Home 2015 – Chinese New Year (Part I)

This year I took a lot of annual leave for going back to my hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. I took 7 days starts from 14th to 21st February 2015. It’s going to be very exciting.. I miss my family, nephew and the local foods.

I didn’t sleep because I’m afraid I will oversleep.. I’m taking the early flight at 8.00 am using Lion Air. Delayed for 30 mins. Then depart and arrived at Kualanamu and meet my mom there. It’s feel amazing to her again. Mwah!

We went to Medan. Picked up my sisters, Wie and Min, then we’re having lunch at one of my favorite restaurant. It serves delicious chinese foods – Babi Hong (Steamed Pork) is my most favorite, Meat Roll, Garlic Kailan, etc. I ate a lot.


Next, we went shopping at Brastagi Store. This is my mom favorite place to buy stuffs and fruits. I love store has display various Chinese New Year decorations and lanterns. All seems red and very oriental.


We’re going out all day long. The night is coming. We stopped and rest, having dinner at Little Melaka Restaurant in Centre Point Mall. Quite nice place and foods.


These are our food! Seem yummy? Hehe 🙂


Helindo Group Reunion 2013

I used to work at PT. Helindo Group 3 years ago. I have a very kind promotion director, Mrs. Grace Hakim. She has invited me for the reunion a year ago, now she is inviting me again. I think it’s a very kind of her, to still remember us and keep contact with us. I feel so warm.

We will have a reunion dinner at Samudra Suki, Mall Taman Anggrek in January 12th, 2013 – Saturday, start at 5 pm. I am there at 6 pm. I can see my ex promotion manager, Mr. Andilala and some old colleagues, Mr. Steven Wang, Mr. Satar Tan And also new colleagues, Mr. Melcky. After a while, Mrs. Grace arrived and order the foods and drinks for us. Samudra Suki offers the steamboat/Shabu shabu and self service food booths which serve sushi, hainam rice, pudding, noodles, ice cream etc.


We start to eat and chat. Meanwhile, Mrs. Lusiana Prayogo and her husband is coming. She greets Mrs. Grace and present her a bouquet of flower. Long time no see, I miss her, my office sister. There are also some new colleagues that I never meet. But I still can feel the harmony among us.

We ate a lot and sipping the delicious Cabernet Sauvignon red wine from Chile brought by Mrs. Grace. Put it together with ice cream, it’s so delicious and elegant taste.

This the reunion for the ex and new employee of PT. Helindo Group. It’s really harmonious. And also there’s surprise birthday party for Mr. Melcky. The waiter brought the cake and we sang together, he suprised and he said this year is full of blessing, Happy Birthday Mr. Melcky. It’s a perfect party.


We’re full and we chattering, sharing our life stories.. happy to see everyone. We’re hoping that this relationship will keep strong like this. Thank to Mrs. Grace Hakim who bring us this harmony.

I Made Wine Juice

Since I work in a Wine distributor company, I learned a lot about wine and get interested with it. Sometimes, my company held a meeting and wine training that include wine education and wine tasting. The company brought some brands from France, Italy, Australia, Chile etc. I’m not an alcohol drinker so I’m really not familiar with the taste, but I really wanna taste it. Usually I drink Bottled Sparkling Grape Juice that sold in the hypermarket and It tastes sweet.

Hmmm! like I said, as a first timer drinking wine, I tasted sour, salty, bitter flavours. I didn’t like it for the first time.. but after a few wine tasting, I’m getting use to it now, but I can’t sense the differences about their taste, smell, palate from the various brands or grapes. But I feel grateful I can drink it.

Another wine that I drank was made by my friend’s mother. It’s handmade. It taste really good !! Sweet and Bitter with alcoholic smell, very rich. The color is dark purple, I love it !!! Then I ask how to make it. It’s kinda simple… I WANNA MAKE IT !!

Actually my friend said the process is like making pickles (acar). I think you know it if you’re familiar with “Kietna Juice” that made by citrus (I don’t know whether it’s lime, lemon or orange) or cucumber + onion + carrot pickles when we eat fried rice. And It’s actually like Umeshu (梅酒) from Japan. So I prepare the ingredients and equipments to make it.


  • Red Grape 1 kg (Black Skin, Seedless) -> Black Globe Grape, I don’t know if it’s the right grape.. +_+
  • White Sugar 250 grams


  • Big Glass Jar
  • Clothes
  • Food Plastic Warp
  • Spoon & Fork

SO.. LET’S DO IT !! I bought a Big Glass Jar in a hyper market (cost about IDR 50.000,-) clean it up and MUST DRY! Then buy the grapes. I think it depends what wine that we gonna make, red or white. I love red wine. I bought the seedless black globe grape. It taste sweet.

LET’S START ! Wash and dry the grapes (I wiped it to clean the wax (?) ). My friend said the grapes must really dry and not contain water because it can make the grapes rotten or spoiled. After that, use fork to prick the grapes one by one. Pricks the grapes about 2 – 3 times at different sides. Then put inside the glass jar. Arrange the grapes in one layer then pour the sugar on top, after that start continue to fill the grape layer again. Very simple.

Finishing grape layer and sugar pour, now use the food plastic warp to warp the jar. I used 2 times  plastic warp. Don’r let the air comes in. I think this process is called “Barrel” or “Fermentation”. Close it tight. and Voila!! Now the hardest part is WAITING for 3 months !!! DO NOT OPEN THE JAR before 3 months… -_-;

I hope it tastes good.. This is the first time I make it. You wanna try to drink some or make it ?? Hehe

100% natural without additives or preservatives.

(Let’s wait for 3 months. If I failed, I’ll try to do it again… :D)


…3 MONTHS LATER: https://deekaminari.wordpress.com/?p=1296&preview=true

Check it out!