Dog Does Disco in Wonderland 2013

I never though that this event gonna be held again after I saw the print ad in Central Park. This event has been held last year and you can read it in my previous blog. This event must be very success last year, then they held it again in April 28th 2013, Sunday and I think it’s gonna be a routine event in Central Park.

This “Dog Does Disco” event is a special event for Dogs to show off, join competitions, adoption etc.This year they gave a theme “Dog Does Disco in Wonderland” I think it’s cute. There’s some special booths for food and beverages, dog costumes and accessories. This year featuring Project Pop as entertainment performance. Limited for entry.


A lot of people bring their lovely buddies here. We are as  visitor and dog lovers in the mall also happy to see various dogs in different breeds, sizes, grooms, costumes etc. They’re so cute. The dogs are the celebrities, I want to see them, I want to take pictures with them, I want to hug them.. so lovely, so fluffy.. I always smile when I see cute dogs running around, especially when I saw Mini Pomeranian, they’re like round fur ball. Husky always be my favorite superstar, Thanks to Victor. He came and took a very nice picture of me and Husky.


183 ME & DOGGY

My favorite dog Siberian Husky.. sooo adorable !!

184 ME & HUSKY 1

185 ME & HUSKY 2

Although this is event is special for Dogs, but we met some people brought their own lovely pet like Porcupine and Sugar Glider. They’re also cute and almost stole the spotlight, haha. I’ve tried to touch the porcupine, scary.. the spiky needle fur feels like I’m touching a pile of toothpicks. It will bloom its spiky fur if panic and it’s hurt.. Sugar Glider is a tiny mini squirrel-like, they’re very close to their master. Hugging their master hand or climb around their body. Cute!



I think this is a very nice event.. hopefully next year will be held again. I love it.

Dog Does Disco – Easter Carnivale

Actually I don’t know about the details of this event. I received a BBM (Blackberry Message) that informed that at April 15th 2012, Sunday, there will be an event for all the Dog lovers at Central Park (Tribeca Park). “We can adopt a dog” – That the point of the message. Sound interesting, cause I love dog too.. I bet a lot of people will be there and take their dogs. That’s awesome !!

After I finish my SH’BAM™ class, I headed to Central Park. Wow!! There’s a lot of people, so crowded! I went to Tribeca Park, wah I’m so happy to see the dogs! They’re all cute! The dogs are like celebrities, surrounded by the people to take pictures. The owners must be proud of his/her dogs. And the dogs must be very tired.. We touched them, we praised them, we posed them,we teased them, We hugged them.. “Hey, human! Cut it out!” Said the dogs. But you all so adorable!

I can see various dogs, such as Siberian Husky, Chow Chow, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Pug, Bulldog, Pitbull, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Tackle, Corgi, Beagle, Poodle, German Sherperd, Samoyed, Shitz Tzu etc.

I also took some photo with the dogs. They’re awesome!! Thanks for the people who took the picture for me, thanks for the owners of the dogs.

  • The Crowd and dogs 
  • Siberian Husky 
  • Pitbull & HIP HOP Pug 
  • A very friendly Bulldog  
  • German Sherperd & Golden Retriever 
  • Hugging Pomeranian, Poodle & Corgi 
  • Supersoft Cottonball Chow Chow 
  • Dog Does Disco  

 This big event also held some booths for the dogs, such as salon, accesories, dog fashion, dog food, dog medical, dog adoption etc. But it’s limited for entry. Must pay IDR 35.000 / IDR 50.000 for the ticket. The event also held Dog fashion show or talents, but the spark of the night was Indonesia Girlband: Cherrybelle. They’re famous, a lot of people are waiting to see their performances.

I can’t write about the event completely because I didn’t enter the booth area. But I think the event will surely a big success.


Valentine Party At Fitness First Pluit Village

Valentine’s Day is here !! A moment of love can be celebrate in various ways. Fitness First Pluit Village (FFPV) held a special event “Valentine Party” for 2 days, 15th – 16th February 2012. Special classes will be presented by FFPV’s GX. The first day is Bodyjam™ vs Sh’bam® Extended 90 minutes and the next day are TRX & Muay Thai Challenge and Bodycombat™ Extended 90 minutes. Dresscode for this event is PINK. It’s gonna be fun.

FFPV also decorated the club with lovely ornaments, mostly pink heart, but in some corners we can see lovebirds origami, cupids, pink balloons and a lovely pink fat piggy. The staffs and personal trainers were wearing pink outfits, they’re looking good!

