Kuala Lumpur Again (Part IV)

I met my manager in the hotel and gave her some gifts that I bought at the shop near Daorae, She is happy. Her room is next to mine. She just came here today. Have to meet her so tomorrow will be on track.

Tuesday – November 19, 2013

This is the first day of Fitness First Asia Marketing Forum. I woke up and having breakfast.. while I’m enjoying my breakfast, my manager text me and ask me where am I ? Huh ? And then I checked my watch. Oh NO! I’m late. I ran into the meeting room and everybody’s already there. Oh no.. This is the first day and I’m late.. I sneaked in and sit beside my Manager, She stared at me..oh ow..

First time meet new people here. All managers and their graphic designer from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Phillippines. I’m kinda awkward with this situation. Mostly the meeting is about the general planning for Fitness First in the future. Some topic involved all the Graphic Designers to discuss.

The meeting  have several coffee break. While in coffee break time, we – the graphic designers try to introduce ourselves. Denise – the senior graphic designer and Lex Yong – graphic designer from Malaysia, Jon from Phillippines, Ice from Thailand and Grace from Singapore. They’re all very nice and seem great. Denise is very active and care about us. Grace is very gentle and feel like ‘sister’ for me, Jon is very active in asking question (very critical and smart), Ice is a very pretty girl, but so silent. I just hope we can be a good team for Fitness First.

The meeting from 9 am – 6 pm. We will have 1 more meeting tomorrow to discuss about design. After the meeting, we will have dinner together at Italiannies at The Curve. From its name, we can guess this restaurant is serving Pasta, Pizza and stuffs. The foods are great, the atmosphere is nice. We have a very nice and delicious dinner together.


After dinner, it’s free time. We can go shopping or rest in the hotel. Tonight is special, because tonight is Sherline’s Birthday. She asked me out but she can’t pick me up because She has a class to teach. But she invited Abang Osman and Koko Mike. Abang Osman will pick me up. We want to give her a surprise. Abang asked me to find a nice cake for her. I found Chocolate Opera Cake. Looks delicious!

Abang came and picked me up. We went to a place they called ‘KAYU’. I wonder what special about it. Sherline has mentioned it before. It’s like somewhere with a very Malaysian feel – Authentic. Haha, when I came there.. It’s like an ordinary restaurant, but the atmosphere feel is very local. And the food and beverages are very Malaysian. We meet new friends there. We ordered some food and drinks while waiting for Sherline.


After Sherline and all her friends including Tan and Joan came. We ordered more food and drinks, chat and gossip. Her friends are very funny and expressive. When Sherline went to the toilet, we’re start preparing the cake. We put on the table, light the candles and when she came in, We sang loudly HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~ She fell on her knees and shy.. Her face turned red and she laughed a lot. She is happy. The best thing in this place is ALL THE PEOPLE are singing together without asking them. It feels wonderful!


Make a wish ~


Let’s Celebrate! She make a wish, blow the candles and cut the cakes. A very great night with great friends, foods and games. We played “GUESS THE NAME” game that used a paper/phone and write down a word (can be person, animal or any object), put the word on the head of your friend, and the other friends have to ‘ACT’ to describe the word on his/her head without speak the word out. This is funny and ridiculous, the best word is “LEONARDO DA VINCI”, Sherline’s friends are very creative to ACT, they posed the signature pose of Leonardo Da Vinci – Human Circle pose! They’re very good, and we’re laughing out loud.


The best food is Roti Tissue, I surprised with what I saw a food/snack that very tall/long looks like Unicorn’s horn. (Wikipedia – Roti tissueroti tisu, or tissue prata is one of the more-creative-looking Malaysian Mamak foods. It is also known as “roti helikopter” (helicopter bread). Roti tissue is a thinner version of the traditional roti canai, as thin as a piece of 40–50 cm round-shaped tissue. The finishing touches to the making of roti tissue require skill, and they depend on the creativity of the maker).


