A Boy In Singapore (Part VIII)

It’s 7.15 pm and we still don’t wanna go home… From the sea back to the land, but we’re dry not wet. Aha.. Remember the fountain that we’ve passed at USS? At first just take pictures, and then I just have this crazy idea. Challenge game with the Fountain. 

We played with the fountain. The fountain is round shaped on the floor. About 4 to 5 meter diameter. The water will squirt up randomly, it can shoot/squirt about 3 to 5 meter from the ground. Looks pretty with the colorful lighting. The good thing is we’re allowed to do it, there’s no security that warn us.. just a few people around there. See our crazy actions, but they seem interested.

Now this is what we do..The fountain has random timing of squirt and sometime it stops. At first time, we still afraid of the water.. so we waited at the other side of fountain, waiting the fountain stopped and we ruuuunnnnnn!!! But too easyyy… Next challenge is you have to run at the gap of the fountains. It’s getting more interesting now, and we started to get wet. Junki took video of this challenge but too bad cannot upload it here 😦 .. so I screen capture it. I failed the challenge because I fell down when I try to avoid the water squirt, so I jumped and I slipped.. Junki got a big splash right on her face! Haha poor girl.. but that’s so funny.





3rd CHALLENGER: Junki – … !? (o_O;)


We’re totally wet now and it’s getting more and more interesting. We keep thinking a harder challenge to pass the fountain, from straight run, round walk, and finally the craziest challenge is DANCE IN THE MIDDLE OF FOUNTAIN!

Do crazy stuffs while you’re young, that will bring crazy memory to your future. (But responsibly). This is might be crazy but so fun! Me and Jesse dance in the middle used SH’BAM® – ‘Wet’ Choreography. OMG! So sexy!! This is so fun! We feel like shooting for music video, haha… I wish I can do that again.. I asked Junki to dance BODYJAM® – ‘Pride’ Choreography. We’re so crazy and wet!! Will be more loose and crazy if there’s BODYJAM® or SH’BAM® Music. We’re absolutely will party in the fountain. This is one of the best memory in Singapore.

Performing ‘WET’ from SH’BAM® Choreography. We’re really wet and love it so much! Just wanna take my clothes off!

376 1 WET

We’re all super wet, shirt, pants, shoes.. Waiting to dry while other people were looking at us, crazy? Creative? Fun? Whatever? Hahaha.. but some of them also do it, especially the kids. We’re dry now. We went back to MRT Station, Junki will go back to her house first for some stuffs, but we will meet again for dinner at Newton Food Center.

We meet again, They said Newton Food Center is famous. I already request Junki that I want Oyster Omelette. So she took me here. Jesse also like this place. They said Newton Food Center has a lot of delicious foods. We ordered Chilly Crab, Chicken Wings, Oyster Omelette, Chicken Satay and Lala (Shells). Yummy.. The Oyster Omelette indeed super delicious, nice aroma and juicy (drool). Other foods also nice, so happy after 1 full day.. walking, playing, and get wet. This is so great!!


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