BODYJAM™ 71: TOO TURNT UP Teaser Design

I love BODYJAM™ program so much and initiative to promote it when we want to do the launch in Fitness First Indonesia clubs. I’m so excited so I asked my BODYJAM™ Program Champion, Bobby Glenn, to help me prepare for the photoshoot. We did it at the tuition, I took the picture and designed it.

The program director – Gandalf ‘G’ Archer came out the theme – TOO TURNT UP and he said that it’s the 10 years of BODYJAM™. So I assumed it was something like ‘TIME’ element, so I came out with futuristic, techno and time-lapse design mode. And It came out like these below. The team like it, some of them even put it for profile picture at Facebook. And we promoted it well. Hopefully next design can be better.


Saturday Fever – Work and Shop

I have to work on saturday, February 2nd – 2013 to finish the Newsletter design that already late (very late) of the deadline T0T. It’s been a while that I have to work on saturday since my last office. Now I’m feeling it again. But it’s OK, just enjoy it, better working than spending the time lying on the bed till lunch time, feel like a pig (‘ (o o) ‘).

Went to the office, took a bath then made my breakfast, Nongsim Ramyun Korean instant noodle serve with the black sweet hot tea, sound delicious! There’s nobody in the office, so peaceful.. kinda like it.. like I’m the owner, the boss haha! I put my breakfast in front of my PC and let’s start to work. Sluurpp… click click..

Path 2013-02-02 0851

I enjoy working in such a peaceful atmosphere.. I finished at 1 pm, already burn the files into dvd and made the newsletter dummy, voila! Then I’m waiting for my friend – Bo, to pick me up. Unfortunately the traffic is so jam, so we ended up going nowhere, just stay in Mall Taman Anggrek, my favorite mall in Jakarta. We’re having lunch at Pizza Hut then walk alomg the mall. The mall is decorated with Chinese ornaments due to the upcoming Chinese New Year event. I picked up a flyer that the mall is helding the Midnight Sale event. That interesting! Coincidently I have to buy a new shirt for Chinese New Year. So we went to the store tenants and browse some items, especially the clothes.

The midnight sale starts at 8 pm to 12 am. Now we are at Matahari department store. Matahari offers a special promo, for purshasing IDR 200.000,- we will get a shopping voucher worth IDR 40.000,- ; IDR 300.000,- will get a shopping voucher worth IDR 75.000,- ; IDR 500.000,- will get a shopping voucher IDR 150.000,-. The voucher has to be used at the same day. Interesting. So we’re browsing the items. Bo picked me some shirt that he thinks it’s gonna be look good for me. I’m not a very fashionable person and don’t really good in fashion style. I tried his picks, hmmmm quite nice.. 

We’re hunting the items and try to count to get the discount and voucher combos.. I feel like a shopaholic! Finally we want to get the U-shape neck pillow for free that worth IDR 600.000,-, lucky it’s discount 50%! Now it’s IDR 300.000,- so we have to get 2 shopping voucher IDR 150.000,- means that we have to purchase IDR 1.000.000,- hmmmmmmmmm……

Counting the items.. with the help of Matahari customer service lady, she’s smart! She counted for us nad voila! We got it !! All the items we purchase can get the vouchers, yeay!! We bought 4 shirts, pants, pillow sheet cover, bed cover. And we got 2 IDR 150.000,- vouchers and we used it to get the U-shape neck pillow for free.

Tired… but happy.

Camera 360

A Boy in Malaysia (Part I)

I’ve been to Malaysia when I was a kid (maybe 11 year old) with my family, I remember we went to Kuala Lumpur (KL) & Genting, kinda forget about the memories/moments of this trip. The 2nd time was in  the high school study tour from Penang to Malaka then KL. The 3rd time was with my sisters in Penang then Hatyai (Thailand) after I finish my college. All was fun and well organized. I wish I can go there again by myself.

From the last Les Mills Quarterly Workshop (QWS) II – 2012 in Jakarta, the presenters announced that Gandalf Archer (G), the Bodyjam® Program Director will come to Asia for QWS III – 2012. He will go to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Singapore and Manila (Philippine). Too bad he’s not going to Jakarta 😦 . So I decided to go to KL! This time on my own.