Roti tissue is available at most local Mamak stalls in Malaysia and Singapore and may be coated with sweet substances such as sugar and kaya (jam) or eaten with condiments such as ice cream.

After finish, we’re going back. Abang Osman take me back to hotel. Tomorrow will have morning workout and another meeting. Let’s rest

A Boy in Singapore (Part I)

I’ve been to Singapore when I was a little boy with my dad, mom and brother. I still remember we went to Sentosa, Underwater World, Jurong Birdpark and went to Disney Fest! And Singapore always looks great when It’s Christmas time, they will decorate the whole city with Christmas decorations and atmosphere. I think I was in primary school that time. That was a very good time, but feeling a little bit blurred too. And I wish I can go to Singapore again.

Well.. it happens.. the story is like this.. Les Mills Quarterly Workshop III/2013 was not available in Indonesia. At the first time, I just thought to register and ask to hand over my BODYJAM™ 66 & SH’BAM™ 13 DVD to any Fitness First Indonesia Instructors who visit there. Voila!

Who knows my plan can change.. Evelyn “Junki” Widjaja is my friend, member and upcoming future BODYJAM™ Instructor who now is living at Singapore for her Design study/college. She really want Indonesia instructors to come for workshop there and meet her. Jasheline ‘Jesse’ Kho is her close friend, and also my friend, member and a SH’BAM™ Instructor who will definitely go to Singapore for workshop. Junki is very happy to hear that. Jesse also ask me to go. I’m in doubt. They’re keep asking me to go.

Oh well.. then I tried to asked my manager when she was in a good mood. We negotiate about the date and BOOM! .. I allowed to go on August 18th – 21th 2013, YAY!! Hmm 4 days 3 nights.. not bad. Then I told Junki that I can go, she’s happy, same as Jesse! After that I asked Jesse to help me to buy the ticket because I don’t have credit card. But she already bought it on August 18th – 20th 2013.. akh! Miss 1 day. But the show must go on.. Jesse will go back to Jakarta a day before me. But actually she wanted to extend the date but it will be charged a lot. She also helped me to buy SGD, haha.. thanks Jesse.. you helped me a lot!

It’s done! We will go to Singapore together. It’s gonna be SUPER FUN. We also have planned the destination/itinerary where to go and what to do. My travelling rules are EAT, PLAY, PHOTO! (well close enough like “Eat, Pray, Love”). Shopping is the last list. Ahhh.. so happy! I told Junki that I wanna go to Universal Studio Singapore (USS), SEA Aquarium, Garden by the Bay and Singapore Zoo. We will squish them all in 4 days 3 nights trip in Singapore. I’m so excited although it’s gonna be my 2nd time to Singapore but I feel it’s like my 1st time. Feel like a little boy with a new toy!

Preparation for the trip at Singapore.

Singapore Travel Journal


Like always.. before the trip.. I will write down all the things that I need on my new (cute) travel journal (always love this) for travelling to make sure everything is packed! Some references can be seen on my previous post so it’s easier to do it now.

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Malaysia Trip 2013 (Part II)

February 16th, 2013 – Saturday

Good morning Andalucia! We slept tight like a baby.. hard to wake up! I started to prepare myself, take a bath while Abang and Anthony were still sleeping. After I finish, I woke up Anthony. Then I have a narcism moments.. haha.


Abang also woke up and he asked what do we want for breakfast? “Roti Canai at RAJU” I answered. It’s a ‘Must’ if I go to KL. Abang agreed. We went there.. I love this place somehow. We order Roti Canai, Ayam Goreng, Fish, Tose Telur. Love the fish, one day I wanna try the fish eggs. And I think this is the most delicious roti canai I’ve ate so far. We also meet Sherline here, yay Oneng chan.. haha..


Emm, delicious breakfast. After we finish. We went to Mid Valley, Sherline has to teach Bodyjam® so she can’t join us. Mid Valley is a nice big mall. It’s still chinese new year period.. the mall decorated with a lot of chinese ornaments, flower etc. It’s beautiful decor inside the mall. Lovely cherry blossom, Chinese bamboo, Cutting paper.. I love them.


