Fajar’s Last Bodyjam® Class

It’s April 30th, 2012 – Monday, The last day of April – Fajar’s Bodyjam® Last Class. We’re having class in Fitness First Taman Anggrek. He also did some Bodyjam® Last classes in another clubs. We all want to feel the moment with him before he leaves the stage.

We’re wearing colourful outfit and arrange a cool Bodyjam® playlist for the members. I did the first block and Fajar did the second block. The class is going well although there’s no mic. I feel great with it. The members have changed. A lot of new people don’t know who is Fajar, some of them might be the first and the last time join the Fajar class. But they seem happy and enjoy the class.

At the end of the class when Fajar’s presenting the last track (groove down) from Bodyjam® 40 (I don’t feel like dancin’- Scissor Sisters)-> he chose it on purpose grrr!, I gave him the surprise! Wah! I melted and face down on my knees, haha can’t help it, cried.. >Cough< >cough<

Fajar opened the gift, He’s happy! He loves it! I’m glad 😀 . All members come to the stage and greet him, wish him a good luck and asking him why he quits Bodyjam®. They’re now feeling close with fajar. We’re taking pictures together. I love to see all the happy faces.

I also gave him the original sketch. He was surprised with the detail especially the cupcakes with the love heart icons (Thanks for Astrid :D). Til now I’m still hoping he’ll back again on the stage.

Good luck, Fajar! 
Thank you 

Art: Fenny, by Dee & Mizu, using SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE

It’s really nice to meet my friend again. A reunion!  My friend, Jessica Gunawan (Mizu) came along way from Bali. So we plan to meet. After I finished my work, I went to Central Park. She already with Fenny and Yennyka. They’re also good friends of mine. We hang out at Carls Jr. , order some french fries and soft drinks. Chattering and joking.

I knew Fenny has a Samsung Galaxy Note. I love that gadget because it has application that I can use to draw. It called S memo if I’m not wrong. I borrow the gadget then I start to draw. It’s the first time I use this gadget. Scratch and scratch, I can’t control the flow of the pen smoothly, need more practise. So I start to draw something serious, Face! So I draw fenny as the model. She’s happy !! She peeked the sketch that I draw on the gadget.

Jessica also can draw, but she seldom practise and I’m afraid she’ll lost her talent. So I keep asking her to help me to draw.. She’s a really good artist. So we collaborate together. We’re happy to draw it.. but unfortunately the first art that we draw wasn’t saved because the gadget’s error and Fenny was crying out loud. We’re also dissapointed, because our art was look exactly like Fenny.

So we redraw again. But this time, Jessica drew a lot. I just do the details. Yes, her passion is fire up again.. We draw together and the result is good. Fenny also happy with it.  Check it out!


Ta Da !! This is Fenny. 😀

Then I want to draw again. So I draw a different style, Japan Anime Chibi Style. Quite easy.. Just a quick draw. I think I get used to it now. Then before we show it to Fenny. We want to record her experession using video camera in the mobile phone. She screamed happily. And start to pose and take a picture based on the picture that I drew. That’s cute.

And this is the coloured version, using Photoshop.

PS: Can I have this for my birthday ? 😀

Bodyjam™ New Release 59: Battle in the Bronx

Unofficial Bodyjam™ 59 Poster

  • Bodyjam™ belongs to Les Mills
  • Designer: Dee Kaminari (Photoshop + Stock Image)

As you can see from the image, the party people seem exploded  into the shimmering light like the champagne shower! You’ll dance it out! You’ll embrace the music! This is BODYJAM™ 59 ! Battle in the Bronx! Til Death Do We Party !!

I did this poster when I have a spare time in the office while I’m also brainwashing my brain with Bodyjam™ 59 & Sh’bam® 6 musics. I really enjoy to do it, and share with my friend. I feel happy they realize the ‘feel’ that I want to show them. It’s the explosion, the fire, the blaze, sparkling, and champagne shower that ‘kill’ the party people. I want to describe “Til Death Do We Party, With The Music I Die!” theme. The visual is so strong that I lucky get in from the image stocks. Then I design it into a poster, adding some text and effect, and voila!

Let Party at Fitness First Indonesia from December 11th – 17th. Celebrate life ! OPEN HOUSE !!

  • Dec 11th | Sun – Fitness First Oakwood | 11.00 am
  • Dec 12th | Mon – Fitness First Platinum: Pacific Place | 8.15 pm
  • Dec 13th | Tue – Fitness First Plaza Semanggi | 8.20 pm
  • Dec 14th | Wed – Fitness First Platinum: Senayan City | 8.20 pm
  • Dec 15th | Thu – Fitness First Platinum: Grand Indonesia | 8.15 pm
  • Dec 16th | Fri – Fitness First Pluit Village | 8.30 pm
  • Dec 17th | Sat – Fitness First Taman Anggrek | 11.40 am
  • Dec 17th | Sat – Fitness First Cibubur Junction | 11.40 am

Come & Join the Party..

Bring your Friend & Family !

Helindo Promotion Team Reunion

Dedicated for my ex-Promotion Director, Mrs. Grace Hakim from Helindo Group.

She held a reunion party for the promotion team. And my ex-manager (Mr. Andilala usually I called him ‘Papi’) asked me to draw something for her. Based on the photo that Mr. Andilala sent to me, so It came out like this. (by Pencil + Photoshop + Stock Images)

I also draw the members of the Helindo Promotion Team (clockwise’s flow: Mr. Andilala, Mr. Andry, Mrs. Lusiana, Mr. Soleh, Mr. Dee (Me), Mrs. Yenny).