I’m gonna write about the first day event. Just like usual, before the class start. The members and friends were gathering to taking pictures. They joked and acted like lovers. All I can see is their happy smiling faces. My friend, Evelyn Widjaja (Jun Ki) came out with a very cute costume, She got a Black Cat’s Ears Hairband, That’s CUTE !! I called her Catwoman. And Julius is a Ladies’ Man, All girl loves him ^_^ like James Bond.

Bodyjam™ vs Sh’bam® Extended 90 minutes class. It will be start at 7.15 pm. Instructors who will be teach are Anthony, Andika and me. We have arranged a great track list to get crazy on the dance floor. We’re also wearing pink but coincidentally with the same style of color and design. Our outfits have words on it. Anthony is “KEEP LAUGHING :)”, Andika is “NO LIES JUST LOVE” and mine is “BAD BOYFRIEND”  I think that’s cute!

We have arranged this extended class format:

  • Opening / Introduction
  • Bodyjam™ Part 1 by Dee
  • Sh’bam® Part 1 by Andika
  • Bodyjam™ Part 2 by Anthony
  • Sh’bam® Part 2 by Dee (Track 7 – 8), Andika (Track 9 – 10), Anthony (Track 11-12)
  • Quiz & Prizes for the Best Costume, Performance, Spirit
  • Photo Session
  • Closing

Now is 7.15 pm, LET START THE PARTAYYY !! We turn the music ON and let the members come in. It’s open house so we can see a lot of new faces in the class. It’s about 60 people !! WOW !! I opened the class with a short introduction then we start hit the floor with some Pop, Jungle and Hip Hop Bodyjam™ tracklist then continue with the fun part, The Sh’bam® with Andika that made us almost lose our breath. That’s just the first part! The second part was presented by Anthony with Bodyjam™ Latin & Jive mixed tracklist. The peak is Cha-Cha Heels track, a very massive cardio dance with Latin African style! That’s insane !!

A very smooth tipsy feel recovery after the Cha-Cha Heels , we back again to Sh’bam part 2. Andika did a very good job presenting track 9 from Sh’bam® 6 “Who Run The World” , taking all the people facing the mirror and dance. They look exactly the same like Beyonce’s music video. The peak of Sh’bam® start with “Party Rock Anthem” , Andika asked who requested this song. It’s David (a member of FFPV)! I pulled him up to the stage and we dance together! That’s a fun part !! We’re all shufflin’ everywhere till the end.

Finish! next track is Anthony, but too bad. He got a sprain in his ankle. So he need to stop for a while. Everyone’s worry about him. The show must go on, so I and Andika took over and present the last 2 remaining tracks. Yeay! Finally 90 minutes of party is over !! A lot of prizes and goodie bag from FFPV. We gave Goodie bags for Evelyn Widjaja (Jun Ki) for her Best Costume: The Cat (meow!); for a member who came far away from FF Grand Indonesia to FFPV just for joining the special class, Thanks for her appreciation (it’s a looooong way to go); For a New face member (I don’t know his name but I think he’s David’s friend) for his best performance and expression, David also received a goodie back for his energy dance on the stage. All the members got a special Valentine Chocolate Lollipop from Aurelia Lynda, The FFPV GX Manager. Everyone is happy. Then we’re having a photoshoot, a big family of Bodyjam™, Sh’bam® and Fitness First. Love you all !


  • CATJAM    


  • EVE EPE    

Bodyjam™ New Release 59: Battle in the Bronx

Unofficial Bodyjam™ 59 Poster

  • Bodyjam™ belongs to Les Mills
  • Designer: Dee Kaminari (Photoshop + Stock Image)

As you can see from the image, the party people seem exploded  into the shimmering light like the champagne shower! You’ll dance it out! You’ll embrace the music! This is BODYJAM™ 59 ! Battle in the Bronx! Til Death Do We Party !!

I did this poster when I have a spare time in the office while I’m also brainwashing my brain with Bodyjam™ 59 & Sh’bam® 6 musics. I really enjoy to do it, and share with my friend. I feel happy they realize the ‘feel’ that I want to show them. It’s the explosion, the fire, the blaze, sparkling, and champagne shower that ‘kill’ the party people. I want to describe “Til Death Do We Party, With The Music I Die!” theme. The visual is so strong that I lucky get in from the image stocks. Then I design it into a poster, adding some text and effect, and voila!

Let Party at Fitness First Indonesia from December 11th – 17th. Celebrate life ! OPEN HOUSE !!