We went up to the top floor and visit pet shop. Shopping at DAISO, a japanese shop. Only 5 RM for each item. $_$ I bought a lot of photo frame.. haha. After that, we went to DELICIOUS – time for desserts. We ordered Strawberry Cheese Cake, Lychee Watermelon Blast and Mini Pavlova. Here, we taught Abang how to play Cluedo Suspect card game. It’s a detective card game that we need to find the suspect, weapon and location. Abang loves strategic game, he likes it! Sometime he seems so serious thinking the strategy. Haha..



After that, we’re going to Fitness First Axis. It’s the 2nd Fitness First club that I’ve visited. Sherline has a Bodyjam® class there, Anthony will teamteach with her. Some members were coming to join the class. Some of them are friends of Anthony and Sherline. They introduced me to them. 😀 . Our friends from Indonesia also came – Pira, Ririe and Zico. Pira was joining the class. It was fun. We took picture before and after class. love it! They’re all so friendly. 😀


After the class, we went to Sunway Giza to pick Anthony’s Les Mills DVDs. We were very hungry, so we found a restaurant – WANEEDA, a restaurant that serves Nothern Malaysia foods. We ordered Steam fish, Vegetable, Ayam Pandan, prawns etc. Yummy!! don’t forget the tembikai lychee.. slurppp~ and also gossip! That’s the best.. haha.


What did we do or go next ya ? PAVILLION. hehe.. Anthony told us that all the Fitness First Indonesia instructors and friends are gathering at SNOWFLAKE. This is also a ‘MUST’ to go place. We gathered there. Bought Snowflake desserts. We met Lim, Nidia, Jeffrey, Lynda, Glenn, Pippo, Adie, Ririe, Sandy, Deri, Pira, DQ, Yudi, Nico. We’re celebrating Lim’s birthday here. we sang happy birthday song to him. It was fun. Took a lot of picture and chattering.



We could stay there all nite, too bad the mall is closing now. They’re also hungry. So this is it – KL nite out! Pavillion – Bukit Bintang is very crowded / busy. A lot people, tourists and stuffs. Walk a long the road. We went to a Chicken Rice restaurant. Dinner together, the chicken rice is nice. It’s really fun. We’re going back and take a rest. get ready for tomorrow QWS!

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Bodyjam® Euro 2012 at Pluit Village Atrium

Fitness First Pluit Village (FFPV) & Pluit Village held an special event with a special theme, EURO 2012. The show will be held in the main atrium.The FFPV’s GXM, Aurelia Lynda, chose Bodyjam class as the main program. The instructors are Anthony Kesuma and me. I’m so excited !! EURO 2012 fever! There will be a dresscode for us, the staffs and the members, THE SOCCER JERSEY. The event date is 20 June 2012, 7.15 pm. The event is open house, everyone can join!

The day has come, when I reached there, Pluit Village also held its special event, “LET’S PLAY GAMES” with Sesame Street as the theme. I went to the main atrium, Ahh I love the stage!! It’s big, It’s wide, It’s cute. I love the dance floor, soooo spacioouusss!! PERFECTO!! Then I went to the Fitness First, Yes! This club always amazing, I love the decorations and all the staffs are wearing the soccer jersey. Cohesive!

Anthony and I seem like a young boy wearing the soccer jersey, a little bit too big, but I think we’re cute, ha ha ha! Some members also wear the soccer jersey, the other try to mix and match their costume with long socks and short pants, they’re all looking good!

7.00 pm !! Let’s go to the dance floor!! We’re so excited.. marching to the main atrium together. Start preparing the sound, music and mic. I will teach the 1st Block and Anthony will teach the 2nd Block. Let the show begin! Let’s dance! We start with the song: La Copa De La Vida (The Cup of Life) as the introduction/warm up to match the EURO 2012 theme, we dance with Angel and Lynda. Then we’re going to party! We chose the member’s most favorite track list, They’re so happy !! and sweaty….