Had a little hard time to prepare, like asking for office leave for about a week, then searching the best price for the ticket. Then this is it! I bought Tiger Airway ticket, the date August 23rd  – 28th, 2012! Yay !! It’s gonna be super fun! Great QWS with G! and also gonna meet my 2 brothers from KL, Michael Wong (Koko) & Osman Sany (Abang), they’re a very good friends of mine and very kind. We knew each other because of Fitness First background and we’ve traveled together at Bandung 2-3 years ago. That was fun.

I told Abang that I’ll go to KL for QWS III, he’s happy. Then he suggested me to make something for G, “How about you design a T shirt?” yay! That’s a great idea! Then we collaborate together to create a nice design for the T-shirt. Need some progress to make it easy to print, affordable and better. And Voila!

  • Earlier Concept – Brainstorming idea 
  • OM’G’ Concept Abang gave the concept/idea
  • Advance OM’G’ Conceptnice multi color but harder to print on shirt and expensive cost 
  • FINAL        

Abang gonna produce the OM’G’ T shirt for members/participants. He will produce 2 type of shirt – Cotton for only RM 30 and Dry Fit for only RM 35. We hope they gonna wear it at QWS III – 2012 or OM’G’ Party. Abang said the sales is like selling HOT CAKES! SOLD OUT !!

One day, I saw on Abang’s facebook photo, there’s an event poster. OM’G’ Party that will be held at August 28th, 2012 – Tuesday. It’s G’s party in the Neverland club! It’s gonna be super awesome… Ahh my trip’s date end exactly on that day. NOOOO!!! I wanna join the party. Abang asked me to extend the trip/date, he also will extend his leave. All right!!! I extend my date with an extra exchange fee, no regret! I want! I want! My trip’s date exchange into August 23rd – 31st, 2012 (9 days!!!!), my boss’s gonna kill me..

Can’t wait…

 (Continue to Part II)

Home 2012 Part V

The last day in Medan. I’ll go back to Jakarta at 8.00 pm. My sisters were going to work, so I’ll spend my time with my mom. Meet Mr. Sarman again for the wedding organizer stuffs. Then the topic continued to the dress/night gown for the wedding reception. Mr. Sarman suggested it’s better to make the dress than rent it. Rent a dress is expensive and sometime it’s hard to find a good design and size that fit the body. Making or design a dress/gown can be more comfort, satisfying and own the dress itself.

I just remember I had a friend who works as Professional Fashion Designer. His name is Fonti Ferryza. I call him Ferry. He’s also a close friend of Mr. Sarman. So we’re going to see him. Just a short introduction, then Ferry starts to sketch a design for my mom. I think it’s a beautiful dress. I can see my mom loves the design. She asked to make 1 more design. She’ll look great with it.

After that, we’re just spending time meeting aunt and close friends. Go back to home and take a bath. Then buy some Bolu Meranti for my friends at Jakarta. Go to the airport.. And depart.

Go back to Jakarta. Go back to the routines… I’ll be back again in July 2012, for my Brother’s Wedding day. See you again..

Love you, Mom, Wie, Min, Ben..

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

After a few weeks, My mom took my sisters to meet Ferry again. Ferry will also design dress/gown for my sisters. I can’t wait to see them wearing the dress.

All designs are own by Fonti Ferryza.

Fonti Ferryza

  • (+62) 878 6784 2569
  • Facebook: Fonty Von Tanakiwa
  • Email:

Bodyjam™ New Release 59: Battle in the Bronx

Unofficial Bodyjam™ 59 Poster

  • Bodyjam™ belongs to Les Mills
  • Designer: Dee Kaminari (Photoshop + Stock Image)

As you can see from the image, the party people seem exploded  into the shimmering light like the champagne shower! You’ll dance it out! You’ll embrace the music! This is BODYJAM™ 59 ! Battle in the Bronx! Til Death Do We Party !!

I did this poster when I have a spare time in the office while I’m also brainwashing my brain with Bodyjam™ 59 & Sh’bam® 6 musics. I really enjoy to do it, and share with my friend. I feel happy they realize the ‘feel’ that I want to show them. It’s the explosion, the fire, the blaze, sparkling, and champagne shower that ‘kill’ the party people. I want to describe “Til Death Do We Party, With The Music I Die!” theme. The visual is so strong that I lucky get in from the image stocks. Then I design it into a poster, adding some text and effect, and voila!

