A Boy in Singapore (Part II)

August 17th, 2013 – Saturday

Happy Independence for Indonesia!! Yeah.. this is the Big day for Indonesia and also I have a special class with Winna for BODYJAM™ Challenge 90 minutes at Fitness First Taman Anggrek – Jakarta (Indonesia), we gave our happiness, passion and energy for the class to start the day, the members also ROCK that time, because me and Winna have given the craziest tracklist ever. After finished the class, back to my boarding house and start to packing. Although I have listed what I should bring. It’s really hard to organize the items into one backpack. I don’t like to bring big baggage for traveling. I spent mmm.. quite a long time to finish packing.. oh my.. (half day !?!?)

After finished, I had my dinner and then I went to Jesse’s house to sleep over. Our flight was early, so it’s more convenient to go together from her house since her house is nearer to the airport. At her house, we video chat with Junki using Skype. Thanks to Jesse’s high speed wifi.. It’s really nice to see her. And we discussed our itinerary to make it fix so not wasting time when we get there. It’s a long nice chat and it’s midnight, sleeping late but have to wake up early.. It’s gonna be great tomorrow.

August 18th, 2013 – Sunday

We woke up early at 4.00 am, sooo sleepy… We used taxi to go to the Soekarno Hatta International Airport – Terminal 3, checked in Tiger Mandala and we departed at 7.00 am. Start to write down my travel journal and sleep inside the plane zzz.



Arrived at Changi Airport at 9.00 am. I heard Changi is one of the BEST airport in  the world, haha..probably right! I took some photo here.. I love the little garden. I can see some people taking pictures here. The little garden has an oriental/asian feel with Cherry Bloosoms and a little pond with koi fishes. Now I’m thinking about Garden by the Bay, there must be greater than this. This little garden also provide an A3 sketch paper and crayons for children. They can use it to sketch picture or scratch the crayon on the paper with the carved board beneath it, so they will get a colorful stamped carving picture on the paper. I sketch myself on the paper, “I’m HERE, SIngapore!” Start being a Kampoeng Boy in the BIG city, hahaha..



We will meet Junki here, Jesse said she’s already inside the MRT. Jesse took me to the McD for breakfast. We order Burger, Harsh Brown and Hot tea. When we started to eat, Junki has came and bring or name sign, hahaha.. last night I order her to make a name sign with me as Mr. Ganteng (Handsome) and Jesse (Forget what is she being?), now she made it using ENCEK GLODOK (me) and NYAI KODOK (Jesse), That’s Funny (Creative) but teasing (d*mn you Junki :p)! We’re having breakfast together.



After finish, we straight went to the hotel using MRT, This is my first (second) time using MRT, hehehe.. It’s so convenient to have this public transportation. Almost all the people of Singapore using MRT. Junki said that living cost at Singapore is very high, so If someone has a car, he/she must be a very rich people, same case if you have a pet. You must be RICH! Really !? I think it’s scary to know this, thinking can I be able to live in Singapore ?


I learned the MRT route with Junki’s guide.. Hmm still confuse.. We arrived at Bugis/Bencoolen , I think this is the BEST MRT Station, I love the ripple of water on the glass ceilings and walls around us, making the water ripple moving shadows, feel cool although outside is hot, feel so nice when going up/down with highest escalator I ever stepped and enjoying the water ripple shadows. Nice concept.



Our hotel is V HOTEL, recommended by Britt, a friend/colleague at Fitness First Indonesia. We kinda hard to find the hotel and asking around and looking at the city map, finally found it at the dead end of a passage. Checking in.. Go to our room.. It’s a small room but it’s a very nice room/hotel. We love it! Small, Clean and comfy! Junki will stay with us later. We put our bags, prepare the stuffs to take it to the workshop, OK! Let’s go..