  • Dec 11th | Sun – Fitness First Oakwood | 11.00 am
  • Dec 12th | Mon – Fitness First Platinum: Pacific Place | 8.15 pm
  • Dec 13th | Tue – Fitness First Plaza Semanggi | 8.20 pm
  • Dec 14th | Wed – Fitness First Platinum: Senayan City | 8.20 pm
  • Dec 15th | Thu – Fitness First Platinum: Grand Indonesia | 8.15 pm
  • Dec 16th | Fri – Fitness First Pluit Village | 8.30 pm
  • Dec 17th | Sat – Fitness First Taman Anggrek | 11.40 am
  • Dec 17th | Sat – Fitness First Cibubur Junction | 11.40 am

Come & Join the Party..

Bring your Friend & Family !

Ramadhan 45 Party !!

Fitness First Taman Anggrek merayakan hari ulang tahunnya yang ke 5 sekaligus menyambut hari kemerdekaan Indonesia di tengah bulan suci puasa diadakan meriah dengan Health Talkshow dan berbagai penampilan dari Personal Trainer (PT), Lion Dance (Barongsai), Bodyjam® Performance dan Belly Dancing.

Para member sangat heboh dengan penampilan dari para PT yang memamerkan otot tubuh mereka. Untuk penampilan Barongsai cukup bagus tetapi berisik banget (+_+). Untuk penampilan tarian, para member menikmati dan memberi tepuk tangan meriah seusai penampilan.

Saya, Anthony dan bersama teman-teman (Julius Satria, Evelyn Widjaja, Maretha Dian, Debby Armeiyanti) mengisi Bodyjam® Performance, dengan memakai lagu hasil mix dari Beyonce (Run The World) + Lolly (Hey, Mickey) + Mulan Jamella (Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy) menghasilkan tarian kombinasi Hip Hop + Cheerleader Dance + Arabian Dance. Dengan latihan bersama yang kurang dari 1 minggu, kami berhasil menghibur penonton.

Seusai perfomance, acara dilanjutkan dengan Special Class Bodyjam® + SH’BAM™ selama 90 menit bersama Anthony, Britt & Me !! WOW !! Dance Party !!

Special Bodyjam® + SH’BAM™ 90 Minutes “RAMADHAN 45” Tracklist

Bodyjam® #1 (Favorite DJ + Shawty Get Loose + Samba De Janeiro) + SH’BAM™ #1 (The Cup Of Life + Poison + Tribal Dance + Turn Aroung (5,4,3,2,1) + Dynamite + Show Me Heaven + Hot, Hot, Hot ) + Bodyjam® #2 (Please Don’t Stop The Music) + SH’BAM™ #2 (Forget You) 

After the show, 10 members yang beruntung mendapatkan goodie bags dari Fitness First Taman Anggrek.

It’s a GREAT class !!


SH’BAM™ Launch

Setelah berkali-kali show dan demo, THIS IS IT !! SH’BAM™ LAUNCH !! Mulai dari tanggal 1 – 5 Agustus 2011 di seluruh klub Fitness First Indonesia !! OPEN HOUSE !! Bawa teman sebanyak-banyaknya, makin rame makin asyik !! Dresscode : BRIGHT PINK 

SH’BAM™ masuk ke dalam Fitness First timetable periode Agustus – Oktober 2011. 

Join the Class !! Dance it out !! Easy and Fun !! 

Heartbeat Dance Competition

“Mau ngajar SH’BAM™ bareng ga, Dee ?” bunyi pesan BBM yang dikirim Andika. Wah mau banget ! Tapi jadwalnya hari Minggu pagi jam 6 di Gelora Bung Karno (GBK).. biasanya saya masih tidur nyenyak bikin pulau di bantal. Kami berdua akan mengajar SH’BAM™ selama 30 menit memakai 8 tracks dari release 3 & 4, langsung sibuk hapal’in.

Biasanya bangun pagi-pagi buta jika mau ke bandara untuk mudik. Kali ini ke GBK. Berkumpul di Mall Taman Anggrek dan berangkat bareng dengan Tommy, Nidia, Franky, Kenny, Andika dan Leo. Saya baru pertama kali masuk ke GBK, ramai dengan orang yang berolah raga, berlari, bersepeda. Tiba di lokasi acara, tampak banyak orang sedang melakukan senam bersama. Acara ini diadakan oleh Quaker Oatmeal dengan kampanye “GERAKAN SAYANGI JANTUNGMU.” Isi acaranya : Senam Massal, SH’BAM™ dan HEARTBEAT DANCE COMPETITION.

