glider is a tiny mini squirrel-like, they’re very close to their master. Hugging their master hand or climb around their body. Cute!



I think this is a very nice event.. hopefully next year will be held again. I love it.

1 Year with WordPress

– Words – 

Love to say it, write it, read it

– Story – 

Love to share it

– Photo – 

Pictures of life with thousand memories

– Memory – 

Something I want to cherish and remember

– Time – 

Past is history, Future is mystery, Present is a gift

– WordPress – 

A Perfect Place to write the memories of my life

– 1 Year – 

I’m happy for all this time and I’ll always with you..

(Join wordpress: 24 June 2011)

Dog Does Disco – Easter Carnivale

Actually I don’t know about the details of this event. I received a BBM (Blackberry Message) that informed that at April 15th 2012, Sunday, there will be an event for all the Dog lovers at Central Park (Tribeca Park). “We can adopt a dog” – That the point of the message. Sound interesting, cause I love dog too.. I bet a lot of people will be there and take their dogs. That’s awesome !!

After I finish my SH’BAM™ class, I headed to Central Park. Wow!! There’s a lot of people, so crowded! I went to Tribeca Park, wah I’m so happy to see the dogs! They’re all cute! The dogs are like celebrities, surrounded by the people to take pictures. The owners must be proud of his/her dogs. And the dogs must be very tired.. We touched them, we praised them, we posed them,we teased them, We hugged them.. “Hey, human! Cut it out!” Said the dogs. But you all so adorable!

I can see various dogs, such as Siberian Husky, Chow Chow, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Pug, Bulldog, Pitbull, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Tackle, Corgi, Beagle, Poodle, German Sherperd, Samoyed, Shitz Tzu etc.

I also took some photo with the dogs. They’re awesome!! Thanks for the people who took the picture for me, thanks for the owners of the dogs.

  • The Crowd and dogs 
  • Siberian Husky 
  • Pitbull & HIP HOP Pug 
  • A very friendly Bulldog  
  • German Sherperd & Golden Retriever 
  • Hugging Pomeranian, Poodle & Corgi 
  • Supersoft Cottonball Chow Chow 
  • Dog Does Disco  

 This big event also held some booths for the dogs, such as salon, accesories, dog fashion, dog food, dog medical, dog adoption etc. But it’s limited for entry. Must pay IDR 35.000 / IDR 50.000 for the ticket. The event also held Dog fashion show or talents, but the spark of the night was Indonesia Girlband: Cherrybelle. They’re famous, a lot of people are waiting to see their performances.

I can’t write about the event completely because I didn’t enter the booth area. But I think the event will surely a big success.


Memories of My Bunnies

Once, I had rabbits as my pets. They’re lovely and cute. I named them with coffee names like Choco, Mocca and Cinno. It was a bunch of happy day to be with them but I failed as their master. Tonight, I found some photo of my bunnies and I’d like to share it here. Photo captured memories and I’m happy to remember what I’ve been through with them. Love you Choco, Mocca & Cinno.

  • Cinno Bunny Kiss
  • Me & Cinno the Black Bunny Lady 
  • Cinno’s Paradise 
  • Mocca & Cinno Dinner 
  • Mocca & Cinno  
  • Supersexy Cinno