Home for Family & Friends (Part II)

Good Morning!

The best thing to see in the morning right now is our Nephew Owen.


We are big family will go to have breakfast at my favorite restaurant – Dim Sum Ayong. I always happy to be here and enjoy the food and family gathering especially now with Owen. Cute baby!


“Delicious Dim Sum” , My all time favorite!



I think it’s Mid-Autumn Festival now, I can see the restaurant also sell Moon Cake and lanterns. The Lanterns has various design, such as dragon, fish, phoenix and even they have Crayon Shinchan and Minion design, very colorful hanging up to the ceiling. Min brought Owen along to see the lanterns, Owen seem interested with the lanterns.


Ben and Mom have some business to do, so just me, Wie, Min, Dewi and Owen together. We’re hanging out and shopping at the Sun Plaza, one of the biggest mall in Medan. We’re having lunch at Uncle K Kopi Tiam. Kopi Tiam is like our vocabulary to describe Coffee Shop but it more sound Asian! It has a big space for an Coffee Shop with nice design, very woody. It also sell foods like Roti Canai, Martabak, etc. Min said it always crowded in peak hours.


We ordered Iced Coffee, Es Cendol, Ambula Juice, Half Boiled Eggs with Toast, and Martabak Rendang. All are DELICIOUS! The Martabak Rendang is like pancake crepes with traditional coconut milk and spiced beef as the filling plus Curry Sauce, it’s so BIG, THICK and DELICIOUS! and It’s CHEAP! Fantastic!! I will come back again for this menu!



“Very deilicious and afforable! Very recommended!”


This is the funny part, Owen was crying and made us panic to calm him down. Dewi tried to give him milk but He didn’t want to drink milk. Maybe he want something different. We tried the iced coffee, Dewi used her finger to take a drop of iced coffee and let her son taste it. He calmed down, eyes open, his mouth chewing fast his mother finger, we laugh! He likes it! Sometime using spoon. Owen loves COFFEE!! He cried and wanted more.


After Ben and Mom have come to Sun Plaza, we’re gathered. We had early dinner at ZingDo – Korean Restaurant. All day only eat and eat and eat again. But it’s fun, love to see my family are so happy in every pictures that I captures, especially my mom, happy grandma!


“I’m really happy to see my mom smile like this..” Cute Owen.


Happy Papi 😀


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Kuala Lumpur Again (Part II)

Sunday – November 17, 2014

Breakfast! and guess what are we going to have? Especially when I go to Kuala Lumpur, even Sherline who voice noted to me last night asked me, “Where will you go for breakfast tomorow?” and she answered “It’s RAJU!” Haha.. 100 points for her! We’re having delicious breakfast there. We met Sherline there. She looks good. She can’t join us for too long cause she has an appointment with Ken to practise for Fitness First Big Event – Fight your right to Party feat. Rachel Newsham, The program director of Les Mills  BODYCOMBAT® & SH’BAM®.


After that, we’re going back home. Koko Mike is preparing to go to his family house, so only me and Abang again. And he asked me again to watch the Horror Movie. Err… Because it’s daylight.. so I just nod.. He is happy! We watched Korean Horror Movie that contain 4 different stories. I grabbed pillow and sometime hid my face behind it. And close my ears with my fingers. I think it’s about 1 and half hours horror movie and finally finished it with deep breath..

Special Gift from Abang for me and Anthony, BODYJAM® Afro Circus T-shirts.


Abang said he wanna join BODYJAM® Class at Fitness First Avenue K, the instructor is Uchop. He is also a BODYJAM® and SH’BAM® Presenter. I heard a lot him, a very good instructor. So we’re going there. Avenue K is close with KLCC Twin Tower, my favorite building in Kuala Lumpur. We’re going to have lunch here. It’s so crowded. We’re going to the food court and order burger by FUEL SHACK. It’s BIG and delicious. After that, take a little walk around the mall and back to Avenue K.


I think this is the 3rd Fitness First club that I visited at Kuala Lumpur. The design is good and love the member lounge that can see the view of the street and the twin tower.


Now Uchop is here, it’s time for BODYJAM®! I feel happy he knew me. Ah so nice to dance as a member. He used BODYJAM® release 55 latin Salsa for the first block. And after that we got a surprise! He used the newest release that haven’t launch/workshop in Jakarta – It’s BODYJAM® Release 67, WOW!!!!! I’m so happy!!!!! He used it from the recovery track and the 2nd Block! Ahh It’s great!!! First time did this block before the actual workshop in Jakarta at Saturday, November 23, 2013. I feel so lucky!! Uchop really is a great instructor, we show the technique and feel perfectly! I feel crazy when I saw the way he touched his body when doing the liquid movement. That’s is perfect! Nailed it!

After the class, he came and that’s the first time we talk directly, hopefully can be a good friend and team. We took picture. Awesome.


It’s a great experience here!! We’re going back home again and waiting for Koko Mike. Before I went to Kuala Lumpur, I’ve inform Abang, and he has planned to have a little gathering with his friends for dinner, and he invited me to join. We’ll have dinner at Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant. I’ve been here when the first time came to Kuala Lumpur. Koko Mike is home, after he finish preparing some stuff, let’s go for dinner. Not all of his friends can come. So just only Me, Abang Osman, Koko Mike, Sherline, Sherline Husband (Tan), Joan, and Ooi Hien (Abang Osman Godbrother). We’re eat and chat a lot. It’s wonderful to have this moment together.


After dinner, we still want to chat and we search for some desserts. We’re going to the food court area, order some fruity desserts. Fresh, but too sweet!