Let Party at Fitness First Indonesia from December 11th – 17th. Celebrate life ! OPEN HOUSE !!

  • Dec 11th | Sun – Fitness First Oakwood | 11.00 am
  • Dec 12th | Mon – Fitness First Platinum: Pacific Place | 8.15 pm
  • Dec 13th | Tue – Fitness First Plaza Semanggi | 8.20 pm
  • Dec 14th | Wed – Fitness First Platinum: Senayan City | 8.20 pm
  • Dec 15th | Thu – Fitness First Platinum: Grand Indonesia | 8.15 pm
  • Dec 16th | Fri – Fitness First Pluit Village | 8.30 pm
  • Dec 17th | Sat – Fitness First Taman Anggrek | 11.40 am
  • Dec 17th | Sat – Fitness First Cibubur Junction | 11.40 am

Come & Join the Party..

Bring your Friend & Family !

Feng Shui & Design

Feng Shui..

I still remember when I was a kid, watched a Hong Kong movie that used Feng Shui element. I saw it like a magic stuff, They use it in the battle and equiped with items, such as Coin Blade, Ba Gua, Umbrella, Charms etc. And I still remember 1 ‘weird’ thing in its episode which just move the vase in certain corner of the room will affect the relationship of people, another one is the horse statue planting that affect the business and health. At the end of the movie, It was found and break it! The result is the owner of the horse statue died…heartache…

Since then, I learned that Feng Shui was like a simple theory of “YES or NO / GOOD or BAD” in terms of putting or moving an object in certain corners. It’s like “something believe it or not” for me.

After graduated from Bina Nusantara University, searching for a job for about 2 – 3 months. Fortunately I got a call from my senior, Monica Wiguno. She asked me to work at her office. This is the fun part. The Office is a big house with a quite big garden. The first thing that caught in my eyes is its pool with…(HAH?) an 8 shaped rock/stone with “3 2 8” numbers on top. I can guess that the owner is a Chinese.

(The photo above was taken when flooding)

At the front door, there’s 2 big tall pillar with Dragon cravings, inside the guest room there’s a lot of flower, fishes (koi) and horses paintings, at the corner there’s a golden frog statue with coin in its mouth. VERY SACRED. In the main room there’s big “Phoenix” painting and a notification paper that write “Play Feng Shui Music Everyday” (o.O)

That’s the first time I enter a house with so much of Feng Shui and Chinese elements (except temple), I assumed the boss must be a fanatic Feng Shui believer. When I first met him, he’s quite young, a little bit.. shorty, fat. He’s a kind man actually.. but he’s not easy to deal with because all the job will be debated in Feng Shui ways. Sometimes it’s irritating.

We have to think harder to create a design that make him deal and sometime weird. Some projects:

  1. He want a Namecard design in “Ba Gua” shape designed by Monica;
  2. “Dragon” Logo Design, he counted the Dragon’s fingers and horns;
  3. “Earth” Logo Design, with gold color surrounded by rainbow aura (the bottom must be red and purple on top)
  4. “Phoenix” Logo Design must facing up and do not put inside the space.
  5. etc

When he’s around, we have to play the Feng Shui music.. actually it’s good for our mind.. but we often get sleepy to hear it over and over again. And one day.. when we’re concentrating with our job.. The boss walked around bringing a weird bell like item. He turned it and making some “EWUNG WUNG WUNGGG” sound (sonar?) then “TENG!” hit it! We’re all like…(o.O;). Maybe he want to hypnotize us.

There’s some story I can remember when I was working there. It was fun for my first working experience.

Hmm, sometime a little bit upset when involved Feng Shui in design, can’t use my own idealism. What I’m feeling now is designing logo for “SHANGRI-LA CAR WASH” that using stainless steel effect, It’s shiny and glossy, added the Red Maroon color to make it elegant combination. But some people said that it’s to dark, the stailess steel effect is GREY colour, Maroon is dark red color. It’s not good in Feng Shui terms. Then I have to “brighten” the logo.

Above is the comparison between my own ideal designed logo and the revision. I think the revision is too plain and clean, not realistic. Sometime I have to level down my design which make me sad until now.. but life must goes on.. Hopefully I can do more next time..

Sorry for complaining in this post.