We will have the QWS III/2013 at WOODLANDS, it’s soooo far away!!! So lucky to have MRT! but still.. it’s really FAR… It’s about 45 mins or 1 hour to reach there. Standing/sitting inside the MRT, city touring. Looking at the big city through the window..



Arrived! Junki and Jesse bought the lunchs and I queue for Taxi, We reached the POLYTECHNIC, it’s a very very BIG Science university (I feel my university is so small..). We met Bobby Glenn and Wisnu here, friends from Fitness First Indonesia. We still have to walk along the way to reach the hall/stadium. Tired.. This university has a lot of facility, swimming pool for example which I think we don’t have one in the university in Jakarta (CMIIW). When we reached there,It’s a big wide hall hmm like a football field. It’s in the middle of BODYATTACK™ workshop, we met a lot of friends from Jakarta and Singapore or maybe another countries, all gathering here.

After BODYATTACK™ finished. The next program is SH’BAM™, it’s good that we arrived on time. This is gonna be Junki’s First officially workshop after she finished her BODYJAM™ Training a month ago. We’re ready to party, the main presenters are Naila Nadwana from Singapore and Arnold Warren from Philippines and also some presenters from Singapore and Indonesia.



We like to party, a lot of people and I think almost 50 to 80 people dancing together. This SH’BAM™ new release 13 is AWESOME! Love the music and the choreography.. It’s FUN and sweaty! I can see Junki, Jesse and all the people enjoy the masterclass. 45 minutes class is over with a great smile and energy. Next is BODYCOMBAT™!


BODYCOMBAT™ is starting and we have time to rest, eat and drink.. also taking pictures. Starving and Thirsty lucky they have Seven Eleven although it’s kinda far from the hall and I remember We have to go down and up that stairs and field.. oohh.. After BODYCOMBAT™ finished, It’s time to party again, It’s BODYJAM™ TIME! GET ON THE FLOOR TIME! New Release 66, featuring Naila and Arnold again and adding Lily and Brian from Singapore with some presenters from Singapore and Indonesia too. I just met Lily and Brian here.


Brian stole the SPOTLIGHT! He’s so awesomeeeeeeee!!! Very energetic, powerful and clean in movement, great attitude especially the B-Boy style.. He’s also a BODYCOMBAT™ presenter! So inspiring and He’s my NEW IDOL!! Awesome man!! BODYJAM™ 66 might be the best release, I always wonder how’s Gandalf Archer the BODYJAM™ Program Director, created such an amazing masterpiece! Great Energy, always makes me lose my mind and lost in the sensation of music and dance. I love!


Meet and make some new friends is nice and do crazy stuffs together is even better! Also meet the Fitness First Singapore BODYJAM™ Head teacher, Ben Ning. Somehow I feel we’re all just like neighbours (well yeah.. country neighbour..). Let’s do our favorite part! Photoshoot!!! Pose and pose and posee… like a superstars.



Another spotlight at this QWS III/2013 is The crowning/recognition for Arnold, Naila and BODYJAM™ team has prepared a ceremony to recognize him as a great presenter, trainer, leader, friend and congratulate him as the DVD presenter for the upcoming BODYJAM™ new release 67. We can’t wait to see him in the DVD. He has been ‘crowned’ like miss universe and receive a bouquet of flower. We’re all so happy to see him and he’s really an inspirer.



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A Boy in Barcelona (Part II)

May 5th 2013, Sunday

Yep.. this is the day.. finally has come. I still worry about my baggage. My friend, Bo, helped me to recheck my stuffs and he will take me to the airport. Before going there, we went Central Park to have a brunch and exchange more Euro. After that off we go straight to the airport.


He only dropped me and I’m waiting at Old Town White Coffee in the airport sipping my tea and start writing my journal. I have to meet the Panorama Tour Leader, Daisy Djauhari at 4.30 pm at the assembly point. I met her, a very fierce woman but reliable! There’s a lot of people there. We will going to Barcelona together. Every one will receive a package bag from Prudential, inside are Jacket, Soccer Shirt, Ulos, Umbrella. I’m usually happy receiving gift or goodie bag, but this time.. UGH! So many thing to squished inside my little bag coz my baggage is already inside the plane before I received this package bag.. Only 1 bag with 7 kg weight allowed to bring in the plane,….  Frustated! Squish – squishhh! 


