Home 2015 – Chinese New Year (Part I)

This year I took a lot of annual leave for going back to my hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. I took 7 days starts from 14th to 21st February 2015. It’s going to be very exciting.. I miss my family, nephew and the local foods.

I didn’t sleep because I’m afraid I will oversleep.. I’m taking the early flight at 8.00 am using Lion Air. Delayed for 30 mins. Then depart and arrived at Kualanamu and meet my mom there. It’s feel amazing to her again. Mwah!

We went to Medan. Picked up my sisters, Wie and Min, then we’re having lunch at one of my favorite restaurant. It serves delicious chinese foods – Babi Hong (Steamed Pork) is my most favorite, Meat Roll, Garlic Kailan, etc. I ate a lot.


Next, we went shopping at Brastagi Store. This is my mom favorite place to buy stuffs and fruits. I love store has display various Chinese New Year decorations and lanterns. All seems red and very oriental.


We’re going out all day long. The night is coming. We stopped and rest, having dinner at Little Melaka Restaurant in Centre Point Mall. Quite nice place and foods.


These are our food! Seem yummy? Hehe 🙂


Malaysia Trip 2013 (Part II)

February 16th, 2013 – Saturday

Good morning Andalucia! We slept tight like a baby.. hard to wake up! I started to prepare myself, take a bath while Abang and Anthony were still sleeping. After I finish, I woke up Anthony. Then I have a narcism moments.. haha.


Abang also woke up and he asked what do we want for breakfast? “Roti Canai at RAJU” I answered. It’s a ‘Must’ if I go to KL. Abang agreed. We went there.. I love this place somehow. We order Roti Canai, Ayam Goreng, Fish, Tose Telur. Love the fish, one day I wanna try the fish eggs. And I think this is the most delicious roti canai I’ve ate so far. We also meet Sherline here, yay Oneng chan.. haha..


Emm, delicious breakfast. After we finish. We went to Mid Valley, Sherline has to teach Bodyjam® so she can’t join us. Mid Valley is a nice big mall. It’s still chinese new year period.. the mall decorated with a lot of chinese ornaments, flower etc. It’s beautiful decor inside the mall. Lovely cherry blossom, Chinese bamboo, Cutting paper.. I love them.


We went up to the top floor and visit pet shop. Shopping at DAISO, a japanese shop. Only 5 RM for each item. $_$ I bought a lot of photo frame.. haha. After that, we went to DELICIOUS – time for desserts. We ordered Strawberry Cheese Cake, Lychee Watermelon Blast and Mini Pavlova. Here, we taught Abang how to play Cluedo Suspect card game. It’s a detective card game that we need to find the suspect, weapon and location. Abang loves strategic game, he likes it! Sometime he seems so serious thinking the strategy. Haha..



After that, we’re going to Fitness First Axis. It’s the 2nd Fitness First club that I’ve visited. Sherline has a Bodyjam® class there, Anthony will teamteach with her. Some members were coming to join the class. Some of them are friends of Anthony and Sherline. They introduced me to them. 😀 . Our friends from Indonesia also came – Pira, Ririe and Zico. Pira was joining the class. It was fun. We took picture before and after class. love it! They’re all so friendly. 😀


After the class, we went to Sunway Giza to pick Anthony’s Les Mills DVDs. We were very hungry, so we found a restaurant – WANEEDA, a restaurant that serves Nothern Malaysia foods. We ordered Steam fish, Vegetable, Ayam Pandan, prawns etc. Yummy!! don’t forget the tembikai lychee.. slurppp~ and also gossip! That’s the best.. haha.


What did we do or go next ya ? PAVILLION. hehe.. Anthony told us that all the Fitness First Indonesia instructors and friends are gathering at SNOWFLAKE. This is also a ‘MUST’ to go place. We gathered there. Bought Snowflake desserts. We met Lim, Nidia, Jeffrey, Lynda, Glenn, Pippo, Adie, Ririe, Sandy, Deri, Pira, DQ, Yudi, Nico. We’re celebrating Lim’s birthday here. we sang happy birthday song to him. It was fun. Took a lot of picture and chattering.



We could stay there all nite, too bad the mall is closing now. They’re also hungry. So this is it – KL nite out! Pavillion – Bukit Bintang is very crowded / busy. A lot people, tourists and stuffs. Walk a long the road. We went to a Chicken Rice restaurant. Dinner together, the chicken rice is nice. It’s really fun. We’re going back and take a rest. get ready for tomorrow QWS!

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Malaysia Trip 2013 (Part I)

Wah, I’m going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia again! The last time was August 2012. It was really really FUN! This time is gonna be great too!  The main purpose is Les Mills Quarterly Workshop I/2013, It is an Ultimate super workshop that gonna be held in Sunway Spa & Resort Ballroom with Les Mills Superstars and presenters, such as Chris Richardson (Bodyjam®), Lisa Osbourne (Bodyattack®, Bodystep®), Michelle Dean (Sh’bam®) etc. The workshop will be held at Sunday, February 17th, 2013. A lot of Indonesia Les Mills team gonna be there.

Anthony Kesuma helped me purchasing my flight ticket, thanks to him. We will go together at Friday, February 15th – 3.40 pm. After I finished my job, I headed to terminal 3 – Soekarno Hatta International Airport. Not waiting too long, I met Anthony and we checked in together. We went to the boarding room, we met Errin, Tonny Tsufami, William and Jeany. Chattering.. Then the time is ready, Let’s GO!! Depart!!



We arrived! Horray KL!! It’s nice to be here again. We have to go to the KL Central, we used Aerobus to go there. It’s about 45 minutes. We’re separated. Me and Anthony will meet Abang Osman. We will stay with him for this 3 days. We went up the escalator, Aha! Abang Osman is waiting for us. He’s with Zarina, She is the Bodyjam® & Sh’bam® presenter from Malaysia. She greeted Anthony warmly. I knew her, but never chat. But she also greeted me .. hehe.. although it’s a little bit awkward.. hopefully next time will be better. I’m sure of it.

Zarina has to stay with her family and We’re going with Abang for dinner. Abang took us to Bangsar Village. Never been here, Bangsar Village is a nice mall. He brough us to Marmalade, an italian restaurant? hmm serving pasta. We order Beef Lasagna, Caesar Salad, Mushroom Aglio Oglio, Prawn Aglio Oglio. They’re delicious.



After that, We going home.. remember I ever wrote about Abang Osman & Koko Mike new apartment? We’ve been there when it’s still renovating. Now It’s ready. I’ve seen some photo of their apartment in facebook. But now we’ll be there in minutes. Welcome to Andalucia!


“WOW” that’s the first word came from my mouth. What a great nice apartment! It’s a big and spacious apartment, so homy and comfortable. It’s still Chinese New Year period, all the room decorated with Chinese ornaments,flowers, Hung Bao, beautiful and prosper. We took a lot of pictures. So happy to be here and very inspiring! Make me motivated to have an apartment too. My biggest dream.. hopefully I can achieve it soon.

We haven’t met Koko Mike, because he’s at Singapore 😦 . We relaxed at apartment and we played our board game, CITADEL! This time Abang and me lose to Anthony. Ha-ha… We played about 3 rounds and getting sleepy now… time to rest. Good Night!

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