The reunion was held at ASTON MARINA ANCOL – Jakarta (29th Floor) and there will be a steamboat dinner. I can be there at night after training. When I get there, I really happy to see everyone (Andry didn’t come 😦 ). I met Mr. Suwandi and his wife, and Mr. Satar Tan from Balikpapan. Aha! I feel surprise to see Mrs. Grace. It’s like meeting my mother after a long time. I gave her an Australian red wine, De Bortoli Sacred Hill Cabernet Merlot as a gift, She’s happy. They’re all waiting for me and they already finish their dinner but it’s still a plenty of food so they told me that I’ll be the one to finish it all. I love steamboat and I’m really hungry. Bring them on !!

Mrs. Grace has to return to her home, then Papi give her my artwork. I wanna see her face when she look at it but she has to leave immediately because her driver’s already arrived. We’re stay at the condotel. After about 10 minutes, she texted me and said “My drawing .. FABULOUS!!! and always appreciate my gifts.. they’re so valuable” that’s make me blushed and happy.

It’s really a great time.. and hope we all can feel this family’s warmth although we’re not in one company.

My Hand Drawing

I just bought a new sketch book and colour pencils, to fill my spare time to practising my drawing skill. It’s been a while I’m not drawing and I’m afraid my skill is going downgrade. Hopefully I can practise more and more to bring a good result to my art.. I decided to draw animal.

Downloaded some cute animals and drew it. The result is not really good.. need a big effort to use colour pencils to colour the sketches. Sometime I feel a little ache/sprain on my wrist. The best thing was when I do it and listen to my ipod, I feel autism, and no one disturb.. I feel calm and inspired. I hope I can do more.. any requests ? 😀




IGUANA (Saya kapok gambar reptile karena sisiknya susah sekali digambar)

My favorite : THE WISE HAWK, how about you ?

Hope you enjoy my art.. Still learning and hopefully get better.

Feng Shui & Design

Feng Shui..

I still remember when I was a kid, watched a Hong Kong movie that used Feng Shui element. I saw it like a magic stuff, They use it in the battle and equiped with items, such as Coin Blade, Ba Gua, Umbrella, Charms etc. And I still remember 1 ‘weird’ thing in its episode which just move the vase in certain corner of the room will affect the relationship of people, another one is the horse statue planting that affect the business and health. At the end of the movie, It was found and break it! The result is the owner of the horse statue died…heartache…

Since then, I learned that Feng Shui was like a simple theory of “YES or NO / GOOD or BAD” in terms of putting or moving an object in certain corners. It’s like “something believe it or not” for me.

After graduated from Bina Nusantara University, searching for a job for about 2 – 3 months. Fortunately I got a call from my senior, Monica Wiguno. She asked me to work at her office. This is the fun part. The Office is a big house with a quite big garden. The first thing that caught in my eyes is its pool with…(HAH?) an 8 shaped rock/stone with “3 2 8” numbers on top. I can guess that the owner is a Chinese.

(The photo above was taken when flooding)

At the front door, there’s 2 big tall pillar with Dragon cravings, inside the guest room there’s a lot of flower, fishes (koi) and horses paintings, at the corner there’s a golden frog statue with coin in its mouth. VERY SACRED. In the main room there’s big “Phoenix” painting and a notification paper that write “Play Feng Shui Music Everyday” (o.O)

That’s the first time I enter a house with so much of Feng Shui and Chinese elements (except temple), I assumed the boss must be a fanatic Feng Shui believer. When I first met him, he’s quite young, a little bit.. shorty, fat. He’s a kind man actually.. but he’s not easy to deal with because all the job will be debated in Feng Shui ways. Sometimes it’s irritating.

We have to think harder to create a design that make him deal and sometime weird. Some projects:

  1. He want a Namecard design in “Ba Gua” shape designed by Monica;
  2. “Dragon” Logo Design, he counted the Dragon’s fingers and horns;
  3. “Earth” Logo Design, with gold color surrounded by rainbow aura (the bottom must be red and purple on top)
  4. “Phoenix” Logo Design must facing up and do not put inside the space.
  5. etc

When he’s around, we have to play the Feng Shui music.. actually it’s good for our mind.. but we often get sleepy to hear it over and over again. And one day.. when we’re concentrating with our job.. The boss walked around bringing a weird bell like item. He turned it and making some “EWUNG WUNG WUNGGG” sound (sonar?) then “TENG!” hit it! We’re all like…(o.O;). Maybe he want to hypnotize us.

There’s some story I can remember when I was working there. It was fun for my first working experience.

Hmm, sometime a little bit upset when involved Feng Shui in design, can’t use my own idealism. What I’m feeling now is designing logo for “SHANGRI-LA CAR WASH” that using stainless steel effect, It’s shiny and glossy, added the Red Maroon color to make it elegant combination. But some people said that it’s to dark, the stailess steel effect is GREY colour, Maroon is dark red color. It’s not good in Feng Shui terms. Then I have to “brighten” the logo.

Above is the comparison between my own ideal designed logo and the revision. I think the revision is too plain and clean, not realistic. Sometime I have to level down my design which make me sad until now.. but life must goes on.. Hopefully I can do more next time..

Sorry for complaining in this post.