We’re going to Barcelona by KLM airline. They said it’s a very good airline.. well this is my first time and probably this is gonna be my most exclusive plane I ever sat on. We departed at 6.50 pm (Indonesia time) go to Kuala Lumpur for Transit. It’s about 1:30 hours and we transit for about 30 – 45 minutes and off to continue to a very loooonggg flight to Amsterdam for 12:15 hours. Ewww… It’s the first and longest time I ‘fly’ …

191 KLM


The flight was very smooth… no turbulence at all.. Almost all the passengers are Prudential agents. the man who sat next to me is Derry Kurnia, He will be my roommate. I like KLM :D. I love the food, I got 2 dinners – Nasi Padang and Nasi Kuning, They’re delicious! I surprised they served WINE ♥, Ahhhh I love it!!! Terra Andina 2012, Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot from Chile, 12 %, The red wine is sweet..  I wanna drink it again. Love love love!


It’s a long long long journey.. Watching the flight tracking on the seat screen. I amazed how a super giant steel can fly such a looooonnnggg distance. Corner to corner.. Curvy line – Kuala Lumpur – Amsterdam. KLM also has the video/movie service, I watched Hansel & Gretel and Mulan in the plane, entertaining :D. Start sleepy.. sometimes feel good but sitting for too long make my body ache especially my butt.. painful hahaha… need stretching once a while in the plane.. crack!

OK.. let’s sleep.. tomorrow..we will arrive at Amsterdam.

Good Night..


Dog Does Disco in Wonderland 2013

I never though that this event gonna be held again after I saw the print ad in Central Park. This event has been held last year and you can read it in my previous blog. This event must be very success last year, then they held it again in April 28th 2013, Sunday and I think it’s gonna be a routine event in Central Park.

This “Dog Does Disco” event is a special event for Dogs to show off, join competitions, adoption etc.This year they gave a theme “Dog Does Disco in Wonderland” I think it’s cute. There’s some special booths for food and beverages, dog costumes and accessories. This year featuring Project Pop as entertainment performance. Limited for entry.


A lot of people bring their lovely buddies here. We are as  visitor and dog lovers in the mall also happy to see various dogs in different breeds, sizes, grooms, costumes etc. They’re so cute. The dogs are the celebrities, I want to see them, I want to take pictures with them, I want to hug them.. so lovely, so fluffy.. I always smile when I see cute dogs running around, especially when I saw Mini Pomeranian, they’re like round fur ball. Husky always be my favorite superstar, Thanks to Victor. He came and took a very nice picture of me and Husky.


183 ME & DOGGY

My favorite dog Siberian Husky.. sooo adorable !!

184 ME & HUSKY 1

185 ME & HUSKY 2

Although this is event is special for Dogs, but we met some people brought their own lovely pet like Porcupine and Sugar Glider. They’re also cute and almost stole the spotlight, haha. I’ve tried to touch the porcupine, scary.. the spiky needle fur feels like I’m touching a pile of toothpicks. It will bloom its spiky fur if panic and it’s hurt.. Sugar Glider is a tiny mini squirrel-like, they’re very close to their master. Hugging their master hand or climb around their body. Cute!



I think this is a very nice event.. hopefully next year will be held again. I love it.

Malaysia Trip 2013 (Part III)

We have met Koko Mike yesterday, he just came back from Singapore. We played suspect together, chat and eat snack. Koko Mike always sleep earlier.