A lot of people see us dance, some people enjoy the music, moving their body smoothly with the beat. I also can see some children try to dance with us, that’s really cute.

At the end of the show, We’re having the lucky draw for the members. The prize are 5 Fitness First Shoe Bags for 5 people, 5 Fitness First Gym Bags for 5 people, and 1 Grand Prize: a Samsung Mobile Phone for 1 Person. Almost all of our friends got the prizes. We’re happy for them!! Congratulation! 😀

The event is success! Lynda as the GXM proud and thanks us and the members. She also announced the next day will be a Bodycombat® class with Pippo and herself in here. There will be a great moment !!

 I’m so happy with this event, hopefully I’ll get the chance again in the future.


  • The Group Photo 
  • The Shows 
  • The Show Is Not Over! 
  • Keep On Dancing 
  • The Lucky Draw 
  • After Class 


Bodyjam™ New Release 59: Battle in the Bronx

Unofficial Bodyjam™ 59 Poster

  • Bodyjam™ belongs to Les Mills
  • Designer: Dee Kaminari (Photoshop + Stock Image)

As you can see from the image, the party people seem exploded  into the shimmering light like the champagne shower! You’ll dance it out! You’ll embrace the music! This is BODYJAM™ 59 ! Battle in the Bronx! Til Death Do We Party !!

I did this poster when I have a spare time in the office while I’m also brainwashing my brain with Bodyjam™ 59 & Sh’bam® 6 musics. I really enjoy to do it, and share with my friend. I feel happy they realize the ‘feel’ that I want to show them. It’s the explosion, the fire, the blaze, sparkling, and champagne shower that ‘kill’ the party people. I want to describe “Til Death Do We Party, With The Music I Die!” theme. The visual is so strong that I lucky get in from the image stocks. Then I design it into a poster, adding some text and effect, and voila!

Let Party at Fitness First Indonesia from December 11th – 17th. Celebrate life ! OPEN HOUSE !!

  • Dec 11th | Sun – Fitness First Oakwood | 11.00 am
  • Dec 12th | Mon – Fitness First Platinum: Pacific Place | 8.15 pm
  • Dec 13th | Tue – Fitness First Plaza Semanggi | 8.20 pm
  • Dec 14th | Wed – Fitness First Platinum: Senayan City | 8.20 pm
  • Dec 15th | Thu – Fitness First Platinum: Grand Indonesia | 8.15 pm
  • Dec 16th | Fri – Fitness First Pluit Village | 8.30 pm
  • Dec 17th | Sat – Fitness First Taman Anggrek | 11.40 am
  • Dec 17th | Sat – Fitness First Cibubur Junction | 11.40 am

Come & Join the Party..

Bring your Friend & Family !

Review: Fitness First Pluit Village 2nd Anniversary – Journey 2 Paradise

Happy Anniversary !! It’s the 2nd year for Fitness First Pluit Village (FFPV) !! It’s time for the Celebration !!

Officially FFPV’s Anniversary is November 1st , but the celebration and special event will be held at November 8th 2011, Tuesday. Last next FFPV used “SHANGHAI NITE” as the theme which take us to the Chinese atmosphere, now it’s using more unique theme: “JOURNEY 2 PARADISE” which take us to the Balinese atmosphere. Bali is a Paradise!

Aurelia Lynda (Lynda as FFPV GXM) has asked me to design the poster. It’s so exciting!! I love the theme and I thought for these 2 years FFPV’s Anniversary theme is always the best. The design took a few days to finish, searching for inspiration and Balinese element through web (deviantart, google, Wikipedia, etc) and then came up like this and I really love it!

Using Balinese popular Barong as the main element, Balinese female dancers and buildings with the decorative golden floral pattern. Used a lot of Brown color & floral pattern/Batik on the background to describe Indonesian Ethnical feel. There will be celebration, a lot of performance and special classes.