SH’BAM™ akan dimulai seusai senam tersebut. Senamnya lamaaaaaaa banget, musiknya monoton dengan suara “Tarik…. Lepas….” berulang-ulang kali selama kurang lebih 30 menit. Sambil menunggu kami foto-foto narsis dulu dibelakang panggung menggunakan properti Quaker Oatmeal seperti piala dan piagam. Piagamnya tertulis hadiah Rp. 10 juta untuk pemenang pertama HEARTBEAT DANCE COMPETITION, wow !!

Akhirnya selesai juga senam tarik-lepas, It’s time for SH’BAM™ !! tapi kita kenalinnya dengan kata Aerobik supaya lebih akrab di telinga masyarakat. Persiapan sudah OK, lalu kami naik di atas panggung, wew.. panggungnya serem banget.. susunan papannya tidak rata dan kopong di bawahnya, luasnya kira-kira 4×3 meter. Saya dan Andika dengan was-was berusaha untuk tidak bergerak terlalu agresif dan ‘hot’. Kurang lebih terdapat 100 orang peserta yang ikut SH’BAM™. Semuanya berjalan dengan baik walaupun sempat tanpa mic.

Seusai SH’BAM™, dimulailah HEARTBEAT DANCE COMPETITION. Kompetisi ini mengharuskan setiap grup melakukan “Gerakan Sayangi Jantungmu” yang diciptakan oleh Fitness First. Peserta grup adalah ibu-ibu senam, ibu-ibu arisan dan anak remaja SMP/SMA. Masing-masing grup akan dinilai oleh juri dari Quaker Oatmeal dan Fitness First berdasarkan kekompakan, koreografi dan kostum. Kompetisinya seru.. setiap grup seperti merebut perhatian dari penonton dan juri. Banyak variasi gerakan orisinil dan kreatif yang ditampilkan oleh grup, membuat para penonton tertawa terbahak-bahak. Akhirnya dari ± 30 grup menjadi 10 finalis dan terpilihlah juara 1 pemenang kompetisi tersebut oleh Ibu-ibu Legging warna warni. Selamat ya bu dah dapet Rp. 10 juta, tetap semangat !!

Yang paling menarik di kompetisi ini, Para penonton dan juri memiliki 1 grup favorit yang terdiri dari 5 orang siswa SMP/SMA. PE-DE dan Kreatifitasnya LUAR BIASA !! Setiap gaya yang ditunjukkan memberi kejutan kepada penontonnya. Sayang saya tidak sempat merekam penampilan mereka. Saran saya sebaiknya mereka rekam dan post video di youtube, rasanya bakalan terkenal.

Acara ini akan diadakan kembali pada tanggal 25 September 2011. Peserta lomba yang menang akan diundang untuk tampil, kami semua ingin juara favorit juga ikutan tampil. Semoga SH’BAM™ atau Bodyjam® juga ada kesempatan tampil pada hari itu.

SH’BAM™ First Show

Ditengah momen Les Mills Launching di Fitness First Indonesia selama 1 minggu, terdapat sebuah acara di atrium utama Mall Taman Anggrek pada hari Jum’at, 10 Juni 2011. Acara tersebut hasil kerja sama Body Shop® dengan Fitness First Indonesia yang akan menampilkan demo SH’BAM™.

Wow !! Asyik sekali kalo bisa tampil disana, pikirku. Ternyata 2 hari sebelum acara saya di BBM oleh Britt (Head Teacher SH’BAM™ dan Bodyvive™ Fitness First Indonesia) menanyakan apakah saya bisa ikutan tampil menjadi shadow.. (Wew! Asyik!!) tetapi kebetulan hari Jum’at saya juga punya kelas di Fitness First Pacific Place 😦 lalu akhirnya coba minta izin dengan GXM, Billy. YES !! Diberi izin, HOREEEE !! It’s my SH’BAM™ First Show. 😀

Konfirmasi dengan Britt lalu mulai menghapalin koreo SH’BAM™. Pada hari H, teman-teman training SH’BAM™ yang ikut adalah Nanang Halim, Anthony Kesuma, Chris Leon & me, Team Leadernya adalah Fetty Fatimah dan Britt. Track SH’BAM™ akan di mix dari release 3 dan release 4, sehingga kami memiliki waktu yang sangat singkat untuk belajar koreo SH’BAM™ release 4.