Okay, This is SUNDAY! the Les Mills QWS 1/2013. Sherline came to Andalucia and bring us breakfast – Nasi Lemak. yeay! After finish, we went to Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa. I’ve been here before when I was in the high school, but only the theme park and mall. It’s quite far. But Sunway is a nice place to visit. The QWS is super ultimate and it takes place at the hotel ballroom. Yeah! It’s big! Nice wide place to workout with the colorful flashing lighting. I like! Anthony will join the Bodystep® workshop. So me, Sherline, Abang and Koko are going for lunch.


For me, Sunway is a unique design building, very luxurious and antique, somehow also vintage design. This building are connected – Hotel, Mall, Theme park and Water theme park.  Nice Chinese New Year decoration in the Sunway Hotel. At the outside, there’s some big statues like exotic elephant, deers, fish, boat etc. We played and took a lot of pictures. Sherline seem so happy with it especially when we try to photo jump in front of exotic elephant statue. Inside the mall – Sunway Pyramid, there’s a great Chinese big boat at the atrium. I don’t know how to say in english, but I wanna say “NIAT!” (Indonesia word) haha… Very nice design, I love it. A lot of people took picture there, including me.





Abang took us to Sushi Zanmai – Japanese restaurant for lunch. It’s a nice place, kinda same like Sushi Tei in Jakarta. We order a lot of food. Ah, my favorite Japanese appetizer – Chuka Iidako, baby octopus (drool). Not everyone like this food, because the look, baby octopus.. but it’s so delicioussss.. Even Sherline was closing her eyes when try to eat it… She’s afraid. Haha… I’m swallowing my saliva when writing this. slurp.




But I think the special ones is YI SANG. Ordered by Koko Mike. It’s the first time I heard this food. When It came on the table, Oh it’s salad but different. Kinda like “Gado-gado Vietnam” for me. This Yi Sang contains variety of vegetable and salmon with 3 different sauces – Honey, Lemon, Olive Oil. We poured the sauces on, grab our chopsticks. We greet, pray, bless each other with prosperity, succees and health. Then we snap and mix the Yi Sang while Koko Mike is taking the video. Horraayy!! It’s sweet and sour – Delicious!! Anthony joins us after he finished Bodystep® workshop. I just realised that Sushi Zanmai’s sushi is quite cheaper than Jakarta. Ahh full!


We’re going back to the Ballroom. Time to play and dance. Sh’bam® and Bodyjam® time schedule gap is loong.. Sh’bam was 1 pm and Bodyjam was 6 pm -_- , so after we Sh’bammed, we have to wait for Bodyjam®. I met Abang and Koko at Coffee Bean cafe near the ice skating area. We spending time by playing Suspect for about 5 -7 rounds. After that, we’re going to walk around the mall. Outside the mall, we tried to take the photo jump with the Big Lion Statue. The result is good. I like.

171 PLAY



What time is it ? It’s BODYJAM® time! It’s party time! Yes finally!! This time, Bodyjam® featuring Chris Richardson, the Bodyjam® program coach and DVD presenter, also with Fetty, Arnold, Nayla, and some presenters. It’s always feels good to do Bodyjam.  We wore our customized Bodyjam® jacket only for Fitness First Indonesia Bodyjam® team! It’s Yellow and the brightest of the crowds. ~so shine bright… tonighttt… you and I… ~ lalalala .. After the class like always there’s photo  session with group, presenters. Lucky I got one too.



Tired and Fun day! Energy low and time to fuel on with delicious food. Abang took us to Yong Tofu. A lot of food to eat.. to ending this fun day. 



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Jakarta Flood (January, 2013)

Starting new year 2013, welcoming the year of snake in chinese calendar in 10th February 2013. Before that date, It’s still the year of dragon 2012 – the water dragon. What happen in this early 2013? It’s raining season. I have a fantasy thoughts and I can describe maybe the water dragon is crying ? The water dragon is casting water magic ? Maybe the water dragon is angry? Because almost everyday is raining, following with the blowing wind and striking thunder. STORM and FLOOD.