I’ll start writing about the club’s decoration. Balinese!! The popular Bali checkboard cloth was used to warp the club’s pillars and used as costumes for club’s staff and personal trainers. Some of the girl staffs was wearing the traditional Baliness ‘Kebaya’ dress. They look pretty. Another decorative items are Batik Cloth, White stones, Balloons, Palm fruits and leaves, Aromatic pot and fresh white ‘kamboja’ flowers.

This event fully supported by Heavenly Blush and sponsored by Starbucks Coffee, Redwin, Etude House, Slim Gourmet and Art Deco. They put their stands inside the club so the members can enjoy their products with special offers/games.

Next, The event started at 6 pm, lead by our MC, Mr. Rudi Chaniago (Rudi). I’m in the middle of busy when the event started (practice for performance), so I don’t know the event details. But I think it’s about the general celebration and ceremonial like: FFPV General Manager and GXM speechs and Birthday Cake / Tumpeng Cutting . They had a cute cake !! When I’m there, they’re gathering to perform a choir. So happy to see all the PT & staffs in the same Balinese costume. They sang “Kemesraan” , a very famous oldies song.

After that, the next performance is Bodyjam performance. It’s our turn !! The team are Anthony Kesuma, Me (as the Bodyjam Instructors) and our beloved friends Evelyn Jun Ki, Maretha Dian, Debby Armeiyanti & Julius Satria. We have practiced for about 2 – 3 weeks for this big day. It’s a hard work for everyone and we wish to rock the night!! I’m happy they put so much efforts in it, for their time, strength, passion, energy etc. We’re gonna dance house music by using remixed Bodyjam™ tracks. We’re wearing Black and White costume. A big thank to Fenny who has make up the girls, they’re gorgeous.

The performance started a little rushy, so we’re kinda disturbed to line up, but the worst thing is the first beat was missing because of the technical error from the sound operator that makes the performance started really bad at the first beat but it going well after we got the first chorus! We dance it out !! 3 weeks practice and it’s time to BURST! The audiences were happy and cheer! We’re surprised them with our “Slide through the lady’s legs” , that’s something new and risky to make that move, and we’re so happy to make it out “smoothly~” We can hear them shout hysterically, it drives us to move bigger and wild till the end!! They cheer and clap !! We made it !!

The girls kinda upset with what happen, they want it perfect after all the hardwork. Yes, It would be more happier if we all hit that first beat, but at least we all did our best and the audiences response were great!

After that, there’s a lot more shows, games & performances like Balinese Female dancers and “Tari Kecak” by FFPV Personal Trainers featuring ‘Banci’ (I don’t know who s/he is, but s/he hilarious), I love the Tari Kecak performance, All the PT were like boys. They danced, ran, shouted and jumped everywhere. That’s the last show before we start the special class.

Special Class to heating the club! 75 minutes Bodyjam™ vs Bodycombat™, featuring Anthony & Dee (Bodyjam™) vs. Ronald & Pippo (Bodycombat™). The theme is Beach Style. The class was held at the lounge because the members DOUBLED!! It’s crowded, squished, CRAZY!! The class started with Bodyjam™ then changed to Bodycombat™ per 3 tracks. The fun part of this mixed class was the “STRUGGLE ACTS” of the instructors! Anthony and I never doing combat and so Ronald and Pippo never doing Jam. But the show must go on, and we’re doing it together with the members till the end !! Yeah Baby !! 2 Different and Contrast feeling classes join into one, but It seem going well although some members were struggle to dance and breathless to fight. For my own personal feeling, I hope the members can experience something new and realize that “Ohh, I can dance!” and “Ohh, I feel like a fighter! I feel like a hero” . And in the future, hopefully we can know some new Bodyjam and Bodycombat friends meet together in the class.

End up with sweat, 75 minutes class is OVER! A perfect ending for everybody. It’s a big success. Everybody happy and took a lot of pictures !! It’ll be a great memory in our life especially who involved to make the event success like the GM, GXM, staffs, performers etc. They’re the best. And hopefully next year will be GREATER !!


Happy 2nd Anniversary Fitness First Pluit Village!