Acara akan dimulai pada jam 18:30, kami mulai berpakaian dengan warna yang cerah (kombinasi pink and purpleSH’BAM™ coorporate colors). Stand pameran Body Shop® sangat bagus dengan menggunakan tema Summer lengkap dengan dekorasi pantai dan booth foto berlatar pantai. Panggungnya besarrr !! (That’s what I like !!) leluasa sekali untuk menari diatasnya. Beberapa members sudah datang dan menunggu di Atrium sambil foto-foto narsis disekitar panggung.

Acara dimulai !! Track-track awal dibawakan oleh Fetty dan Britt, para shadow akan naik panggung mulai dari track 5. Acara tersebut berjalan baik, yang kurang hanyalah pada bagian sound yang kurang menggemparkan seisi mall dan mic yang rusak. But this is SH’BAM™, so easy, simple and fun! Walaupun tanpa mic, para members juga tidak terlihat kesulitan untuk mengikuti setiap koreo yang diperagakan dan mereka terlihat senang. Beberapa pengunjung mall melihat aksi seru para Sh’bammers juga ikutan menari.

45 menit yang singkat ditutup dengan ending yang menggembirakan baik untuk para instructors dan members nya. Berfoto bersama dan mendapatkan sample parfum dari Body Shop®. Let’s do it again !! Thank you Fitness First Indonesia & Body Shop®

Review: Back To School at Fitness First Pluit Village

Feel so excited when it’s already 4.30 pm, it’s time to off from the office, and go to ‘School’ !! The school is Fitness First Pluit Village, BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! and here’s the review….

From the front office of FF PV, we can already seen some staff wearing the school uniform (from junior, elementary to senior school uniform) with style and they’re so cute especially the Personal Trainers with elementary uniform but big muscle body like a gangster, some PT still look naturally wearing the high school uniform. Nice atmosphere looking all of them and supporting each other including all the members and guests, They’re all wearing the uniform. They’ll get special gift from Fitness First for their appreciation.

Special GX Classes on the day are BodyBalance® with Maria & Andika, Bodyjam® “SCHOOL JAMMERZ” 75 minutes with Dee & Anthony then Bodycombat® “SCHOOL HEROES” 75 minutes with Pippo & Ronald. The Bodyjam® and Bodycombat® will be held in the lounge, everyone can see, everyone can join.

Bodyjam® “SCHOOL JAMMERZ” will start at 6.30 pm. I’m wearing elementary school uniform and Anthony wearing the primary school uniform. The members seem happy to see us and take some picture before the class. There’s a lot of people gather around and join the class, some PT also look interest to join the class.

Special Tracklist for Bodyjam® “SCHOOL JAMMERZ” 75 minutes:

Warm up: 48 (Closer), Isolation: 54 (Make My Heart), 1st Block: 45 (Roponggi Line Dance) + 54 (Natural Born Hustler), 1st Block: 50 (Mambo Extravaganza), Recovery: 52 (Take Your Shirt Off), 2nd Block: 57 (Afro Carribean Street Party), 3rd Block: 36 (CLub Cardio), Groove Down: 45 (Somebody Else’s Guy)

Super very fun and challenging tracklist !! Crazy in Mambo extravaganza!! 50 minutes end up sweaty hot, then continued by Anthony about 27 minutes for the PERFECT ENDING!! (clap-clap-clap). At the end of the class, the members got a special gift from the Fitness First, judged by the best passion, energy and sexy.

Next class is Bodycombat® “SCHOOL HEROES”, the members look so passionate! They can make the ground shaking when jumping and stomp the floor together at the same time. That’s GREAT !!

While Bodycombat® is running, the members of Bodyjam® were doing the photo session with the school style and attitude, like praising the teacher, detention, marching, bullying. The PT are also a great model, they can pose and play with us.. haha..






Very tired day but super FUN !! Can’t wait for the next event.. Come and Join!!

Back To School at Fitness First Cibubur Junction

Satu lagi event bertema “BACK TO SCHOOL” yang dipersembahkan oleh Fitness First Cibubur Junction. Tak kalah serunya dengan Mixed Class (Bodyjam® + Bodycombat®), Mini Games dan Special Performance by Personal Trainers. Pakailah kostum seragam sekolah anda karena akan ada photo session! Cheeseee…!!

OPEN HOUSE !! Bawalah teman dan keluarga anda, makin ramai makin asyik !! Seperti saat kita berada di sekolah dulu.