17th January 2013, Thursday.. it’s the longest rainfall in my life. I woke up at 3 am until 8 am, the rain has not stop yet. I can’t go to work. It’s flooding all the way to the office and some way reaches 1.5 m depth. I checked my phone and all I see is the pictures and news of heavy rain and flood. Even CNN said this time, the rain is above average. It’s disaster. Some of my friends also can’t go to work and do activities. Sigh~ Here some photos from my friends.






Helindo Group Reunion 2013

I used to work at PT. Helindo Group 3 years ago. I have a very kind promotion director, Mrs. Grace Hakim. She has invited me for the reunion a year ago, now she is inviting me again. I think it’s a very kind of her, to still remember us and keep contact with us. I feel so warm.

We will have a reunion dinner at Samudra Suki, Mall Taman Anggrek in January 12th, 2013 – Saturday, start at 5 pm. I am there at 6 pm. I can see my ex promotion manager, Mr. Andilala and some old colleagues, Mr. Steven Wang, Mr. Satar Tan And also new colleagues, Mr. Melcky. After a while, Mrs. Grace arrived and order the foods and drinks for us. Samudra Suki offers the steamboat/Shabu shabu and self service food booths which serve sushi, hainam rice, pudding, noodles, ice cream etc.


We start to eat and chat. Meanwhile, Mrs. Lusiana Prayogo and her husband is coming. She greets Mrs. Grace and present her a bouquet of flower. Long time no see, I miss her, my office sister. There are also some new colleagues that I never meet. But I still can feel the harmony among us.

We ate a lot and sipping the delicious Cabernet Sauvignon red wine from Chile brought by Mrs. Grace. Put it together with ice cream, it’s so delicious and elegant taste.

This the reunion for the ex and new employee of PT. Helindo Group. It’s really harmonious. And also there’s surprise birthday party for Mr. Melcky. The waiter brought the cake and we sang together, he suprised and he said this year is full of blessing, Happy Birthday Mr. Melcky. It’s a perfect party.


We’re full and we chattering, sharing our life stories.. happy to see everyone. We’re hoping that this relationship will keep strong like this. Thank to Mrs. Grace Hakim who bring us this harmony.

New Year’s Eve Potluck Party 2012

Christmas just passed, now we just have to counting the days to welcoming New Year 2013. I usually spend New Year’s eve with Bo’s family. Now I’ve been invited by my Fitness First Pluit Village members to join them for New Year’s eve party this year. Sound fun. First, they planned to do Barbeque party, nice idea.. but I think it will be troublesome to prepare if it’s not well organized. So I suggested to do Potluck party. A Potluck is a gathering of people where each person or group of people may contribute a dish of food prepared by the person or the group of people, to be shared among the group. It’s easier and they agree. It is my first time doing Potluck party.

The confirmed Potluck party members are Evelyn Widjaja (Jun Ki), Evelyne Shen (Epe), Debby, Julius, Johan, Maretha Dian, Anthony Kesuma and me. I asked them to wear colorful shirt, for colorful future ahead (hehe). We will gathering at Evelyn Jun Ki’s house. She said she will cook my favorite fish dish, yummy. Debby will cook some vegetables dish and making Ice cream crepes. I’m gonna bring Red Velvet Cake. It’s gonna be fun.

31 December 2012, I can leave from office at 4 pm. So I went to the bakery and buy the Red Velvet Cake. After that I waited Epe at Emporium Mall. She’s going to buy Watermelon and Snacks. Then we’re going to Jun Ki’s house. Debby, Johan, Julius have been in the house. I can see the table is full of food. Johan cooked fish dish too and spicy potato with ‘pete’, Julius bring his Grandmother’s chicken dish. All seem nice and delicious.