Bodyjam® New Release 58 will be launched at Fitness First Indonesia from 24th September 2011 – 2th October 2011. It’s TURBULENCE !! We will be your flight attendants to serve you in BODYJAM® FLIGHT BJ058. We shake down the earth with shuffling and shake up the air with turbulence while heading to the last destination, Paris. Fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride !

The Flight Attendants are gathering. Book your seat now! 

Ramadhan 45 Party !!

Fitness First Taman Anggrek merayakan hari ulang tahunnya yang ke 5 sekaligus menyambut hari kemerdekaan Indonesia di tengah bulan suci puasa diadakan meriah dengan Health Talkshow dan berbagai penampilan dari Personal Trainer (PT), Lion Dance (Barongsai), Bodyjam® Performance dan Belly Dancing.

Para member sangat heboh dengan penampilan dari para PT yang memamerkan otot tubuh mereka. Untuk penampilan Barongsai cukup bagus tetapi berisik banget (+_+). Untuk penampilan tarian, para member menikmati dan memberi tepuk tangan meriah seusai penampilan.

Saya, Anthony dan bersama teman-teman (Julius Satria, Evelyn Widjaja, Maretha Dian, Debby Armeiyanti) mengisi Bodyjam® Performance, dengan memakai lagu hasil mix dari Beyonce (Run The World) + Lolly (Hey, Mickey) + Mulan Jamella (Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy) menghasilkan tarian kombinasi Hip Hop + Cheerleader Dance + Arabian Dance. Dengan latihan bersama yang kurang dari 1 minggu, kami berhasil menghibur penonton.

Seusai perfomance, acara dilanjutkan dengan Special Class Bodyjam® + SH’BAM™ selama 90 menit bersama Anthony, Britt & Me !! WOW !! Dance Party !!

Special Bodyjam® + SH’BAM™ 90 Minutes “RAMADHAN 45” Tracklist

Bodyjam® #1 (Favorite DJ + Shawty Get Loose + Samba De Janeiro) + SH’BAM™ #1 (The Cup Of Life + Poison + Tribal Dance + Turn Aroung (5,4,3,2,1) + Dynamite + Show Me Heaven + Hot, Hot, Hot ) + Bodyjam® #2 (Please Don’t Stop The Music) + SH’BAM™ #2 (Forget You) 

After the show, 10 members yang beruntung mendapatkan goodie bags dari Fitness First Taman Anggrek.

It’s a GREAT class !!


Fitness First Taman Anggrek 5th Anniversary: Ramadhan 45

Special event persembahan dari Fitness First Taman Anggrek dalam menyambut ulang tahunnya yang ke 5. Berketepatan di tengah bulan suci Ramadhan dan sehari sebelum hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia maka Special event ini bertema RAMADHAN 45 – Celebration of Love & Nation !! Dengan konsep “Walaupun sedang puasa tetapi tetap semangat 45 !” 

Jangan lewatkan perayaan ulang tahun dengan pemotongan tumpeng dan berdoa bersama lalu dilanjutkan dengan Special Performances & Special Class. IT’S OPEN HOUSE !! Jadi bawalah teman-teman ke Fitness First Taman Anggrek. Penawaran istimewa untuk non member dan bagi yang mau mengambil PT Session akan mendapatkan harga spesial. Oh dan ingat, kita dresscode-an yuk supaya kompak, dresscodenya Merah + Putih “Love Indonesia” !!

So Come & Celebrate !!

SH’BAM™ Launch

Setelah berkali-kali show dan demo, THIS IS IT !! SH’BAM™ LAUNCH !! Mulai dari tanggal 1 – 5 Agustus 2011 di seluruh klub Fitness First Indonesia !! OPEN HOUSE !! Bawa teman sebanyak-banyaknya, makin rame makin asyik !! Dresscode : BRIGHT PINK 

SH’BAM™ masuk ke dalam Fitness First timetable periode Agustus – Oktober 2011. 

Join the Class !! Dance it out !! Easy and Fun !!