One great day and night in Kuala Lumpur! Good Night.. ^3^


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A Boy in Malaysia (Part II)

August 23th, 2012 – Thursday

Finally, the day has come, It’s August 23rd ,2012 – Thusrday!!  I still came to the office and worked until 12 pm, I’m going to the Soekarno Hatta International Airport. I’m lost at Terminal 2, then I have to take shuttle bus to Terminal 3 for Tiger Airway flight. Checking in with a little problem about the luggage fee that made me spend IDR 250.000,- for something that I shouldn’t have to pay. Oh well, forget it..

Nah, now I’m inside the plane, yay! I’ll be at KL at 5 pm. I’m here!!! Follow the passengers to the immigration then I’m taking my luggage. Go to the arrival gate then I saw Abang Osman holding a paper with Bodyjam™ logo and my name, Mr. Dharma Putra. Haha.. Yay so happy to see him! Hello Abang! Then we’re going to the apartment, Millennium Place – Petaling Jaya. It’s a looooonggg way to go… about 45 minutes to reach the city from the airport. Here we are! At the apartment (nice view), I’m meeting Koko Mike now.. This gonna be a great trip! I told them that I’m so excited and I’ll be like a little boy with a new toy XD.

Koko Mike wanna have a dinner so he took us to the Mall, Mid Valley and The Garden. I’m on city tour! It’s nice to see KL at night. Abang also want to buy a golden marker for OM’G’ T-shirt signature. I need to buy the local SIM card/ number to activate my Blackberry service and we chose DIGI service. The mall is nice, It’s big, I like it.. We’re having SUSHI TEI for dinner. After finish, we go back to apartment and rest. Get ready for tomorrow’s City Tour. Yay!

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Home – July 2012 (Part II) BONUS

Some photos from my own digital camera that I would like to share. Some photo capture love and laughter. It’s good to see them. I wish my brother and Dewi live happily ever after.

  • Photo with Aunties after the preparation and waiting for the Bride & Groom 
  • The Models Wannabe 
  • One Family 
  • Husband & Wife 


Benny & Dewi Casual Pre Wedding Photo

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This is the 2nd Pre Wedding album / slideshow of my brother (Benny) and his wife (Dewi). This time they used casual attire and photographed by their friend, Herry. They chose yellow shirt and short pants which I think is a good choice, Yellow is a bright color with a happy mood, all the photo seem very vibrant and cheerful. They look more relax, a lot of emotions ( I love it) and natural expressions + gestures + poses.

They took a different places such as restaurant, park, temple, car, garden and playground. Ordinary place with ordinary exterior / interior. And using some items around them (such as broom). But I don’t feel the photos are bad, they’re all good! It’s all because the emotion inside it. They act just the way they are (I always love to see my brother’s silliness).

Enjoy the photo.. (33 photos)

Home 2012 Part III

Good morning! I woke up and had my breakfast, Mom’s Homemade Ba Cang, Ahh this is my favorite food. Usually I bought it but now finally I can eat my own mother’s handmade after waiting for so long. So delicious !!

It’s a good cloudy weather. We have to go to the cemetery for Qingming Festival. There’s a lot of offerings, fruits and foods to bring there. We prayed our father and ancestors. Burning paper gifts for the departed. It’s an oppurtunity to remember and honour them.

After finish, we’re back home and go visiting our relatives. Then we’re going to the marketplace to buy the ingredients for dinner. My mother’s going to cook seafood for me. She knew I loved seafood. She bought some fishes and prawns. We saw ‘Udang Galah’ (Big headed prawn / King Prawn), It’s very delicious (especially the head). We seldom eat this king prawn. It costed IDR 150.000/kg. My mom asked me Did I want it ?, too expensive.. I said no, but they knew I want it because they notice whenever I called them I always mention King Prawn for dinner when I’m in Jakarta, so my sister kindly buy it for me. Wew.. I’m touched! For 1 kg, we got 5 Great Prawns.

Go back home and my mom’s starting to cook. We also invite Ben’s fiance, Dewi and our close friends. Hmmm, what do we have here ? Check it out!

And it’s also the perfect time to enjoy the delicious durian pancake that I bought from Medan… mmmm~

The best part is the family gathering, dinner at the same table, chattering and take a lot of silly photos. It makes us feel young and happy. A lot of laughter and joy. Delicious foods, Happy Family..


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Home 2012 Part II

The next day, my sisters went to work. Me and Ben had our breakfast Mie Lindung then going to see Mr. Sarman, my ex-highschool teacher and also a Wedding Organizer. It’s been a while I’m not see him. We’re arranging Ben’s Wedding and he took us to see the Recommended Wedding Services Tenants for the video documentary and the florist,They’re all great! I’m glad I can help my brother. After finished, We went to the traditional market to buy flower bouquets and some items for Qingming Festival with my Aunt. I felt nostalgic with traditional market, so I took some photo, It looks classic (but also, the market’s look like has been attacked by zombies). Qingming Festival‘s items, gifts or offerings are cute.. They all made from paper and look so real. The offering items such as money, cigarettes, Ipad, Iphone, Ipod, Massage Chair, gold bar, silver bar etc.

Heading home, then I had my lunch with Min, my favorite food – Nasi Campur Gedhe. I also bought a box of Durian Pancake, it’s delicious! After that we’re going to Perbaungan to fetch Wie at work. We waited for her and buy some snacks. Heading to Kisaran, chattering in the car along the way to Kisaran. I like to talk anything with my sisters. Arrived at home, Kisaran. Happy to see my mom.. I hugged her.. “I’m Home, Mom..”

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