It’s 8 pm, and we started to eat! So many food! Jun Ki’s family also join us together. It’s fun. And after finish. we played card game and playstation, took pictures and gossip. As I asked we’re wearing the colourful T shirt and it’s RedYellow and Green… It’s Traffic Lights!  How coincidence. So we took some pictures.. I love the colors.




The time is running and it’s already 11.45 pm.We’re going to the upstair to see the fireworks. It’s drizzle rain outside. We wait to see the fireworks war. When the time hit 12.oo am. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! The firework! Start flashing and burst above the sky. But.. too bad.. All Jun Ki’s neighbours have tall building houses. So we can’t see the best view of the Fireworks. We need to go at some corner to see it clearly and we got excited if we see the big sparkling burst!  


Ahh, we’re hungry again. It’s time for the cake! Yay!! Red Velvet!! It’s big, it has 23 cm diameter and 4 layers. We took some pictures with the cake. Let’s eat it! Yummy!!


We’ll pick up Anthony at his house after he finished the party with his family. We went at 1.30 am. His house is so far away. We barely lost in the dark, haha.. Yay! now all gathered, we go back to Jun Ki’s house.. eat again, play and chit chat. We spend all night and sleep at 6 am. WOW !! It’s morning already.


We woke up at 11 am, we’re fooling and joking around, took weird pictures etc. We have to lunch, Jun Ki’s mom made Hainam rice for us, and also reheat the meal that we brought. We still tired / hangover so we just stay at Jun Ki’s house, play card and Bishi Bashi game with Red velvet Cake + Ice cream punishment for those who lose the game. Funny! Watching Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1. Then Dinner at Warung Leko at PIK.


I feel like we’re dreaming.. all the time that we spent 31 Dec 2012 – 1 Jan 2013.. so fast! It’s New Year.. I’m happy.. Hopefully this year we can also share the laughter through the year. Glad to have friends.


A Boy in Malaysia (Part IX)

29th September 2012, Wednesday

When I go to the central market, I took the KL Birdpark brochure and asked Abang, Have he ever been there, He said ‘No’. Now he want to takes us there. Meanwhile, Anthony has to go back to Jakarta today at 3 pm. So we have to go earlier. The location of KL Birdpark is near the city. We’re having our brunch at HORNBILL RESTAURANT & CAFÉ. The foods are quite nice, hmm kinda expensive (abang said,”it is tourist price.”). We bought the tickets and go inside. The first thing we saw, Hey! It’s parrots, colorful! We can see various birds inside, there’s Parrots, Ibis, Peacocks and Peahen, Hornbills, Flamingos, Quails, Ostrich, Emu, Doves, etc. Hornbill is the national bird of Malaysia.



There’s a strange bird that looks like chicken or quail, they’re round and cute with a weird chirping voice.. come in pack, they’re not afraid of human, they approach! Because the human used to feed them with the bird food that we can buy at the vending booth/machine. I remember the moment when I’m at Batu Cave with the pigeons. So now I just play along with the quails. They came and looking around for the food. I acted by reaching my hand like spreading the bird food, but suddenly >SNAP< , the quail bite (beak) me. that’s hurt! haha… >.<


There’s a Bird photobooth, We took photo together. Some birds are cute. Some of them look scary (example: the eagles). Anthony seems a little bit scare with the birds.   


The best part is Parrots feeding. Just need to pay 2 RM for the food (milk and Seed). I want! I paid, then when the KL Birdpark staff gave me the milk glass, all the birds fly on to my hand, he put the seed on my head and my left hand, the birds hang on my body. Amazing! Hahaha.. I love that! The birds are not afraid of human. We took a lot of photo here. We can also feed the ostriches.. I just knew that they eat vegetable. Kinda scary to feed them, because of their size, they look wild and fierce, like a prehistoric bird. Afraid they’ll >SNAP< my fingers. Koko Mike was feeding them, you can see the sequence below. 😀





Maybe we took about 1 – 2 hours to walk around the birdpark. Then we went to Train Station to drop Anthony. He will take the train to the airport. Sherline was there too. Good Bye Anthony.. See you in Jakarta.

Me, Abang and Koko went to the OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE to relax. After that we went to their new apartment, ANDALUCIA. They have to receive the delivery of apartment big equipment and stuffs. We also start to clean and decorate the room. Moving the cupboard, table, sofa etc. It’s gonna be a very nice and comfortable apartment. 

Finish! We’re going home. Koko went to sleep, I accompany Abang edited the photo and uploading to the facebook. When Koko awake, we’re getting ready for the dinner. Koko took us to the foodcourt. I wanna eat Oyster Omelet, now I found it here, it nice but not as good as I ate at Penang before, Hahaha… We’re full, then we go home again. Playing Citadel with Abang. I’m lose.. T^T


BONUS! Quail Parody


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A Boy in Malaysia (Part VIII)

28th September 2012, Tuesday

Tonight!!! OM’G’ Party at Neverland!!!! We will meet G again!  We have a lot of time until 8 pm. We’re going to Mid Valley and The Garden again, we’re having our brunch at NANDOS, a restaurant that serve chicken with their special homemade sauces: Peri-peri. I think Nandos is from around Mexico. Walk around the mall and shops. There’s an exhibition at the top floor – Disney’s – Mickey’s Icon Exhibition. A lot of customized design of Mickey Mouse. Some of them look cute and some look weird. Haha. We went to the pet shop and music store, then go to the Game Store. I found Citadel and Monopoly card game. Citadel is expensive but it’s a very good game! I bought them.


We went to DELICIOUS for desserts. I love this place! We ordered Strawberry Cheese Cake, Strawberry Ice Cream and Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream. Awww so yummy (drool), We played the Citadel card for the first time here. Abang is a newbie, so we teach him as we play, learning by doing. It’s a very simple strategic card game and he loves it! And I think he won! He said he loves strategic games.


It’s about time and we went to PAVILION MALL again, Neverland is close with the mall.. We’re having our early dinner at the food court and we played Citadel again. Abang is addicted to Citadel. As we eat and play, we can see some people already wearing OM’G’ (Fitness First version) T-shirt. We’re going to wear our own design. It’s time! Let’s go to Neverland!

Wow! A long queue in front of the club’s entrance. We waited for our turn. Sometime G just come out and greet the members, he’s so humble. About 20 minutes queue, finally enter the club. Feels like celebrity walk and take picture at the OM’G’ wall of fame. Inside the club, I love the stage and lighting! I wanna danceeee!! This OM’G’ party presented by Fitness First Kuala Lumpur featuring All Kuala Lumpur Bodyjam™ Superstars! Let get the party started!!

Start with opening act and Bodyjam™ class by the superstars, The club was so packed, so many people! Squished! They said it’s about 200 – 300 people. But we don’t care, we just wanna dance, wanna party! After 1 hour, they performed a freestyle dance battle between 2 group! It’s a great performance! And that performance is an opening act for G’s entrance show! Wow! Fantastic!! Now it’s getting hotter!! He presented the latest Bodyjam™ release 63 for the opening after that the 62 1st Block. Awww!! GREAT!! After that he gave the Bodyjam™ 63’s 2nd Block. I screamed when I heard the “Trumpet Light by Chris Brown” I love that song! Great music, great choreo! Do I need to say more ?? haha..


2 hours dance party, all hot and sweaty.. bumped into someone, steped into someone, slaped someone face, white shoes became dirty. Our mind was exploded! Too bad can’t take a lot of pictures, all blurred! The ending is a performance act for all, We already knew the moves, now just listen and dance!! Hope next year he’ll come again, hopefully in Jakarta too.

This is the links of video that I shoot with my Blackberry. The closing performance of OM’G’ Party. Check it out! Super Awesome.


 Super awesome night, we’re hungry and having a dinner near the KLCC tower. So tired. But we’re so happy…

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